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1842 Poetry leather blank book with latch 5.5 x 9 inchBBBLPOE$38.95
2024 Alchemy 1977 Gothic Wall Calendar by LlewellynB24ALCW$14.99
2024 Astrological Pocket Planner by LlewellynB24ASTP$9.99
2024 Astrological Wall Calendar by LlewellynB24ASTW$15.99
2024 Astrology Diary by Patsy BennettB24ASTDIA$12.95
2024 Crystal Calendar by Rachelle CharmanB24CRYCAL$9.95
2024 Daily Planetary Guide by LlewellynB24DAIP$13.99
2024 Herbal Almanac by LlewellynB24HERA$14.99
2024 Horoscopes 365 daily predictions by Pasty BennettB24HOR365$21.95
2024 Lunar and Seasonal Diary by Stacey DemarcoB24LUNDIA$19.95
2024 Magical Almanac by LlewellynB24MAGA$14.99
2024 Magical Mystical Cats Wall Calendar by LlewellynB24MAGMCW$14.99
2024 Moon Goddess DiaryB24MOOGOD$14.95
2024 Moon Sign Book by LlewellynB24MOOS$13.99
2024 Moon Sign Datebook by LlewellynB24MOOD$13.99
2024 Sabbats Almanac by LlewellynB24SABA$13.99
2024 Sun Sign Book by LlewellynB24SUNS$13.99
2024 Witches Companion Almanac by LlewellynB24WITCA$13.99
2024 Witches Datebook by LlewellynB24WITD$13.99
2024 Witches Spell A Day Almanac by LlewellynB24WITS$13.99
2024 Witches Wall Calendar by LlewellynB24WITW$14.99
7 Chakra stones Embossed leather with latch 6 x 8BBBLSCSS$30.95
7 Stone leather blank book 14 x 22BBBU613$229.95
7 Stone leather blank book with 3 latchesBBBL612$141.95
AACHG: Achievements of Goals amuletAACHG$20.95
Abalone Shell Polished LARGERACABL-LG$0.39
Abalone Shell Polished SMALLRACABL-SM$0.30
ACGRE: Celtic Greenman AmuletACGRE$11.95
ACONES: Control Evil Spirits amuletACONES$20.95
ACONP: Conjuration of Powers amuletACONP$19.95
ACWIN: Windblown Celestial AmuletACWIN$11.95
ADESEN: Destroy Enemies talismanADESEN$19.95
ADISS: Discover Secrets amuletADISS$19.95
ADIST: Discover Treasures amuletADIST$19.95
Agate Bamboo Leaf Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAGBBLF$0.53
Agate Banded Marble Tumbled Stone LARGERACAGBAND-LG$0.59
Agate Banded Marble Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAGBAND-MED$0.45
Agate Banded Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAGBAND-SMALL$0.30
Agate Blue Lace Tumbled Stone LGRACAGBLU-LG$2.01
Agate Blue Lace Tumbled Stone XLGRACAGBLUE-XLG$3.06
Agate Blue Tumbled Stone A QualityRACAGBLUA$1.17
Agate Botswana Tumbled Stone LARGERACAGBOTW-LG$0.83
Agate Botswana Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAGBOTW-SM$0.30
Agate Botswana Tumbled Stone XLGRACAGBOTW-XLG$1.53
Agate Crab Fire Tumbled Stone LGRACAGCRFIR-LG$3.33
Agate Crab Fire Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAGCRFIR-MED$0.59
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace Boulder Tumbled Stone XLGRACAGMX-XLG-BLDR$2.39
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace Tumbled Stone Boulder LGRACAGMX-LG-BLDR$1.92
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace Tumbled Stone LARGERACAGMX-LG$1.31
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAGMX-SM$0.30
Agate Moss Tumbled Stone LARGERACAGMS-LG$0.83
Agate Moss Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAGMS-MED$0.51
Agate Moss Tumbled Stone VERY SMALL 8 PIECESRACAGMS-VSM$0.30
Agate Moss Tumbled Stone XLG From MontanaRACAGMS-MONTANA-XLG$2.31
Agate Third Eye Shiva Eye Agate IndiaRACAG3$4.65
Agate Tree Tumbled Stone LGRACAGTR-LG$0.59
Agate Tree Tumbled Stone MediumRACAGTR-MED$0.45
Agate Tree Tumbled Stone SmallRACAGTR-SMALL$0.30
Agate Tree Tumbled Stone XLGRACAGTR-XLG$1.19
Agate Turritella Tumbled StoneRACAGTURR$0.59
Agatized Coral Fossil Tumbled StoneRACAGCOR$0.66
AGFER: Goddess of Fertility AmuletAGFER$11.95
AGIVHP: Give Healing Power amuletAGIVHP$19.95
AHELRT: Help Read Thoughts amuletAHELRT$19.95
AHPRO: Celtic Harmony Protection AmuletAHPRO$11.95
Air Baby Wand PendantELB1$56.25
All Knowing Eye leather blank book with latch 5 x 7BBBL741$36.95
Amazonite Blue Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAMAZ-BL-SMALL$0.75
Amazonite Double Terminated Faceted Crystal 3 inchRACAMAZ-DT-3$7.19
Amazonite Gemstone Pyramid 1.5 inchRACAMAZ-PYR-1.5$7.19
Amazonite Green Tumbled Round Stone HIGH GRADE LGRACAMAZ-HQ-LG$2.55
Amazonite Green Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAMAZ-GR-SM$0.30
Amazonite Light Blue High Grade Tumbled Stone LARGERACAMAZ-HQ-MED$1.13
Amazonite Natural Crystal 1 to 1.5 inchRACAMAZ-RGH-1$1.80
Amazonite Natural Crystal 1.5 to 2.75 inchRACAMAZ-RGH-1.75$3.23
Amazonite Natural Crystal Specimen 2 to 3 inch ChunkyRACAMAZ-RGH-3$9.06
Amazonite Polished Pebble Stone 1.25 to 1.5 inchRACAMAZ-PEB$2.73
Amazonite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAMAZ-MED$0.53
Amazonite Tumbled Stone XLGRACAMAZ-XLG$2.19
Amber Baltic VERY VERY SMALL 4 piecesRACAMBER-XSM$1.91
Amethyst Banded Natural Crystal Points HIGH QUALITY 2-3.25 inchRACAMETBDPT-CRYS-2$5.55
Amethyst Black Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAMETBL-SM$0.30
Amethyst Chevron Standing Crystal Point 1.75 inchRACAMETCHV-SP-1.75$7.79
Amethyst Chevron Standing Crystal Point 2.25 inchRACAMETCHV-SP-2.25$8.99
Amethyst Chevron Standing Crystal Point 2.5 inchRACAMETCHV-SP-2.5$16.50
Amethyst Crystal Chunk 1.25 to 1.75 inchRACAMET-CHUNK$0.83
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Brazil 1.75 to 2.5RACAMET-CLS-BR-1.75$3.81
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Brazil 3 inchRACAMET-CRYS-BR-3$4.61
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Brazil 3.5 to 3.75 inchRACAMET-CRYS-BR-3.5-7.99$6.99
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Uruguay 2 inchRACAMET-CRYS-UR-2$3.30
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Uruguay 2.25 inchRACAMET-CRYS-UR-2.25$4.50
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Uruguay 2.5 inchRACAMET-CRYS-UR-2.5$8.39
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Uruguay 3 inchRACAMET-CRYS-UR-3$8.27
Amethyst Crystal Cluster with Polished sides Uruguay 2.25 inchRACAMET-CLS-POL-UR-2.25$9.90
Amethyst Crystal MINI Cluster .75 to 1 inch HIGH QUALITYRACAMET-CLUS-MINI$1.19
Amethyst Crystal Standing Point 2.75 inch Brazil GEMMYRACAMETSTPT-2.75-.75-17.9$10.79
Amethyst Gemstone Egg 1.75 to 2 inch MoroccoRACAMET-1.75-EGG$8.39
Amethyst Lilac Natural Crystal Points SMALLRACAMETLIL-PT-SM$0.30
Amethyst Lilac Tumbled Stone Brazil LGRACAMETLIL-LG$0.93
Amethyst Lilac Tumbled Stone Brazil XLGRACAMETLIL-XLG$1.31
Amethyst Natural Crystal Point .5 inch VSM Brazil 4 PIECES GEMMYRACAMPT-GEM-VSM$0.87
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points .75 inch BrazilRACAMPT-1$0.63
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points .75 inch SMALL Brazil GEMMYRACAMPT-GEM-SMALL$0.59
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points 1 inch MEDIUM Brazil GEMMYRACAMPT-GEM-MED$0.95
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points 1.5 - 1.75 inch BrazilRACAMPT-PT-1.75$1.23
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points 2 - 2.25 inch BrazilRACAMPT-2$2.61
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points 7 inch Bahia BrazilRACAMPT-74.99$44.99
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points MEDIUM .75 to 1 inchRACAMPT-MED-.75$0.99
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points SMALLRACAMPT-SMALL-.5$0.57
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points, VERY SMALL 4 PIECESRACAMPT-VSM$0.57
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points, VERY SMALL 4 PIECES UruguayRACAMPT-VSMALL$0.59
Amethyst Pendulum 6 sidedGPAM6-RAC$6.00
Amethyst Phantom Crystal .75 to 1.5 inchRACAMETPH-.75$1.73
Amethyst Pink Crystal Cluster 1 to 2 inchRACAMETPK-CLS-10.50$6.30
Amethyst Point Massager 1 to 2 inchGMAME-RAC$5.37
Amethyst Point Massager 3 inchRACAMET-MASS-3$13.50
Amethyst Point Pendant .75 inchRACJPAMPT-.75$12.79
Amethyst Point Pendant 1.5 inchRACJPAMPT-1.5$15.99
Amethyst Pyramid 1 to 1.25 inch 30 to 40 mmGPYAME30-RAC$6.59
Amethyst Sphere 1.5 inch BrazilRACGSPHAM-1.5-29.99$17.99
Amethyst Standing Point with Hematite 1.75 inchRACAMET-SP-HEM-1.75$16.19
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Brazil GRADE B LARGERACAMET-LG-BRAZ-B$2.04
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Brazil LARGERACAMET-LG-BRAZ$2.27
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Brazil MediumRACAMET-MED$1.17
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Brazil SMALLRACAMET-SMALL$0.47
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Dark High Quality LGRACAMET-DK-HQ-LG$3.39
Amethyst Tumbled Stone New Cape South Africa LARGERACAMET-SAFR-NC-LG$0.96
Amethyst Tumbled Stone New Cape South Africa MEDIUMRACAMET-SAFR-NC-MED$0.71
Amethyst Tumbled Stone South Africa LARGERACAMET-SAFR-LG$0.51
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Uruguay SMALLRACAMET-UR-SMALL$1.01
Amethyst Tumbled Stone XLGRACAMET-XLG$3.59
Ametrine Gemstone Egg 1.5 inchRACAMTRN-1.5-EGG$13.50
Ametrine Point Double Terminated Crystal 1.5 inchRACAMTRN-DT-1.5$8.99
Ametrine Smooth Flat StoneRACWRAMTRN-FLAT$9.47
Ametrine Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAMTRN-SM$0.33
Ametrine Tumbled Stone LARGERACAMTRN-LG$2.49
Angel Aura Natural Crystal Point PendantRACJPAQUAANG-2$12.79
Angel Aura Quartz Natural Crystal 1 inchRACAQUAANG-NAT-1$5.39
Angel Aura Quartz Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAQUAANG-LG$1.35
Angel Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled StoneRACAQUAROS-LG$1.37
Angel Aura Standing Point 2.75 inchRACAQUAANG-SP-2.75$10.79
Angel Quartz Amphibole Tumbled StoneRACAMPH-LG$6.47
Angelite Palm Stone 1.75 inchRACANGEL-PALM$4.50
Angelite Sphere 1.5 inchRACGSPHANGEL-1.5$13.50
Angelite Sphere 2.25 inchRACGSPHANGEL-2.25$26.99
Angelite Tumbled Stone LGRACANGEL-LG$2.07
Angelite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACANGEL-MED$1.73
Angelite Tumbled Stone XLGRACANGEL-XLG$3.45
Animal Speak by Andrews, TedBANISPE$24.99
Apache Tear Natural Stone SmallRACAPTR-SMALL$0.39
Apache Tear Natural Stone XLGRACAPTR-XLG$1.55
Apache Tear Polished Stone LGRACAPTRPOL-B-LG$1.41
Apache Tear Polished Stone MEDIUMRACAPTRPOL-MED$0.81
Apache Tear Polished Stone SMALLRACAPTRPOL-SM$0.59
Apache Tear Polished Stone XLGRACAPTRPOL-XLG$2.09
Apatite Blue Flat Smooth StoneRACWRAPAT-FLAT$5.15
Apatite Blue Green Natural Stone VSMRACAPAT-BLGR-VSM$0.59
Apatite Blue Raw Crystal .5 to .75 inchRACAPAT-RGH-SM$0.47
Apatite Blue Raw Crystal 1 to 1.75 inchRACAPAT-RGH-LG$0.75
Apatite Blue Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAPAT-MED$1.71
Apatite Blue Tumbled Stone SMALL Low GradeRACAPAT-SM-B$0.35
Apatite Golden Crystal MEDIUMRACAPATG-NAT-MED$1.47
Apatite Golden Crystal SpecimenRACAPATG-CRYS$5.99
Apatite Golden Crystal VERY SMALL 3 piecesRACAPATG-NAT-VSM$0.59
Apatite Yellow Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAPATY-MEDIUM$8.99
Apatite Yellow Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAPATY-SMALL$5.39
APENL: Pentacle of Love amuletAPENL$19.95
Apophylite Crystal Cluster Specimen with Peach Stilbite, 11 LBSRACAPOPS-11LBS$170.99
Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Peach Stilbite 3.25 inchRACAPOPST-3.25-2.5-2$10.49
Apophyllite Crystal Tip MEDIUMRACAPOP-MED$6.27
APROA: Protect from Accidents amuletAPROA$19.95
APROT: Protect the Traveler amuletAPROT$19.95
Aqua Aura Blue Natural Crystal Point PendantRACJPAQUABL$12.79
Aqua Aura Blue Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAQAU-SM$2.85
Aqua Aura Natrual Crystal Point Blue .75 inchRACAQUABL-.75$5.99
Aquamarine Blue natural crystal .78 to 1.25 inchRACAQUABLU-.78-RGH$0.75
Aquamarine natural crystal .5 -.75 inchRACAQUAR-RGH-.5$0.45
Aquamarine Natural Crystal Specimen 3 inchRACAQUAR-SPEC-330$35.64
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Blue Green MediumRACAQUAR-BL-MED$0.51
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone High Quality LARGERACAQUAR-A-LG-RD$6.33
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone High Quality MEDIUMRACAQUAR-A-MED-RD$4.05
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAQUAR-A-MED$1.50
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone XLGRACAQUAR-XLG$1.95
Aragonite Blue Crystal Point SMALLRACARGBL-STPT-1$4.50
Aragonite Blue Natural Stone 2 inchRACARGBL-RGH$3.90
Aragonite Blue Tumbled Stone LargeRACARGBL-XLG$3.59
Aragonite Blue Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACARGBL-MED$1.56
Aragonite Brown Tumbled StoneRACARGBR$1.47
Arfvedsonite Standing Point Crystal 2 inchRACARFSTDPT-2$17.99
Arfvedsonite Tumbled Stone LargeRACARF-LG$4.13
Arfvedsonite Tumbled Stone MediumRACARF-MED$1.95
Arfvedsonite Tumbled Stone SmallRACARF-SM$1.35
Arfvedsonite Tumbled Stone XLGRACARF-XLG$4.97
Ask Believe Receive Magick Wand LargeABRL$319.99
Ask, Believe, Receive AmuletABRA$43.85
Ask, Believe, Receive Baby Wand PendantABR$58.75
Ask, Believe, Receive Wand, MediumABRM$91.25
Ask, Believe, Recieve Gem Drop AmuletABRG$43.75
ASOLMD: Solomons Magic Discovery amuletASOLMD$20.95
ASOLP: Solomons Pentagram amuletASOLP$19.95
ASOLS: Solomons Seal amuletASOLS$19.95
Atlantasite Tumbled Stone LGRACATL-LG$3.30
ATRAV: Raven Totem AmuletATRAV$12.95
Aura Quartz Crystal Point Tangerine .75 to 1 inchRACAQUAOR-.75$5.99
Aura Quartz Crystal Point Tangerine 1.25 to 1.5 inchRACAQUAOR-1.25$8.70
Aura Quartz Orange Fantasy Tumbled StoneRACAQUAAUROR$1.01
Aura Quartz Purple Rose Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAQUAROSPU-SM$0.45
Aura Quartz Rainbow Aurora Tumbled StoneRACAQUAAUR-LG$1.19
Aura Reading for Beginners by Webster, RichardBAURREA$14.99
Auralite 23 Crystal 1.5 - 2 inchRACAURLT-1.5$5.99
Auralite 23 Crystal 2.25 to 2.5 inch. 25 to 29 gramsRACAURLT-29gr$11.37
Auralite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAURLT-SM$3.59
Aventurine Blue Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACAVNBL-MED$1.13
Aventurine Blue Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAVNBL-SM$0.83
Aventurine Green Gemstone Egg, 1.75 inchRACAVNGR-EGG$7.19
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone Brazil LGRACAVNGR-LG$0.89
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone Brazil MEDIUMRACAVNGR-MED$0.57
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone Brazil SMALLRACAVNGR-SM$0.48
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone Brazil XLGRACAVNGR-XLG$1.19
Aventurine Pink Tumbled StoneRACAVNPK-SMALL$0.48
Aventurine Red Tumbled Stone SMALLRACAVNRD-SM$0.59
Awakening AmuletFS03$46.25
Awareness AmuletFS04$46.25
Axinite Natural Stone .75 - 1.25 inchRACAXIN-RGH$3.21
Axinite Tumbled StoneRACAXIN$0.45
Azeztulite Crystal Tantric Twin or Barnacles 1 inchRACAZEZ-1$5.99
Azurite Blueberry Rough Crystals VERY SMALLRACAZU-RGH-VSM$0.59
Azurite Mineral Specimen 4 inchRACAZUR-SPEC$26.99
Azurite Tumbled Stone LARGERACAZUR-LG$14.99
Basalt Lava Rock Tumbled StoneRACBASLAV$0.35
Beryl Green Tumbled Stone Brazil SmallRACBERGR-SM$0.30
Birds Eye Rhyolite Jasper Tumbled StoneRACRHYBE$1.23
Bismuth Crystal SMALLRACBISMU$1.79
Black and Silver Pentagram leather blank book with latch 5 x 7BBBL737$36.95
Black Cats tarot by Maria KuraraiDBLACAT$23.95
Black Obsidian Double Terminated Point Pendant 1.75 inchRACJPOBBL-1.75$15.99
Black Obsidian Sphere 1.5 inchRACGSPHOBBL-1.5$13.50
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone LGRACONYX-LG$0.83
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACONYX-MED$0.59
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone XLGRACONYX-XLG$1.91
Black Pentagram leather with latch 5 x 7 inchBBBL641$31.95
Black Star Diopside Tumbled Stone India LARGERACDIOPBL-LG$6.30
Black Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6BK$3.90
Black Tourmaline natural stone pendant LARGERACJPTOURBL-LG$10.36
Black Tourmaline Polished Stone Pebble 1.5 inchRACTOURBL-PEBBLE-1.5$5.85
Black Tourmaline Polished Stone Pebble 2.25 inchRACTOURBL-PEBBLE-2.25$19.19
Black Tourmaline Standing Point 3.5 inchRACTOURBL-STPT-3.5-52.95$31.77
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone LARGEG B GRADERACTOURBL-B-LG$0.59
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone LG High QualityRACTOURBL-HQ-LG$3.35
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone Medium B GradeRACTOURBL-B-MED$0.45
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone MEDIUM High QualityRACTOURBL-HQ-MED$0.89
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone SMALL High QualityRACTOURBL-HQ-SM$0.45
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone XLG High QualityRACTOURBL-HQ-XLG$5.21
Black Tourmaline untumbled pendant SMALLJUBT-RAC$10.95
Bloodstone Flat Smooth StoneRACWRBLOO-FLAT$5.39
Bloodstone Palm Stone 2.25 inchRACWRBLOO-PALM$8.99
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone LargeRACBLOO-LG$0.99
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone MediumRACBLOO-MED$0.69
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone SMALLRACBLOO-SM$0.41
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone South Africa LARGERACBLOO-SA-LG$0.59
Bloodstone Worry Stone South AfricaRACWRBLOO-SA$4.50
Blue Aragonite and Pink Calcite Free Form stoneRACARGBLCALPK-STFF$26.99
Blue Chalcedony Standing Point 2.5 inch HIGH QUALITYRACCHALBL-STPT-HQ-2.5$16.71
Blue Chalcedony Standing Point 3 inch HIGH QUALITYRACCHALBL-STPT-HQ-3$14.69
Blue Chalcedony Standing Point 3.18 inch HIGH QUALITYRACCHALBL-STPT-HQ-3.18$31.41
Blue Chalcedony Standing Point 3.75 inch HIGH QUALITYRACCHALBL-STPT-HQ-3.75$36.75
Blue Indicolite Included Quartz Crystal Point 6.25 inchRACQTZBLTM-6.5$64.19
Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACONXBL-MED$4.19
Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone SMALLRACONXBL-SM$3.15
Blue Quartz Point Crystal .2 to .5 grams, 2 piecesRACQTZBLU-.2$0.59
Blue Quartz Point Crystal .6 to 1 gramsRACQTZBLU-.6$0.63
Blue Quartz Point Crystal 1.2 to 1.9 gramsRACQTZBLU-1.2$0.75
Blue Quartz Point Crystal 2 to 3.1 gramsRACQTZBLU-2$0.95
Blue Quartz Point Crystal 3.2 to 5 gramsRACQTZBLU-3.2$1.05
Blue Quartz Point Crystal 5.1 to 7.7 gramsRACQTZBLU-5.1$1.35
Blue Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6BL$3.90
Book of Crystal Spells by Ember GrantBBOOCRY$17.99
Book of Shadows tarot - 2 decks by Barbara MooreDBOOSHA$39.95
Box Chain Sterling Silver 20 inchRAC20B$12.89
Box Chain Sterling Silver 24 inchRAC24B$16.15
Brimstone Tumbled StoneRACBRIM$0.83
Bronzite Tumbled Stone LargeRACBRONZ-LG$1.01
Bronzite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACBRONZ-SM$0.45
Brown Pentagram leather Journal with latch 5 x 7BBBL642$31.95
Brown Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6BR$3.90
BSWCEL: Sealing Wax Kit, CelticBSWCEL$19.95
BSWMAG: Sealing Wax Kit, MagicBSWMAG$18.95
BSWSPI: Sealing Wax Kit SpiritualBSWSPI$32.95
BSWWIC: Sealing Wax Kit, WiccaBSWWIC$18.95
C4BKbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Black, 20 pkC4BK$13.95
C4BR: Brown Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4BR4-RAC$2.24
C4BRbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Brown, 20 pkC4BR$13.95
C4DBbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Dk Blue, 20 pkC4DB$13.95
C4GO: Gold Ritual Candle 4 inch, 1 pieceC4GO1-RAC$1.72
C4GObox: Ritual Chime Candles, Gold, 4 inch, 20 pkC4GO$42.95
C4GYbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Gray, 20 pkC4GY$13.95
C4LBbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Light Blue, 20 packC4LB$13.95
C4LV: Lavender Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4LV4-RAC$2.24
C4LVbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Lavender, 20 pkC4LV$13.95
C4OG: Orange Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4OG4-RAC$2.24
C4OGbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4inch Orange, 20 pkC4OG$13.95
C4PGbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Dk Green, 20 pkC4PG$13.95
C4PK: Pink Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4PK4-RAC$2.24
C4PKbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Pink, 20 pkC4PK$13.95
C4PP: Purple Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4PP4-RAC$2.24
C4PPbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch dk purple, 20 pkC4PP$13.95
C4RD: Red Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4RD4-RAC$2.24
C4RDbox: Ritual-Chime Candles 4 inch Red, 20 pkC4RD$13.95
C4SI: Silver Ritual Candles 4 inch, 1 pieceC4SI1-RAC$1.72
C4SIbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Silver, 20 pkC4SI$42.95
C4WTbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch White, 20 pkC4WT$13.95
C4YE: Yellow Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4YE4-RAC$2.24
C4YEbox: Ritual-Chime Candles 4 inch, yellow, 20 pkC4YE$13.95
C7KNB: 7 Knob Candles BlackC7KNB$9.95
C7KNG: 7 Knob Candles GreenC7KNG$9.95
C7KNR: 7 Knob Candles RedC7KNR$9.95
C7KNW: 7 Knob Candles WhiteC7KNW$9.95
Calcite Blue Natural Crystal .75 to 1 inchRACCALBLRGH-CRYS-1$0.53
Calcite Blue Palm Stone 2 to 2.5 inchRACWRCALBL-PALM-2$3.59
Calcite Blue Sphere 2.5 inchRACGSPHCALBL-2.5$12.59
Calcite Blue Sphere 2.75 inchRACGSPHCALBL-2.75$14.39
Calcite Caramel Tumbled Stone MediumRACCALCARA-MED$1.17
Calcite Clear Tumbled Stone LGRACCALOP-LG$2.61
Calcite Golden Yellow Smooth Flat StoneRACWRCALG-FLAT$4.50
Calcite Golden Yellow Tumbled Stone LARGERACCALG-LG$2.61
Calcite Golden Yellow Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCALG-MED$1.65
Calcite Green Natural Crystal .75 to 1RACCALGR-CRYS-75-1$0.45
Calcite Green Tumbled MEDIUMRACCALGR-MED$0.99
Calcite Honey Gold Optical, Polished CubeRACOPCALG-CUBE$8.99
Calcite Honey Tumbled Stone LargeRACCALHNY-LG$2.85
Calcite Orange Natural Crystal .75 to 1inchRACCALORRGH-CRYS-1$0.45
Calcite Orange Standing Free Form 3.5 inchRACCALOR-FF$17.99
Calcite Orange Tumbled Stone LGRACCALOR-LG$2.25
Calcite Orange Tumbled Stone MediumRACCALOR-MED$0.99
Calcite Orange Tumbled Stone SMALLRACCALOR-SM$0.63
Calcite Peach Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCALPCH$0.36
Calcite Pink Fluorescent Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCALPK-FLUOR-MED$1.68
Calcite Pink Mangano Tumbled Stone High Grade XLGRACCALMG-XLG$5.55
Calcite Pink Mangano Tumbled Stone LGRACCALMG-LG$3.99
Calcite Pink Tumbled StoneRACCALPK$1.35
Calcite Red Natural Crystal .75 to 1 inchRACCALRDRGH-CRYS-1$0.45
Calcite Red Natural Crystal 2 inchRACCALRDRGH$4.50
Calcite Seafoam Tumbled Stone LARGERACCALSF-LG$1.71
Carnelian Banded Tumbled Stone LGRACCARNEBD-LG$1.26
Carnelian Banded Tumbled Stone XLGRACCARNEBD-XLG$1.68
Carnelian Gemstone Egg 2.25 inchRACCARNE-2.25-EGG$17.31
Carnelian Natural Stone 1 to 1.75 inchRACCAR-NAT-1.75$0.45
Carnelian Sphere 1.75 inchRACGSPHCARN-1.75$14.39
Carnelian Tumbled Stone LGRACCARNE-LG$0.89
Carnelian Tumbled Stone MediumRACCARNE-MED$0.71
Carnelian Tumbled Stone SMALLRACCARNE-SMALL$0.30
Cassiterite Tumbled StoneRACCASS$1.13
Cats Eye Tumbled Stone LARGERACCATEYE-LG$1.55
Cats Eye Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCATEYE-MED$1.26
Cats Eye Tumbled Stone SMALLRACCATEYE-SMALL$1.07
Celestite Clusters Mini 1.5 inchRACCEL-CRYS-MINI$1.49
Celestite Tumbled Stone High QualityRACCELE-HQ$4.79
Celestite Tumbled Stone LARGERACCELE-LG$3.77
Celestite Tumbled Stone MediumRACCELE-MED$2.31
Celestite Tumbled Stone Medium B GradeRACCELE-MED-B$2.01
Celtic Mandala leather blank book with cord 5 x 7BBBCKM$19.95
CH2240: Brass Taper Candle HolderCH2240$7.95
CH40W: White Ceramic Chime candle holderCH40W$5.95
CH513: Pentagram taper candle holder set 5.5 inchCH513$29.95
CH5Z: Zodiac Chime candle holderCH5Z$11.95
CH81N: Nickel chime candle holderCH81N$11.95
Chakra Aged Looking Paper leather with latch 6 x 8BBBL3194$41.95
Chakra AmuletC07$43.25
Chakra Balancer Wand, LargeC05$299.99
Chakra Bible by Patricia MercierBCHABIB$17.95
Chakra Cleansing and Meditation Stone Set SMALLRACCHAK-SM$5.99
Chakra Gemstone Stretch BraceletBR30$19.99
Chakra leather blank book with latch 10 x 13BBBL675$95.95
Chakra leather blank journal book with latch 5 x 7BBBL941$28.95
Chakras for Beginners by David PondBCHABEG$14.99
Chalcedony Blue Tumbled Stone A Quality LGRACCHALBL-A-LG$5.15
Chalcedony Blue Tumbled Stone A Quality SMALLRACCHALBL-SM$0.72
Chalcedony Natural Rough StoneRACCHAL-RGH$2.25
Chalcedony Pink Tumbled StoneRACCHALPK$2.13
Chalcedony Purple Tumbled Stone 2 to 3.2 gramRACCHALPU-3.2$2.25
Chalcedony Purple Tumbled Stone .4 to .9 GramsRACCHALPU-.9$0.59
Chalcedony Purple Tumbled Stone 1 to 1.4 gramsRACCHALPU-1.4$1.07
Chalcedony Purple Tumbled Stone 1.5 to 1.9 gramsRACCHALPU-1.9$1.61
Chalcedony Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCHAL-MED$0.45
Chalcopyrite Gold Polished Stone MEDRACCHALPY-MED$2.13
Chalcopyrite Rough .5 to.75 inch SMALLRACCHALPYRGH-SM$0.30
Chalcopyrite Rough 1.5 inchRACCHALPYRGH$3.59
Channeling Beam of Light PendantFD02$48.75
CHAO12: Black Pillar Candle HolderCHAO12$7.95
Charms, Spells and Formulas by Ray MalbroughBCHASPE$12.99
Charoite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCHAR-MED$5.79
Charoite Tumbled Stone VERY SMALL B GradeRACCHAR-VSM$0.59
CHBRAT: Brass Chamberstick Tapered Candle HolderCHBRAT$10.95
CHCS24: Brass Taper and Pillar candle holderCHCS24$19.95
Chrysocolla in Quartz Tumbled Stone SmallRACCHRYQTZ-SMALL$0.57
Chrysocolla Natural Raw Crystal 1 inch SMALLRACCHRYCOL-RGH-SMALL$0.81
Chrysocolla Natural Raw Crystal Specimen 2.5 inchRACCHRYCOL-RGH-2.5$14.39
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone LGRACCHRYCOL-LG$2.85
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCHRYCOL-MED$2.22
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone SmallRACCHRYCOL-SMALL$1.13
Chrysoprase Green Tumbled Stone Brazil MediumRACCHRYPA-Brazil-MED$2.09
Chrysoprase Lemon Tumbled StoneRACCHRYPALM$1.65
CHV552: Pentagram Candle Holder Altar PlateCHV552$39.95
Cinnabrite Polished Tumbled Stone LARGERACCINNAB-LG$2.67
Cinnabrite Polished Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACCINNAB-MED$2.13
Cinnabrite Polished Tumbled Stone SMALLRACCINNAB-SM$1.79
Citrine Crystal Point Natural Double Term High Quality 5 INCHRACCIT-NAT-PT-5$32.39
Citrine Natural Crystal NOT Heated MEDIUMRACCIT-NAT-CHUNK-MED$1.17
Citrine Natural Crystal with Root .5 inchRACCITCRYS-ROOT-SMALL$0.30
Citrine Natural Crystal with Root .75 inchRACCITCRYS-ROOT-.75$0.66
Citrine Natural Double Terminated Faceted Crystal 1.75 inchRACCITDT-1.75-17.99$10.79
Citrine NATURAL Tumbled Stone A Quality SMALLRACCITRINAT-A-SMALL$1.19
Citrine Tumbled PendantJTCIT-RAC$8.95
Citrine Tumbled Stone LGRACCITRI-LG$2.07
Citrine Tumbled Stone MediumRACCITRI-MED$0.95
Citrine Tumbled Stone SmallRACCITRI-SMALL$0.53
Citrine Tumbled Stone XLGRACCITRI-XLG$2.27
CJ7BK: Black 7 day Jar CandleCJ7BK$11.95
CJ7BL: Blue 7 day Jar CandleCJ7BL$11.95
CJ7G: Green 7 Day Jar CandleCJ7G$11.95
CJ7OR: Orange 7 day Jar CandleCJ7OR$11.95
CJ7PI: Pink 7 day Jar CandleCJ7PI$11.95
CJ7PU: Purple 7 day Jar CandleCJ7PU$11.95
CJ7RD: Red 7 day Jar CandleCJ7RD$11.95
CJ7W: White 7 day Jar CandleCJ7W$11.95
CJ7YE: Yellow 7 day Jar CandleCJ7YE$11.95
CJREV: Reversing 7 day Jar CandleCJREV$13.95
Clarity Baby Wand PendantB14$56.25
Clarity Silver EarringsP14S$29.99
Clarity Wand, LargeLW14$319.99
Clear Quartz AAA XLG Tumbled StoneRACQTZCL-AAA-LG$8.99
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster 1 to 1.75 inchRACQTZCL-CLS-3.50$0.89
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster 2 to 3 inchRACQTZCL-CLS-2-4.45$2.67
Clear Quartz Crystal Standing Point 2.25 inch BrazilRACQTZSTPT-2.25-1.25-20.9$12.59
Clear Quartz Crystal Standing Point 2.75 inch BrazilRACQTZSTPT-2.75-1.5-23.9$14.39
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Faceted Crystal 1.25 inchRACQTZDT$3.59
Clear Quartz Gemstone Egg 1.5 inchRACQTZCL-EGG-1.5$8.99
Clear Quartz Natural Sphere 1.25 inchRACGSPHCLQTZ-1.25$16.79
Clear Quartz Standing Point with Hematite 2.75 inchRACQTZHEMSTPT-2.25-26.99$16.19
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone LARGE BrazilRACQTZCL-LG$1.59
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone MEDIUM BrazilRACQTZCL-MED$0.95
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone SMALL BrazilRACQTZCL-SM$0.35
Clinozoisite Tumbled Polished Stone MEDIUMRACCLINOZ$2.99
Communication Silver EarringsN23$29.99
Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott CunninghamBCOMINC$18.99
Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra EasonBCOMCRYH$19.95
Confidence Silver EarringsN24$29.99
Connecting to Nature Silver EarringsN38$29.99
Copal Amber ResinRACCOPAL$1.77
Copper Cluster 1.75 inchRACCOP-CLS-1.75$6.30
Copper Nugget LargeRACCOP-LG$2.55
Copper Nugget SMALLRACCOP-SM$0.77
Copper Nugget XLGRACCOP-XLG$2.99
Copper Nugget XX LargeRACCOP-XXLG$4.19
Corundum Tumbled Stone LARGERACCORUN-LG$1.35
Courage Gem Drop AmuletAG27$33.95
Courage Sterling Silver EarringsN27$29.99
CRATP: Attract Perfect Mate Ritual CandleCRATP$6.95
CRATTN: Attract Nature Spirit RitualCRATTN$6.95
CRATTS: Attract Soul Mates Ritual CandleCRATTS$6.95
CRBEG: New Beginnings Ritual CandleCRBEG$6.95
CRCEN: Centering Ritual CandleCRCEN$6.95
CRDYN: Dynamic Sun Energy Ritual CandleCRDYN$6.95
CREMP: Empowerment Ritual CandleCREMP$6.95
CRFGLO: Glory Runic Ritual CandleCRFGLO$6.95
CRFGUA: Guardian Runic Ritual CandleCRFGUA$6.95
CRFIN: Find Your Place Ritual CandleCRFIN$6.95
CRFJOU: Journey Runic Ritual CandleCRFJOU$6.95
CRFLO: Flow with Life Ritual CandleCRFLO$6.95
CRGET: Get What You Want Ritual CandleCRGET$6.95
CRGOP: Go In Peace Ritual CandleCRGOP$6.95
CRHEA: Healing Ritual CandleCRHEA$6.95
CRJUS: Justice Ritual CandleCRJUS$6.95
CRLOV: Love Ritual CandleCRLOV$6.95
CRLUS: Lust Ritual CandleCRLUS$6.95
CRMON: Prosperity Ritual CandleCRMON$6.95
CROVA: Overcome Addictions Ritual CandleCROVA$6.95
CROVE: Overcome Depression Ritual CandleCROVE$6.95
CRPRO: Protection Ritual CandleCRPRO$6.95
CRREL: Releasing Ritual CandleCRREL$6.95
CRRET: Return To Sender Ritual CandleCRRET$6.95
CRSECD: Secret Desire Fufilled Ritual CandleCRSECD$6.95
CRVIS: Vision Ritual CandleCRVIS$6.95
Crystal AmuletFS12$46.25
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand Acrylic 1 inchRACGBACSTD-1.25$0.77
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand Acrylic LARGE 1.5 inchRACGBACSTD-1.5$0.81
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand BrassRACGBSBR$2.99
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand NickelRACGBSNK$2.99
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand Rainbow Glass 1.25 inch SMALLRACGBLGLSTD-RB-SM$2.99
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand Wood Extra SmallRACGBWDSTD-XSM$0.77
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand Wood LargeRACGBWDSTD-LG$1.79
Crystal Gridwork by Kiera FoggBCRYGRIW$22.95
Crystal Intentions oracle by Margaret Ann LemboDCRYINT$21.99
Crystal Oracle, deck and bookDCRYORA$21.95
Crystal Stone Cage Holder OvalRACCAGEFIL-OV$9.99
Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta TrevisanDCRYTAR$23.95
CS280: Long Belled Mini Brass Candle SnufferCS280$8.95
CS365: Pentagram candle snuffer 7 inchCS365$5.95
CS740: Antique Branch Candle SnufferCS740$15.95
CS8069W: Brass Snuffer with Wood HandleCS8069W$9.95
Cunninghams Ency. of Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott CunninghamBCUNENCWK$19.99
Curb Chain Sterling Silver 20 inchRAC20C$15.89
Curb Chain Sterling Silver 24 inchRAC24C$14.99
CVCBLAC: Black Cat Votive candleCVCBLAC$4.95
CVCGRF: Green Forest Scented Votive CandleCVCGRF$4.95
CVCH7PA: 7 Pack Chakra votive candle SetCVCH7PA$28.95
CVCHCRO: Crown Chakra votive candleCVCHCRO$4.95
CVCHHEA: Heart Chakra votive candleCVCHHEA$4.95
CVCHROO: Root Chakra votive candleCVCHROO$4.95
CVCHSAC: Sacral Chakra votive candleCVCHSAC$4.95
CVCHSOL: Solar Plexus Chakra votive candleCVCHSOL$4.95
CVCHTHI: Third Eye Chakra votive candleCVCHTHI$4.95
CVCHTHR: Throat Chakra votive candleCVCHTHR$4.95
CVCONE: One Love Scented Votive candleCVCONE$4.95
CVCSABU: Abundance soy votive candleCVCSABU$11.95
CVCSAG: Sage Scented Votive CandleCVCSAG$4.95
CVCSBLA: Black Cat soy votive candleCVCSBLA$13.95
CVCSCON: Confidence Soy Votive CandleCVCSCON$11.95
CVCSDRE: Dreams Soy Votive CandleCVCSDRE$11.95
CVCSHEA: Healing Soy Votive CandleCVCSHEA$11.95
CVCSLOV: Love Soy Votive candleCVCSLOV$11.95
CVCSMAN: Manifest A Miracle soy votive candleCVCSMAN$11.95
CVCSMON: Money Soy Votive candleCVCSMON$11.95
CVCSPOS: Positive Energy soy votive candleCVCSPOS$11.95
CVCSPROT: Protection Soy Votive CandleCVCSPROT$11.95
CVHCON: Confidence Herbal Votive CandleCVHCON$4.95
CVHDRE: Dreams Herbal Votive CandleCVHDRE$4.95
CVHFRI: Friendship Herbal Votive CandleCVHFRI$4.95
CVHGOO: Good Health Herbal Votive CandleCVHGOO$4.95
CVHHEA: Healing Herbal Votive CandleCVHHEA$4.95
CVHLOV: Love Herbal Votive CandleCVHLOV$4.95
CVHMON: Money Herbal Votive CandleCVHMON$4.95
CVHPOS: Positive Energy Herbal Votive CandleCVHPOS$4.95
CVHPRS: Problem Solving Herbal Votive CandleCVHPRS$4.95
CVHSPI: Spirit Herbal Votive CandleCVHSPI$4.95
Danburite Crystals LGRACDANB-LG$3.75
Danburite Crystals MediumRACDANB-MED$3.59
Danburite Crystals SMALLRACDANB-SMALL$1.79
Danburite Pink Polished Crystal LARGERACDANB-POL-LG$6.45
DCRITS: Ritual calligraphic set by Lo ScarabeoDCRITS$34.95
Desert Rhyolite Jasper Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACRHYDES$0.35
Diopside Green Tumbled StoneRACDIOPGR-MED$1.65
Divination for Beginners by Scott CunninghamBDIVBEG$15.99
Dolomite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACDOLO-MED$0.66
Dolomite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACDOLO-SM$0.30
Double Tree Embossed leather with latch 5 x 7BBBLTR2$20.95
Dragon Stone Pyramid 1.25 inchRACPYR-DRAG-1.25$6.75
Dragon Stone Pyramid 1.5 inchRACDRAG-PYR-1.5$7.19
Dragon Stone Tumbled High Quality Boulder MEDIUMRACDRAG-MED-AA$1.73
Dragon Stone Tumbled LGRACDRAG-LG$0.75
Dragon Stone Tumbled XLGRACDRAG-XLG$1.19
Dumortierite Blue Quartz Flat Smooth StoneRACWRDUMOR-FLAT$3.59
Dumortierite Gemstone Egg 1.75 to 2 inchRACDUMOR-EGG$8.99
Dumortierite Included Quartz Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACDUMORQTZ-MED$0.30
Dumortierite Polished Palm Stone 2.75 to 3 inchRACDUMOR-PALM-2.75$15.15
Dumortierite Polished Pebble Stone 2 to 2.5 inchRACDUMOR-PEB-2$8.55
Dumortierite Standing Free Form Crystal 4 inchRACDUMOR-FF-4-64.25$38.55
Dumortierite Standing Free Form Crystal 4.75 inchRACDUMOR-FF-4.75-64.79$38.88
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone High Quality MEDIUMRACDUMOR-A-MED$0.90
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone High Quality SMALLRACDUMOR-A-SMALL$0.78
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone LGRACDUMOR-LG$1.05
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone XLGRACDUMOR-XLG$1.41
Earth AmuletELA4$43.25
Earth Baby Wand PendantELB4$56.25
Earth Silver EarringsP05$29.99
Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Cunningham, ScottBEARAIR$15.99
Elestial Orange Tumbled Stone, MEDRACELOR-MED$3.30
Emerald Fuchsite in Quartz Tumbled StoneRACEMFUQT$2.13
Emerald Natural Raw Crystal, Get 3 Pieces VERY VERY SMALLRACEMER-RGH-VSM$0.35
Emerald Tumbled Stone LGRACEMER-LG$2.61
Emerald Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACEMER-MED$1.71
Emerald Tumbled Stone SMALLRACEMER-SMALL$1.23
Emerald Tumbled Stone XLGRACEMER-XLG$2.99
Ency. of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott CunninghamBENCCRY$18.99
Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy HallBENCCRYH$29.99
Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs by Scott CunninghamBENCMAG$18.99
Epidote in Prehnite Tumbled Stone LARGERACEPPREH-LG$1.59
Epidote Natural Crystal Small, 4 piecesRACEPI-CRYS$0.75
Epidote Tumbled Stone LARGE ROUNDRACEPI-LG-RD$4.07
Eudialyte Tumbled Stone MediumRACEUD-MED$5.69
Expression Magic Wand, MediumW19$88.75
Expression Silver EarringsP08S$29.99
Faery Forest oracle by Lucy CavendishnDFAEFOR$25.95
Fairy Moon leather blank book with latch 6 x 8BBBL276$32.95
FANKL: Ankh Brass Large 3.5 x 6.5 inchFANKL$12.95
FANKS: Small Brass Ankh 4 inchFANKS$6.95
FB104P: Pentagram Hand BellFB104P$10.95
FB105A: Altar Bell with Pentagram DesignFB105A$10.95
FB105C: Altar Bell Triple MoonFB105C$10.95
FB106C: Moon Altar BellFB106C$18.95
FB46: Floral Design Wood Box, 4 x 6 inchFB46$15.95
FB945: Magical Cat BoxFB945$32.95
FBB743: Chakra book box 4 x 6 inchFBB743$34.95
FBB90: Tree of Life Herb BoxFBB90$34.95
FBWBX18: Dome Chest 3 X 3 inchFBWBX18$7.95
FCC1:Cord Black Cotton 2mm 1 ydFCC1-RAC$0.75
FCH270: Dragon crystal ball standFCH270$17.97
FCHFG: Crystal Ball Stand Goldplated FlowerFCHFG-RAC$5.37
FCWC7: Wood Cobra Crystal Ball StandFCWC7$16.17
FDG759: Greenman Door KnockerFDG759$39.95
Fearless Silver EarringsN31$29.99
Fearless Wand, MediumW63$88.75
Fire Baby Wand PendantELB2$56.25
Flower Agate Flat Smooth Stone 2.5 to 2.75 inchRACWRAGFLW-FLAT-2.5$5.67
Flower of Life Embossed leather with latch 5 x 7BBBLFL$20.95
Fluorite Crystal Pyramid 1.5 inchRACPYRAFLUO-1.5$13.50
Fluorite Double Terminated Point Pendant, .75 inchRACJPFL-.75$12.79
Fluorite Double Terminated Point Pendant, 1.5 inchRACJPFL-1.5$15.99
Fluorite Faceted Crystal Massager 2 inchRACGMFLUO-2$6.30
Fluorite Faceted Crystal Massager 2.75 inchRACFLUO-MAS-2.75$13.50
Fluorite Green Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACFLUOGR-MED$1.07
Fluorite Lavender Tumbled StoneRACFLUOLAV$2.87
Fluorite Rainbow Natural Stone .75 inchRACFLU-NAT-SM$1.29
Fluorite Tumbled Stone LARGERACFLUO-LG-HQ$2.49
Fluorite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACFLUO-MED$1.49
Fluorite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACFLUO-SM$0.95
Fluorite Yellow Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACFLUOYE-MED$4.41
Forgiveness AmuletAM26$43.25
Forgiveness Gem Drop AmuletAG26$33.95
Forgiveness Silver EarringsN26$29.99
FSGP7: Glass Singing pyramid 7 inchFSGP7$149.37
Fuchsite Crystal, GreenRACFUSCH$1.79
FW023: Pentagram Wind Chime 5 inchFW023$6.95
FW498: Brass Pentagram Wind ChimeFW498$14.95
FW505: Long Pentagram Wind Chime 32 inchFW505$21.95
FW514: Three Bell Pentagram Wind ChimeFW514$8.95
Galaxy Rhyolite Tumbled Stone LARGERACRHYGLXY-LG$1.79
Garnet Faceted Crystal Massager 2.25 inchRACGMGARN-2.25$13.50
Garnet Faceted Crystal Massager 3.5 inchRACGMGARN-3.5$17.99
Garnet in Limestone Tumbled Stone SMALLRACGARLIM-SM$0.41
Garnet in Limestone with Epidote Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACGARLIMEP-MED$1.13
Garnet in Wollastonite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACGARWOL-MED$1.01
Garnet Natural Stone SMALLRACGARN-CRYS$0.63
Garnet Tumbled Stone LargeRACGARN-LG$3.95
Garnet Tumbled Stone MediumRACGARN-MED$2.85
Garnet Tumbled Stone SmallRACGARN-SM$0.95
Gemstone Heart Amazonite 1.25 inchRACGHTAMAZ-1.25$5.39
Gemstone Heart Amethyst 1.25 inchRACGHTAMET-1$3.59
Gemstone Heart Amethyst 1.5 inchRACGHTAMET-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Black Obsidian 1.5 inchRACGHTOBBL-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Blue Calcite 1.25 inchRACGHTCALBL-1.25$4.71
Gemstone Heart Carnelian 1 to 1.25 inchRACGHTCARN-1$5.39
Gemstone Heart Chalcedony 1.25 inchRACGHTCHAL-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Chalcopyrite 1.25 inchRACGHTCHALPY-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Clear Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTQT-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Dalmatian Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTJASDAL-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Dalmatian Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTJASDAL-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Dumortierite Blue Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTDUMOR-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Eudialyte 1 inchRACGHTEUD-1$3.59
Gemstone Heart Eudialyte 1.5 inchRACGHTEUD-1.5$13.50
Gemstone Heart Fluorite 1.25 inchRACGHTFLUO-1.25$7.19
Gemstone Heart Green Aventurine 1.25 inchRACGHTGA-1.25$4.50
Gemstone Heart Hematite 1.25 inchRACGHTHE-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Hematoid Quartz 1.25 inchRACGHTQTZHEMTO-1.25$3.75
Gemstone Heart Hematoid Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTQTZHEMTO-1.5$5.99
Gemstone Heart Jade 1.25 inchRACGHTJD-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Jade 1.5 inchRACGHTJD-1.75$5.39
Gemstone Heart Jasper Silver Leaf 1.5 inchRACGHTJASSILLF-1.75$5.39
Gemstone Heart Kambaba Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTJASKAM-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Kambaba Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTJASKAM-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Labradorite 1 - 1.25 inchRACGHTLAB-1.25$5.39
Gemstone Heart Labradorite 1.5 inchRACGHTLAB-1.75$6.59
Gemstone Heart Mahogany Obsidian 1.25 inchRACGHTOBMAH-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Mahogany Obsidian 1.5 inchRACGHTOBMAH-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Mookaite 1.25 inchRACGHTMOOK-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Mookaite 1.5 inchRACGHTMOOK-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Mystic Merlinite Psilomelane 3 inchRACGHTPSIL-3$8.99
Gemstone Heart Nuummite 1.25 inchRACGHTNUUM-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Peach Aventurine 1.25 inchRACGHTAVENP-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Peach Moonstone 1.25 inchRACGHTMOONPCH-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Picture Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTPJ-1.75$5.39
Gemstone Heart Picture Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTPJ-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Polychrome Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTJASPOLY-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Polychrome Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTJASPOLY-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Pyrite 2.25 inch High QualityRACGHTPYR-A-2.25$26.99
Gemstone Heart Red Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTRJ-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Red Sheen Obsidian 1.5 inchRACGHTOBRDSH-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Rhodonite 1.5 inchRACGHTRHO-1.75$5.39
Gemstone Heart Rose Quartz 1.25 inchRACGHTRQT-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Rose Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTRQT-1.75$5.39
Gemstone Heart Sheen Obsidian 1.25 inchRACGHTOBSHEEN-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Shungite 1.25 inchRACGHTSHUN$9.29
Gemstone Heart Smoky Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTQTZSM-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Snowflake Obsidian 1.25 inchRACGHTSNO-1.25$3.59
Gemstone Heart Sodalite 1.5 inchRACGHTSOD-1.5$5.39
Gemstone Heart Tiger Iron Mugglestone 1.5 inchRACGHTMG-1.75$7.19
Gemstone Heart White Howlite 1.5 inchRACGHTHOW-1.5$5.39
Gemstones of the World, Hardcover by Walter SchumannBGEMWOR$24.95
Ghost Tarot deck by Davide CorsiDGHOTAR$23.95
Girasol Quartz Moon Quartz Pink MEDIUMRACGIRAPK-MED$0.57
Girasol Quartz Moon Quartz Pink SMALLRACGIRAPK-SM$0.41
Girasol Quartz Moon Quartz Polished Pebble 2 inchRACGIRA-PEBBLE$5.85
Girasol Quartz Standing Point 2.75 inchRACGIRA-SP-2.75-29.95$17.97
Girasol Quartz Standing Point 3.25 inchRACGIRA-SP-3.25-32.50$19.50
Girasol Quartz Standing Point 3.5 inchRACGIRA-SP-3.5-2-47.50$28.50
GMQZD:Clear Quartz Point Vogel Double Terminated 16 Facet 2 inchGMQZD-RAC$7.07
Goddess Baby Wand PendantB20$56.25
Goddess Gem Drop AmuletAG20$33.95
Goddess Magic Wand, MediumW36$88.75
Goddess Oracle set by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana JantoDGODORA$31.95
Goddess Silver EarringsP20$29.99
Goddess tarot deck by Kris WaldherrDGODTAR$21.95
Gods Eye leather blank book with cord 5 x 7BBBCGEM$32.95
Golden Quartz Crystal Natural 1.5 inchRACQTZTAN-CRY-1.5$1.35
Golden Quartz Crystal Natural SMALLRACQTZTAN-CRY-SM$0.51
Golden Quartz Double Terminated 16 Facet Crystal 3.25 inchRACQTZGDDT-3.25$13.50
Golden Quartz Single Point Massager 2.5 to 2.75 inchRACQTZGD-MASS-2.5$8.99
Golden Quartz Single Point Massager 3.75 inchRACQTZGD-MASS-3.75$13.50
Golden Quartz Tumbled SMALLRACQTZGD-SMALL$0.30
Goshenite Natural Crystal .25 - .75 inch, .3 - 1 gramsRACGOSH-.3$0.33
GPYA: Amethyst Pyramid small 25 to 30 mmGPYA-RAC$5.97
GPYQM: Quartz Crystal Pyramid 30-40mm 1.25-1.5 inchGPYQM-RAC$8.99
Grape Chalcedony Agate Crystal Specimen 1 inchRACCHALGRAP-SPEC-1$3.69
Green Aventurine Chakra BraceletBR-33$19.99
Green Fluorite Faceted Crystal Massage WandRACFLUOGR-MAS$5.39
Green Opal Natural Rough StoneRACOPALGR-RGH$0.53
Green Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6G$3.90
Green Tourmaline Tumbled Stone SMALLRACTOURGR-SM$12.59
Green Tree of Life leather Journal with latch 5 x 7BBBL637$28.95
Grimoire of the Green Witch by Moura, AnnBGRIGRE$24.99
GWAME: Amethyst Worry StoneGWAME-RAC$4.17
GWBA: Black Agate Worry StoneGWBA-RAC$1.79
GWMOO: Moonstone Worry StoneGWMOO-RAC$2.39
GWQTZ: Clear Quartz Worry StoneGWQTZ-RAC$3.59
HAGRC: Agrimony Cut 2ozHAGRC$6.95
HANGC: Angelica cut 2ozHANGC$8.95
HANIS: Anise Star Whole 2ozHANIS$13.95
Happiness Magic Wand, MediumW90$88.75
Happiness Silver EarringsN44$29.99
HARAP: Arabic Gum Powder 2ozHARAP$8.95
Harmony AmuletAM12$43.25
HBAYBC: Bayberry Tree Bark cut 2ozHBAYBC$17.95
HBEAW: Bearberry - Uva Ursi whole 2ozHBEAW$6.95
HBETR: Beth Root cut 1ozHBETR$6.95
HBLEC: Blessed Thistle 2 ozHBLEC$6.95
HBURC: Burdock Root cut 2ozHBURC$5.95
HCALW: Calendula Petals 2 oz.HCALW$6.95
HCATC: Catnip Cut 2ozHCATC$8.95
HCATCB: Catnip Cut, 1 LBHCATCB$34.95
HCHAFW: Chamomille Flower Whole 2ozHCHAFW$7.95
HCINP: Cinnamon Powder 2 ozHCINP$6.95
HCLOW: Cloves Whole 2ozHCLOW$8.95
HCLRC: Clover, Red 2ozHCLRC$8.95
HCOLLC: Coltsfoot Leaf Cut 2ozHCOLLC$5.95
HCOMLC: Comfrey Leaf Cut 2ozHCOMLC$8.95
HDAMLC: Damiana Leaf Cut 2ozHDAMLC$6.95
HDANLC: Dandelion Leaf Cut 2ozHDANLC$5.95
Healer AmuletAM03$43.25
Healer Baby Wand PendantB03$56.25
Healer Gem Drop AmuletAG03$33.95
Healer Magic Wand, MediumW05$88.75
Healer Silver EarringsP03$29.99
Healer Wand, LargeLW03$319.99
HECHPC: Echinacea Purpurea, 2 ozHECHPC$6.95
HELDB: Elder Berries 2 oz.HELDB$7.95
Hematite Magnetic Synthetic Tumbled StoneRACHEMA-MAG$0.54
Hematite Tumbled Stone MediumRACHEMA-MED$0.87
Hematite Tumbled Stone Medium ROUNDRACHEMA-RD-MED$1.56
Hematite Tumbled Stone Very Small 4 CTRACHEMA-VSM$0.30
Hematite Tumbled Stones LGRACHEMA-LG$1.44
Hematite Tumbled Stones XLGRACHEMA-XLG$1.73
Hematoid Fire Strawberry Quartz Natural StoneRACQTZHEMTO-NAT$0.93
Hematoid Quartz Polished Pebble Stone 1.75 inchRACQTZHEMTO-PEB-1.75$6.72
Hematoid Quartz Polished Pebble Stone 2.25 inchRACQTZHEMTO-PEB-2.25$10.08
Hematoid Quartz Sphere 3 inchRACGSPHQTZHEMTO-3$66.59
Hematoid Quartz Tumbled StoneRACQTZHEMTO$1.11
Hemimorphite Blue Tumbled StoneRACHEMIBL$8.57
HEPSB: Epsom Salts, 1 lbHEPSB$4.95
Herb Magic for Beginners by Ellen DuganBHERMAGB$14.99
Herbal Kitchen by McBride and GladstarBHERKIT$22.95
Herbal Tarot Deck by Tierra CantinDHERTAR1$21.95
Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Very Very Small .25 inchRACHERK-VVSM$1.07
Herkimer Diamond Quartz Double Terminated .5 to .75 inchRACHERK-.75-DTR$4.05
Herkimer Diamond Quartz, .25 to .5 inch VERY SMALLRACHERK-VSM$1.79
Hessonite Garnet Natural Raw CrystalRACGARNHESS-RGH$3.29
Hessonite Garnet Tumbled StoneRACGARNHESS$2.61
HEUCC: Eucalyptus Cut 2ozHEUCC$4.95
HFEVC: Feverfew cut 2ozHFEVC$8.95
HFIVFC: Five Finger Grass 2ozHFIVFC$17.95
HGALRC: Galangal Root Cut, Chewing John 1ozHGALRC$5.95
HGINSP: Ginseng Powder, Siberian 2ozHGINSP$5.95
HHAWW: Hawthorn Berries whole 2 ozHHAWW$5.95
HHIBW: Hibiscus Flower Whole 2ozHHIBW$5.95
HHIGC: High John 1ozHHIGC$16.95
HHORC: Horehound Cut 2ozHHORC$6.95
HHYSC: Hyssop Cut 2ozHHYSC$5.95
HJASW: Jasmine Flowers Whole 2ozHJASW$13.95
HJERW: Jericho Flowers-1 flowerHJERW$5.95
HJERWB: Jericho Flowers-6 flowers BulkHJERWB$23.95
HJUNW: Juniper Berries Whole 2ozHJUNW$7.95
HLAVW: Lavender Flowers Whole 2ozHLAVW$7.95
HLEMB: Lemon Balm Cut 1ozHLEMB$7.95
HLEMGC: Lemongrass, 2 ozHLEMGC$4.95
HLEMVC: Lemon Verbena Leaf Cut 1ozHLEMVC$6.95
HLOBC: Lobelia Cut 1ozHLOBC$4.95
HLOWR: Low John Root 1ozHLOWR$11.95
HMANW: Mandrake Cut 1ozHMANW$8.95
HMEAC: Meadowsweet cut 2ozHMEAC$6.95
HMISC: Mistletoe Cut 2ozHMISC$5.95
HMOJWB: Mojo Wish Bean 2ozHMOJWB$5.95
HMOTC: Motherwort cut 2ozHMOTC$6.95
HMUGC: Mugwort Cut 2ozHMUGC$6.95
HMULC: Mullein Leaf Cut 2ozHMULC$4.95
HNETC: Nettles Leaf Cut 2ozHNETC$5.95
Hope AmuletAM28$43.25
Hope Gem Drop AmuletAG28$33.95
Hope Silver EarringsN28$29.99
HORRRP: Orris Root powder 1ozHORRRP$6.95
Howlite White Natural Stone 1.25 to 2 inchRACHOW-RGH$0.83
Howlite White Tumbled Stone LGRACHOW-LG$0.69
Howlite White Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACHOW-MED-ROUND$0.59
Howlite White Tumbled Stone SMALLRACHOW-SM$0.30
HPASC: Passion Flower Cut 2ozHPASC$6.95
HPATC: Patchouli Leaf Cut 1ozHPATC$4.95
HPATR: Patchouli Root 1 root bundleHPATR$11.95
HPENC: Pennyroyal Leaf Cut 2ozHPENC$7.95
HPEPC: Peppermint Leaf Cut 2ozHPEPC$5.95
HRASC: Raspberry Leaf Cut 2ozHRASC$6.95
HROSMW: Rosemary Leaf Whole 4ozHROSMW$5.95
HROSRW: Rose Red Buds and Petals 2ozHROSRW$7.95
HROSSC: Rose Hips Whole 2ozHROSSC$5.95
HSAGW: Sage Leaf Cut 2ozHSAGW$4.95
HSALP: Salt Petre 4ozHSALP$6.95
HSALP: Saltpetre 4oz Potassium NitrateHSALP$6.95
HSANRC: Red Sandalwood Cut 1ozHSANRC$5.95
HSANRP: Red Sandalwood powder 1ozHSANRP$5.95
HSANRPB: Red Sandalwood powder 1 LBHSANRPB$37.95
HSCUC: Scullcap Cut 1ozHSCUC$11.95
HSEACB: Sea Salt Coarse, 1 lbHSEACB$4.95
HSOLC: Solomons Seal Root Cut 1ozHSOLC$6.95
HSPEC: Spearmint cut 2ozHSPEC$3.95
HSTJC: St John's Wort Cut 2ozHSTJC$5.95
HSULP: Sulfur Powder, Brimstone 4ozHSULP$5.95
HVALC: Valerian Root Cut 2ozHVALC$8.95
HVERC: Vervain Cut 2ozHVERC$6.95
HWHIWC: White Willow Bark Cut 2 ozHWHIWC$5.95
HWITGC: Witches Grass 2ozHWITGC$6.95
HWORC: Wormwood Cut 2ozHWORC$5.95
HWSAG: White Sage 2ozHWSAG$6.95
HWSAGB: White Sage, Bulk 1 lbHWSAGB$41.95
HYARF: Yarrow flower 2ozHYARF$6.95
HYELC: Yellowdock Root cut 2ozHYELC$5.95
Hypersthene Tumbled Stone LARGERACHYPER-LG$6.23
Hypersthene Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACHYPER-MED$3.47
IB117: Hanging Brass Censer, mediumIB117$20.95
IB121: Greenman Ash Catcher with LED EyesIB121$19.95
IB903: Midea Shell Incense Burner 5 inchIB903$15.95
IB978: Magical Cat and Mouse Incense HolderIB978$29.95
IBABA: Abalone Shell Incense Burner 5-6 inchIBABA$19.95
IBABS: Small Abalone Shell Incense Burner 2-3 inchIBABS$3.95
IBASH: Ash Catcher Curved Wood 10 inchIBASH$2.95
IBHANP: Pentagram Crowned Hanging Brass CenserIBHANP$21.95
IBR73: Cast Iron Incense Burner with Wooden HandleIBR73$19.95
IBSBK: Black Incense Burner Sand, 1 lbIBSBK$9.95
IBSCR: Screen Burner Brass 3 inchIBSCR$10.95
IBSPC: Smudge Pot with Coaster 3 inchIBSPC$5.95
IBSWH: White Incense Burner Sand, 1 lbIBSWH$9.95
IBTON: Tongs for Charcoal and IncenseIBTON$4.95
IBTONP: Pentagram Tongs for CharcoalIBTONP$4.95
IC33T:Three Kings 33mm Charcoal - 10 tabletsIC33T$4.95
ICBR33: Small Brass CauldronICBR33$27.95
ICBR74: Mini Cast Iron Cauldron 3 inchICBR74$13.95
ICBR75: Cast Iron Cauldron 3 inch, SmallICBR75$17.95
ICBR75P: Mini Pentagram Cast Iron CauldronICBR75P$16.95
ICBR76: Cast Iron Cauldron 6 inchICBR76$25.95
ICBR77: Cast Iron Cauldron 3 inchICBR77$27.95
ICBR80: Small Celtic Brass CauldronICBR80$16.95
ICBR81: Plain cast iron cauldron 2.75 inch with LidICBR81$25.95
ICM3: Plain Cast Iron Cauldron 2.75 inch diaICM3$25.95
ICM3P: Small Pentagram Cast Iron CauldronICM3P$25.95
ICM72: Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron, 2 INCH SMALLICM72$25.95
ICNAGC: Incense Cone, Nag Champa, 12 conesICNAGC$2.95
Idocrase Vesuvanite Tumbled Stone LGRACIDOCR-LG$3.59
Idocrase Vesuvanite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACIDOCR-MED$1.19
IG16DRA: Dragons Blood Granular Incense 1 oz 1618 goldIG16DRA$9.95
IGBENP: Benzoin powder incense 2 ozIGBENP$6.95
IGCOP: Copal Granular IncenseIGCOP$5.95
IGDRA: Dragons Blood Granular IncenseIGDRA$6.95
IGFM: Frankincense and Myrrh Granular Incense MixIGFM$4.95
IGFRAT: Frankincense Tears Granular IncenseIGFRAT$4.95
IGMOT: Resin Gift Pack with Burner and Charcoal Starter KitIGMOT$26.95
IGMYR: Myrrh Granular IncenseIGMYR$3.95
Infinite Natural Crystal Specimen 3 inchRACINFI-NAT-SPEC$5.10
Inner Peace AmuletAM37$43.25
Inner Peace Gem Drop AmuletAG37$33.95
Inner Peace Magic Wand, MediumW83$88.75
Inner Peace Silver EarringsN37$29.99
Inspiration AmuletCA7$43.25
Iolite Point Massager 3.5 inchRACIOL-MASS-3.5$17.99
Iolite Tumbled Polished Stone MediumRACIOL-MED$0.75
IPGHIJ: High John Powder incenseIPGHIJ$3.95
ISANGM: Angelic Visions Escential Essences Incense SticksISANGM$5.95
ISDRAM: Dragons Blood Escential Essences Incense SticksISDRAM$5.95
ISENEM: Energy Essential Escences Incense SticksISENEM$5.95
ISFOUM: Four Elements Escential Essences Incense SticksISFOUM$5.95
ISFRMM: Frankincense and Myrrh Escential Essences Incense SticksISFRMM$5.95
ISGASTT: Astral Travel stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGASTT$4.95
ISGCED: Cedarwood stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGCED$4.95
ISGHEA: Healing stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGHEA$4.95
ISGMOND: Money Drawing stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGMOND$4.95
ISGMOO: Moon stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGMOO$4.95
ISGROS: Rose stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGROS$4.95
ISGSPI: Spirit stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGSPI$4.95
ISGSUN: Sun stick incense by Espiritu 13 packISGSUN$4.95
ISLOVM: Love Escential Essences Incense SticksISLOVM$5.95
ISNAGL: Nag Champa Incense Sticks 100 gramsISNAGL$13.95
ISNAGS: Nag Champa Incense Sticks 15 gramsISNAGS$3.95
ISNAPS: Palo Santo stick 6 packISNAPS$7.95
ISNAPSWS: Palo Santo and White Sage stick 6 packISNAPSWS$7.95
ISPATM: Patchouli Escential Essences Incense SticksISPATM$5.95
ISPROM: Prosperity Escential Essences Incense SticksISPROM$5.95
ISPURM: Purification Escential Essences Incense SticksISPURM$5.95
ISSNDM: Sandalwood Escential Essences Incense SticksISSNDM$5.95
ISTIBM: Tibetan Musk Escential Essences Incense SticksISTIBM$5.95
ISTRAM: Tranquility Escential Essences Incense SticksISTRAM$5.95
JABC: Anklet With Bells, SilvertoneJABC$6.95
Jade Black Nephrine Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJADBLK-MED$1.83
Jade Nephrite Tumbled Stone LARGERACJADNEP-LG$1.95
Jade Nephrite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJADNEP-MED$1.19
Jade Nephrite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACJADNEP-SMALL$0.36
Jade Tumbled Stone LGRACJADE-LG$1.77
Jade Tumbled Stone XLGRACJADE-XLG$2.39
JANKL: Ankh pendant sterling silver 1.5 inchJANKL$24.95
JANKS: Ankh Small Pendant, SterlingJANKS$9.95
Jasper Autumn Tumbled StoneRACJASAUT$0.41
Jasper Brecciated Tumbled Stone LGRACJASBRE-LG$0.53
Jasper Brecciated Tumbled Stone MediumRACJASBRE-MED$0.36
Jasper Bumble Bee Tumbled Stone Small to MEDIUMRACJASBEE$4.79
Jasper Camouflage Tumbled StoneRACJASCAMO$0.72
Jasper Cobra Tumbled Stone Medium to LGRACJASCOBR$0.72
Jasper Curucu Tumbled Stone LGRACJASCURU-LG$0.66
Jasper Dalmatian Tumbled Stone LGRACJASDAL-LG$0.93
Jasper Dalmatian Tumbled Stone MediumRACJASDAL-MED$0.72
Jasper Fancy Tumbled Stone LGRACJASFCY-LG$0.59
Jasper Fancy Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASFCY-MED$0.47
Jasper Fancy Tumbled Stone SMALLRACJASFCY-SM$0.30
Jasper Green Hair Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASGRHR-MED$0.84
Jasper Green Snakeskin Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASGRSNSK-MED$0.81
Jasper Guinea Fowl Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASGF-MED$0.45
Jasper Guinea Fowl Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASGF-XLG$0.75
Jasper Ibis Polished Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASIBIS-MED$0.95
Jasper Kambaba Tumbled Stone LGRACJASKAM$2.39
Jasper Leopard Skin Tumbled Stone LGRACJASLP-LG$0.47
Jasper Leopard Skin Tumbled Stone SMALLRACJASLP-SM$0.30
Jasper Leopard Skin Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASLP-XLG$0.59
Jasper Maligano Tumbled Stone LARGERACJASMALI-LG$3.47
Jasper Picasso SMALLRACJASPCSO-SM$0.30
Jasper Picasso Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASPCSO-MED$0.45
Jasper Poppy Tumbled Stone LGRACJASPOP-LG$0.84
Jasper Rainbow Tumbled Stone LARGERACJASRAIN$0.89
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone LGRACJASR-LG$0.53
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone MediumRACJASR-MED$0.42
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone ROUND MEDIUMRACJASR-RD-MED$0.89
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone SMALLRACJASR-SM$0.30
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASR-XLG$1.19
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone XXLGRACJASR-XXLG$1.95
Jasper Shell Tumbled StoneRACJASSHELL$0.93
Jasper Silver Leaf Red Tumbled StoneRACJASSILLFR$0.48
Jasper Silver Leaf Tumbled StoneRACJASSILLF-LG$0.71
Jasper Wine Tumbled StoneRACJASWINE$0.51
Jasper Yellow Tumbled Stone LargeRACJASY-LG$0.59
Jasper Yellow Tumbled Stone MediumRACJASY-MED$0.45
Jasper Yellow Tumbled Stone SmallRACJASY-SM$0.30
Jasper Yellow, Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASY-XLG$0.83
JB342: Witchs Broom Pendant bronzejb342$15.95
JB372: Ankh Pendant BronzeJB372$29.95
JBBAV: Green Aventurine Power BraceletJBBAV$10.95
JBBHE: Hematite Man Made BraceletJBBHE$8.95
JBBRQ: Rose Quartz BraceletJBBRQ$10.95
JBBTE: Tiger Eye BraceletJBBTE$13.95
JBMAGH: Copper Magnetic bracelet heavyJBMAGH$9.95
JBPAME: Amethyst pendulum braceletJBPAME$25.95
JBPHEM: Hematite pendulum braceletJBPHEM$25.95
JBSHU: Shungite braceletJBSHU$12.95
Jet Polished Tumbled Stone LGRACJET-LG$1.97
Jet Polished Tumbled Stone XLGRACJET-XLG$2.01
JME206: Ashes Chamber Angel WingsJME206$12.95
JME240: Ashes Chamber GoddessJME240$12.95
JME252: Ashes Chamber PentagramJME252$12.95
JMS022: Pentagram Pendant sterling Pendant .5 inchJMS022$15.95
JMS022A: Pentagram Pendant sterling .75 inchJMS022A$19.95
JMS241MT: Pentagram Rainbow Moonstone Pendant sterlingJMS241MT$31.95
JMS242: Pentagram Pendant sterling 1 inchJMS242$31.95
JMS243MT: Triple Goddess Pentagram Rainbow Moonstone sterlingJMS243MT$29.95
JMS243NA: Triple Goddess Pentagram Amethyst Pendant sterlingJMS243NA$24.95
JMS244MT: Triple Goddess Pendant Rainbow Moonstone sterlingJMS244MT$31.95
JP1712: Pentagram Pendant sterlingJP1712$28.95
JP2CI: Sterling 2 Circle Pentagram PendantJP2CI$15.95
JPAME: Amethyst Pentagram Pendant 30mmJPAME$35.95
JPBO: Black Obsidian Pentagram Pendant 30mmJPBO$37.95
JPINTL: Large Pentagram PendantJPINTL$32.95
JPINTS: Pentacle Pendant smallJPINTS$16.95
JPLAP: Lapis Pentagram Pendant 30 mmJPLAP$36.95
JPTHE: Theban Pentagram with Scrying Disk PendantJPTHE$43.95
JRDRAA: Dragon Ring Sterling SilverJRDRAA$36.95
JRPT4: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 4JRPT4$19.95
JRPT5: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 5JRPT5$19.95
JRPT6: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 6JRPT6$19.95
JRPT7: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 7JRPT7$19.95
JRPT8: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 8JRPT8$19.95
JRPT9: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 9JRPT9$19.95
JRSA: Snake Ring Sterling Silver AdjustableJRSA$37.95
JSGOD: Scrying Goddess PendantJSGOD$45.95
July 2023- Dec 2024 Crystal Magic weekly planner Hard CoverB24CRYMAG$23.99
July 2023- Dec 2024 Guided by Tarot weekly planner Hard CoverB24GUITAR$23.99
July 2023- Dec 2024 Herbal Magic weekly planner Hard CoverB24HERMAG$23.99
K2 Tumbled Stone LARGERACK2-LG$4.11
Keep Me Safe AmuletAM48$43.25
Keep me Safe EarringsN48$29.99
Kunzite Crystal Polished MEDIUMRACKUNZ-MED$2.99
Kunzite Crystal Polished SMALLRACKUNZ-SM$1.79
Kunzite Crystal Polished VERY SMALL 2 piecesRACKUNZ-VSM$1.19
Kyanite Black Fans Titanium Rainbow 2 inchRACKYBL-CRYS-TIT$8.99
Kyanite Black Crystal Fans 2 - 3.25 inchRACKYBL-LG-CRYS$2.99
Kyanite Black Rough Mineral Specimen Brazil 2.75 inchRACKYBL-CRYS-4$4.19
Kyanite Blue Blades Crystal 1.5 to 2 inch High QualityRACKYRGH-BLADE-1.5$1.65
Kyanite Blue Blades Crystal, 1.5 to 2 inchRACKYRGH-1.5$1.41
Kyanite Blue Blades Crystal, 3.25 to 3.75 inchRACKYRGH-4.5$5.09
Kyanite Blue Crystal Cluster with Quartz 3 inch High QualityRACKYQTZ-3-39.49$23.69
Kyanite Blue Crystal Cluster with Quartz 4.5 inch High QualityRACKYQTZ-SPEC-4.5-31.25$18.75
Kyanite Blue Crystal Cluster with Quartz 5.25 inch High QualityRACKYQTZ-5.25-91.99$55.19
Kyanite Blue Crystal Specimen 1.5 inch High QualityRACKY-CHUNK$1.49
Kyanite Blue Crystal Specimen 2.5 to 3.5 inchRACKY-SPEC-2.5$4.29
Kyanite Blue Polished Tumbled Stone LGRACKYAN-LG$5.39
Kyanite Blue Polished Tumbled Stone MediumRACKYAN-MED$2.70
Kyanite Blue Tumbled Stone SMALL B GradeRACKYAN-SM$0.66
Kyanite Tri Color Crystal 1.25 - 2.5 inchRACKYTRI-17$2.81
Kyanite Tri Color Crystal 1.5 inchRACKYTRI-29$4.17
Kyanite Tri Color Crystal 1.75 inchRACKYTRI-45$5.67
Kyanite Tri Color Crystal with Green Muscovite 2.5 inchRACKYTRI-100$12.59
Kyanite, Orange, 2 pieces VERY VERY SMALLRACKYAOR-1$1.65
L1AC: 1 Oz Amber bottle with CapL1AC$1.99
L1AD: 1 Oz Amber Glass bottle with DropperL1AD$2.95
L1DB: Blue Bottle, Round 5/8 DramL1DB$4.95
L1DR: 1 Dram Bottles Clear Round, 3 bottlesL1DR$3.75
L1DRA: 1 Dram Bottles Amber Round, 2 bottle setL1DRA$3.90
L2DR: 2 Dram Bottles Clear Round, 3 bottle setL2DR$2.85
L2DRA: 2 Dram Bottles Amber Round 2 bottle setL2DRA$3.90
L5A: .5 oz. Amber Glass BottleL5A$2.95
Labradorite 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 3 inchRACLAB-MAS-3$13.50
Labradorite BLUE Tumbled Stone LGRACLAB-BLU-LG$0.59
Labradorite Gemstone Egg 1.75 inchRACLAB-EGG-1.75$8.99
Labradorite Gemstone Egg 3 inchRACLAB-EGG-2.5$20.39
Labradorite Golden Tumbled Stone 4 Pieces VERY SMALLRACLABG-VS$0.59
Labradorite Natural Chunks Madagascar HIGH QUALITY 1.5 inchRACLAB-RAW-1.5$3.75
Labradorite Natural Crystal 1.5 to 2.5 inchRACLAB-NAT-1.5$1.08
Labradorite Palm Stone 2.75 inch XLGRACWRLAB-PALM-2.75$15.75
Labradorite Semi Polished Natural Stone 1.5 to 2.5 inchRACLAB-NAT-SEMIPOL$2.25
Labradorite Sphere 1.75 inchRACGSPHLAB-1.75$19.19
Labradorite Standing Free Form Crystal 3.5 inchRACLAB-FF-3.5-53.55$32.13
Labradorite Standing Free Form Crystal 3.75 inchRACLAB-FF-3.75-54.79$32.87
Labradorite Standing Free Form Crystal 4.25 inchRACLAB-FF-4.25-53.55$33.15
Labradorite Standing Free Form Crystal 4.25 inchRACLAB-FF-4.25-62.25$37.35
Labradorite Tumbled Stone LGRACLAB-LG$1.26
Labradorite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACLAB-MED-B$0.41
Labradorite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACLAB-MED-HQ$1.05
Labradorite Tumbled Stone SmallRACLAB-SMALL$0.30
Labradorite Tumbled Stone XLGRACLAB-XLG$2.09
Lapis Crystal Point Pendant Sterling Silver .75 inchRACJPLAP-.75$12.79
Lapis Crystal Point Pendant Sterling Silver 1.5 inchRACJPLAP-1.5$15.99
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egg 2 inchRACLAPLUZ-EGG$12.59
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egg 2 inch HIGH QUALITYRACLAPLUZ-EGG-HQ-2-44.99$26.99
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egg 2.25 inch HIGH QUALITYRACLAPLUZ-EGG-HQ-2.25-53.$32.39
Lapis Lazuli Round Palm Stone 1.25 to 1.75 inchRACWRLAPLUZ-PALM-RD$4.95
Lapis Lazuli Slab polished one side 4.75 inchRACLAP-SLAB-4.75$23.99
Lapis Lazuli Smooth Flat StoneRACWRLAPLUZ-FLAT$4.50
Lapis Lazuli Standing Point Crystal 1.5 inchRACLAPLUZSTDPT-1.5$8.99
Lapis Lazuli Standing Point Crystal 3.75 inchRACLAPLUZSTDPT-3.75$14.39
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone LARGERACLAPLUZ-LG$3.39
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone mediumRACLAPLUZ-MED$2.99
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone Round LARGERACLAPLUZ-LG$6.39
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone SMALLRACLAPLUZ-SM$2.01
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone XLGRACLAPLUZ-XLG$4.92
Larimar Natural Stone 1.25 to 1.5 inchRACLAR-RGH-1.25$2.73
Larimar Natural Stone .5 to.75 inchRACLAR-RGH-.5$0.47
Larimar Natural Stone 1 to 1.25 inchRACLAR-RGH-1$1.65
Larimar Natural Stone 2.75 inchRACLAR-RGH-2.75$11.09
Larimar Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACLAR-MED$9.99
Larimar Tumbled Stone SMALLRACLAR-SM$1.13
Larimar Tumbled Stone VERY SMALLRACLAR-VSM$0.66
Larimar Unpolished Mini Slice Slab 1 inchRACLAR-SLICE-1$2.99
Larvikite Crystal Palm Stone 2 inchRACWRLVARK-PALM-2$7.19
Larvikite Faceted Crystal Massager 3.5 inchRACLVARK-FAC-MASS-3.5$7.19
Larvikite Round Crystal Massager 4.25 inchRACLVARK-MASS-4.25$13.50
Larvikite Tumbled Stone LARGERACLVARK-LG$1.05
Larvikite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACLVARK-MED$0.75
Larvikite Tuymbled Stone SMALLRACLVARK-SM$0.30
Lavender Fluorite Gemstone Egg 1.5 inchRACFLUOLAV-1.5-EGG$8.99
Lavender Fluorite Gemstone Egg 2.25 inchRACFLUOLAV-2-EGG$17.99
Leather Blank Book with Peg Closure 6 x 8BBBP615$33.95
Lemon Quartz CrystalRACQTZLEM-NAT$1.79
Lemurian Jade Tumbled Stone Peru MEDIUMRACLEMJAD-MED$3.09
Lemurian Jade Tumbled Stone Peru SMALLRACLEMJAD-SM$0.89
Lemurian Red Natrual CrystalRACQTZLEM-RD$2.85
Lemurian Seed Crystal PINK .25 to 1.25 inch 4 piecesRACQTZLEM-PK-.5$0.59
Leopardite Tumbled StoneRACJASLPTE$2.27
Lepidolite Natural Crystal 1 to 2 inchRACLEPID-RGH-1$1.01
Lepidolite Tumbled Stone B GRADE MEDIUM to LARGERACLEPID-B-GRADE$1.17
Lepidolite Tumbled Stone XLGRACLEPID-XLG$4.19
Lepidolite Worry StoneRACWRLEPID$6.30
Letting Go AmuletAM25$43.25
Letting Go Silver EarringsN25$29.99
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone LGRACLITH-LG$3.75
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone MediumRACLITH-MED$1.89
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone SMALLRACLITH-SMALL$1.65
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone XLGRACLITH-XLG$4.19
Living Wicca by Cunningham, ScottBLIVWIC$16.99
LM33: Mortar and Pestle Set Soapstone 3 inchLM33$15.95
LM621TA: Black Pentagram mortar and pestle set, 4 inchLM621TA$24.95
LMORG4: Mortar and Pestle Set, Green OnyxLMORG4$29.95
LMS17: Mortar and Pestle Set Celtic StoneLMS17$21.95
LMS22: Triple Moon Soapstone Mortar and Pestle SetLMS22$20.95
LMS26: Mortar and Pestle Set, StoneLMS26$20.95
LMS36: Black Pentagram Mortar and Pestle SetLMS36$28.95
LMWP: Mortar and Pestle Set Wood PentagramLMWP$19.95
Lodestone Polished LARGERACLODPOL-LG$1.86
Lodestone Polished SMALLRACLODPOL-SM$0.30
Lodestone Polished XLGRACLODPOL-XLG$2.51
Lodolite Crystal Standing Polished Point 1.25 inchRACLOLTSTPT-1.25-.75-1-14$8.99
Lodolite Crystal Standing Polished Point 1.5 inchRACLOLTSTPT-11.25$6.75
Lodolite Crystal Standing Polished Point 1.75 inchRACLOLTSTPT-1.75-1.25-22.$13.50
Lodolite Quartz Shamanic Dream Tumbled Stone LGRACLOLT-LG$1.23
Lodolite Quartz Shamanic Dream Tumbled Stone SMALLRACLOLT-SM$0.30
Love AmuletAM10$43.25
Love Baby Wand PendantB10$56.25
Love Gem Drop AmuletAG10$33.95
Love Magic Wand, MediumW10$88.75
Love Silver EarringsP10$29.99
Love Wand, LargeLW10$319.99
LTEA: Cotton Tea Bag 3 x 5 inch, 1 pieceLTEA$1.95
LTEAB: Cotton Tea Bags 3 x 5 inch, 12 packLTEAB$15.95
LWG3P: Pentagram Herb Grinder 3 inchLWG3P$13.95
LWG3TM: Triple Moon Herb Grinder, 3 inchLWG3TM$13.95
Magic AmuletAM46$43.25
Magic Baby Wand PendantB46$56.25
Magic Gem Drop AmuletAG46$33.95
Magic Silver EarringsN46$29.99
Magic Wand, MediumW92$88.75
Magical Herbalism by Scott CunninghamBMAGHER$14.99
Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Stone LARGERACOBMAH-LG$0.75
Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACOBMAH-MED$0.47
Maiden Mother Moon leather blank book with latchBBBL799$29.95
Malachite Point Pendant 1.5 inchRACJPMALAPT-1.5$15.99
Malachite Tumbled Stone LGRACMALA-LG$4.47
Malachite Tumbled Stone MEDRACMALA-MED$2.99
Malachite Tumbled Stone XLGRACMALA-XLG$4.77
Manganese Tumbled Stone SMALLRACMAGB-SM$2.39
Manifestation Beam of Light PendantFD05$42.50
Master Book Of Herbalism by Paul BeyerlBMASBOO0HB$24.95
Meditation Silver EarringsN41$29.99
Mindfulness Silver EarringsN33$29.99
Mookaite Tumbled Stone LGRACMOOK-LG$0.81
Mookaite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACMOOK-SM$0.30
Mookaite Tumbled Stone XLGRACMOOK-XLG$1.35
Moon Goddess Gem Drop AmuletAG53$50.75
Moon Goddess leather blank book with latch 5 x 7BBBL723$28.95
Moon Magick by D J ConwayBMOOMAG$19.99
Moonstone Black Polished Pebble 1.75 inchRACMOONBL-PEB-XLG$6.09
Moonstone Black Polished Pebble 2 to 2.25 inchRACMOONBL-PEB-2$4.79
Moonstone Black Standing Free Form Crystal 5.5 inchRACMOONBL-FF-5.5$34.43
Moonstone Black Tumbled Stone XLGRACMOONBL-XLG$1.26
Moonstone Coffee Chocolate LARGE High QualityRACMOONCOF$1.95
Moonstone Natural Stone .5 to 1 inchRACMOON-NAT-SM$0.39
Moonstone Peach Tumbled Stone LARGERACMOONPCH-LG$0.95
Moonstone Peach Tumbled Stone MediumRACMOONPCH-MED$0.69
Moonstone Peach Tumbled Stone SMALLRACMOONPCH-SM$0.59
Moonstone Tumbled Stone LGRACMOON-LG$1.35
Moonstone Tumbled Stone MediumRACMOON-MED$1.35
Moonstone Tumbled Stone Round MEDIUM IndiaRACMOON-ROUND-INDIA-MED$0.72
Moonstone Tumbled Stone SMALLRACMOON-SMALL$0.59
Moonstone Tumbled Stone XLGRACMOON-XLG$1.86
Moqui Balls Shaman Stone, Pair, Saucer Shaped 1.75 inchRACMOQ-1.75S$16.79
Moqui Shaman Stone Saucer Shape, Pair of 2 pieces, 1.5 inchRACMOQ-1.5S$14.99
Morganite Tumbled Stone LARGERACMORG-LG$3.57
Morganite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACMORG-MED$1.91
Morganite Tumbled Stone Very SmallRACMORG-VS$0.59
Morganite Tumbled Stone XLGRACMORG-XLG$4.41
Morganite, Pink Natural Crystal VERY SMALLRACMORG-CRYS.5$2.99
Moss Agate Gemstone Egg 2 inchRACAGMS-2-EGG$13.50
Moss Agate Worry StoneRACWRMA$6.30
Motivation AmuletAM45$43.25
Motivation Gem Drop AmuletAG45$33.95
Mystic Cats tarot book and deck by Weatherstone and MullerDMYSCAT$31.99
Mystic Faerie book and deck by Ravenscroft-MooreDMYSFAE$31.99
Mystic Merlinite Psilomelane Sphere 2 inchRACGSPHPSIL-2$13.79
Mystic Merlinite Psilomelane Sphere 2.5 inchRACGSPHPSIL-2.5$15.59
Mystic Merlinite Psilomelane Tumbled Stone LARGERACPSIL-LG$3.21
Mystic Merlinite Psilomelane Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACPSIL-MED$1.77
Nuummite Flat Smooth StoneRACWRNUUM$5.46
Nuummite Tumbled StoneRACNUUM$2.39
OATTLF: Attract Love Oil 2 dramOATTLF$6.95
OBENF: Benzoin Oil 2 dramOBENF$6.95
Obsidian Black LARGERACOBBL-LG$0.75
Obsidian Black Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACOBBL-MED$0.59
Obsidian Black Tumbled Stone SMALLRACOBBL-SM$0.30
Obsidian Gold Sheen MediumRACOBSHEEN-MED$0.59
Obsidian Gold Sheen Natural Specimen 3.5 inchRACOBSHEEN-RGH$7.19
Obsidian, Black NATURAL Crystal 4.25RACOBBL-RGH-4.25$19.79
Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper Flat Smooth StoneRACWRJASOC-FLAT$4.50
Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper LargeRACJASOC-LG$2.19
Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper MEDIUMRACJASOC-MED$1.37
ODRAF: Dragons Blood Oil 2 dramODRAF$6.95
OE2BAY: 2dr Bayberry oilOE2BAY$3.95
OE2BUSS: 2dr Business Success oilOE2BUSS$3.95
OE2CIN : 2dr Cinnamon oilOE2CIN$3.95
OE2DRAB: 2dr Dragons Blood oilOE2DRAB$3.95
OE2FASM: 2dr Fast Money oilOE2FASM$3.95
OE2JOB: 2dr Job oilOE2JOB$3.95
OE2MAN: 2dr Mandrake oilOE2MAN$3.95
OE2MOND: 2dr Money Drawing oilOE2MOND$3.95
OE2REV: 2dr Reversible oilOE2REV$3.95
OE2UNC: 2dr Uncrossing oilOE2UNC$3.95
OFASF: Fast Luck Oil 2 dramOFASF$6.95
OFASMF: Fast Money oil 2 dramOFASMF$6.95
OFRAAF: Frankincense Absolute Oil 2 dramOFRAAF$6.95
OHEAF: Healing Powers Oil 2 dramOHEAF$6.95
OHIGF: High John the Conqueror Oil 2 dramOHIGF$6.95
OLAVE: Lavender Essential Oil 2 dramOLAVE$9.95
OMAGF: Magnetic Oil 2 dramOMAGF$6.95
OMONDF: Money Drawing Oil 2 dramOMONDF$6.95
OMUSAF: Musk Arabian White Oil 2 dramOMUSAF$6.95
OMUSE: Musk Essence OilOMUSE$8.95
OMUSEF: Musk Egyptian Oil 2 dramOMUSEF$6.95
OMYSVF: Mystic Veil oil 2 dramOMYSVF$6.95
Onyx Banded Tumbled Stone SMALLRACONYXBD-SM$0.30
Onyx Golden Yellow Tumbled Stone IndiaRACONYX-YEL$0.59
Onyx Green Crystal Ball Sphere StandRACGBONYXGR$2.39
Onyx Green Marble Tumbled Stone LARGERACONYX-GRN-MB-LG$1.89
OOPIF Opium French Oil 2 dramOOPIF$6.95
Opal Pink Tumbled Stone Boulder LargeRACOPALPK-BLDR-LG$2.99
Opal Pink Tumbled Stone XLGRACOPALPK-XLG$2.85
Opal Tumbled Stone LARGERACOPAL-LG$1.41
Opal, Ethiopian Natural Stone .38 to .5 inchRACOPAL-NAT-ETHI$3.95
OPATE: Patchouli Essential Oil 2 dramopate$9.95
OPATTF: Patchouli Tunisian Oil 2 dramOPATTF$6.95
OPEAF: Peace n Protection Oil 2 dramOPEAF$6.95
Orange Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6O$3.90
Orthoceras Gemstone Egg 2.5 inchRACORTH-EGG-2.5$10.79
OSANTF: Sandalwood Tunisian Oil 2 dramOSANTF$6.95
OSEVF: Seven African Powers Oil 2 dramOSEVF$6.95
OVANF: Van Van Oil 2 dramOVANF$6.95
OWITF: Witchs Sight Oil 2 dramOWITF$6.95
Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Webster, RichardBPENMAG$14.99
Pentagram leather blank book with cord 5 x 7BBBCWP$19.95
Pentagram Leather Blank Book with cord, Small 5 x 7BBBCPEN$27.95
Pentagram leather blank book with latch 5 x 7BBBL2285$28.95
Pentagram leather blank book with latch, 5 x 7 inchBBBLP449$32.95
Pentagram leather blank journal with cord 3.5 x 5BBBC361$20.95
Peridot Natural Stone, 8 pieces VERY SMALLRACPER-CRYS$0.39
Peridot Rock Chips Natural Stone, SUPER TINY 10 GramsRACPER-CRYS-CHIPS$0.39
Peridot Tumbled Stone SMALLRACPER-SM$0.59
Peridot Tumbled Stone, VERY SMALL 4 piecesRACPER-VSM$0.96
Peridot Tumbled Stone, VERY VERY SMALL 8 piecesRACPER-VVS$0.96
Petalite Crystal LARGERACPETA-CRYS-LG$11.03
Petalite Crystal MEDIUMRACPETA-CRYS-MED$3.59
Petoskey Stone, PolishedRACPETR$5.37
Petrified Wood Pyramid 1 inchRACPYR-PETWD-1$3.59
Petrified Wood Tumbled StoneRACPETWD$0.59
Phosphosiderite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACPHOSP-SM$0.81
Picture Jasper Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACJASPIC-MED$0.47
Picture Jasper Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASPIC-XLG$0.71
Pietersite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACPIET-SM$3.27
Pietersite Tumbled Stone VERY SMALLRACPIET-VSM$1.08
Pink Mangano Calcite Palm Stone 2.5 inchRACCALMG-PALM-2.5$10.65
Pink Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6PI$3.90
Pink Tourmaline in Quartz and Lepidolite Tumbled Stone LGRACRUBELEPQTZ-LG$1.83
Pink Tourmaline in Quartz and Lepidolite Tumbled Stone MEDRACRUBELEPQTZ-MED$1.31
Pinolith Tumbled Stone LARGERACPINO$2.75
Polychrome Jasper Desert Jasper Natural Raw CrystalRACJASDES-RGH-1$0.35
Polychrome Jasper Desert Jasper Semi Polished StoneRACJASPOLY-NAT-SEMIPOL$1.35
Polychrome Jasper Desert Jasper Tumbled Stone LGRACJASPOLY-LG$1.43
Polychrome Jasper Desert Jasper Tumbled Stone XLGRACJASPOLY-XLG$2.39
Polychrome Jasper Polished Pebble 3 inchRACJASPOLY-PEBBLE$15.15
Positive Thoughts Silver EarringsN30$29.99
Postive Intentions Large WandLW39$319.99
Power Silver EarringsP04$29.99
Power Wand, MediumW07$88.75
Practical Guide To Astral Projection by Denning and PhillipsBPRAGUIA$16.99
Practical Magic for Beginners by Brandy WilliamsBPRAMAGB$16.99
Practical Pendulum Book by D JurriaanseBPRAPEN$14.95
Prairie Tanzanite XLGRACTANZPR-XLG$8.25
Prasiolite Green Amethyst Double Term Natural CrystalRACPRAS-CRYS$5.99
Prasiolite Green Amethyst Tumbled Stone LGRACPRAS-LG$1.59
Prasiolite Green Amethyst Tumbled Stone Milawi SMALLRACPRAS-MED$0.72
Prasiolite Green Amethyst Tumbled Stone SMALLRACPRAS-SM$0.75
Prasiolite Green Amethyst Tumbled Stone XLGRACPRAS-XLG$1.97
Prehnite Tumbled Stone LGRACPREN-LG$1.56
Prehnite Tumbled Stone XLGRACPREN-XLG$2.37
Prosperity AmuletAM11$43.25
Prosperity Baby Wand PendantB11$56.25
Prosperity Gem Drop AmuletAG11$33.95
Prosperity Magic Wand, MediumW30$88.75
Prosperity Silver EarringsP11$29.99
Prosperity Wand, LargeLW11$319.99
Protection AmuletAM15$43.25
Protection Baby Wand PendantB15$56.25
Protection Gem Drop AmuletAG15$33.95
Protection Magic Wand, MediumW31$88.75
Protection Silver EarringsP15$29.99
Protection Wand, LargeLW15$319.99
Psychic Development for Beginners by William W HewittBPSYDEVB$15.99
Psychic Magic Wand, MediumW16$88.75
Psychic Wand, LargeLW06$319.99
Purification Silver EarringsP01$29.99
Purple Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6PU$3.90
Pyrite Cube Polished .5 inch HIGH QUALITYRACPYR-CUBE$1.23
Pyrite Cube Polished .75 inchRACPYR-CUBE-.75$1.05
Pyrite Natural Rough Cluster, 1.25 to 1.75 inchRACPYR-2$2.70
Pyrite Nugget Natural 1 to 1.5 inchRACPYR-1$0.75
Pyrite Nugget Rough 1 to 1.25 inch High QualityRACPYR-.75$1.79
Pyrite Nugget Rough 1.5 to 1.75 inch High QualityRACPYR-1.5$3.69
Pyrite Polished MineralRACPYRTB$2.69
Pyrite Pyramid 1 inchGPYPYR30-RAC$5.75
Pyrite Sphere 1.5 inch HIGH GRADERACGSPHPYR-1.5-POL$17.99
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Diamantina 1 inchRACQTZDIAM-1$0.87
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Diamantina 1.5 - 2 inchRACQTZDIAM-2$1.01
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Diamantina 2 - 2.75 inchRACQTZDIAM-2.5$1.50
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Diamantina 2.75 - 3.75 inchRACQTZDIAM-2.75$3.59
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Diamantina SMALL .75 inchRACQTZDIAM-SM$0.51
Quartz Crystal Laser Points Tibet 1.5-2.5 inchRACQTZ-LASER-TIBET-1.5$2.43
Quartz Crystal Natural Chunk 1 to 2 inchRACQTZCL-RGH$0.47
Quartz Crystal Point .75 to 1.25 inch BrazilRACQTZPT-75$0.45
Quartz Crystal Point 1.5 to 2 inch BrazilRACQTZPT-12$1.01
Quartz Crystal Points EXTRA SM .5 to 1 inch 2 piecesRACQTZPT-XSM$0.30
Quartz Green Brazil Tumbled Stone LARGERACQTZGRN-LG$0.71
Quartz Green Brazil Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACQTZGRN-MED$0.45
Quartz Green Brazil Tumbled Stone SMALLRACQTZGRN-SM$0.30
Quartz Himalayan Tibet Crystals Double TerminatedRACQTZHIM-.5-DBT$0.63
Que Sera Tumbled Gemstone SmallRACQUESER-SMALL$0.77
R4TV: Four Thieves VinegarR4TV$5.95
RA181: Eastern Dragon Athame 9.5 inchRA181$40.95
RA648S: Round Tree of Life Altar Table 6 inchRA648S$33.95
RA753: Goddess AthameRA753$52.95
RAAC3: Celtic Moon Altar Cloth-ScarvesRAAC3$54.95
RAAC4: Triquetra Rune Mother Altar ClothRAAC4$54.95
RAC24: Triquetra Altar or Tarot ClothRAC24$12.95
RAC36: Triquetra Altar Tarot Cloth 36 X 36RAC36$10.95
RAC87: Greenman Altar Tarot ClothRAC87$14.95
RAC89: Ouija Board Altar ClothRAC89$14.95
RAC89TL: Tree of Life Ouija-Board altar cloth 24 x 30RAC89TL$17.95
RAC91: Pentagram Goddess altar cloth 18 x 18RAC91$6.95
Rainbow Flint Tumbled StoneRACFLINT$1.95
Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Polished Massage Wand 2.5 inchRACMOONRB-MAS-2.5$8.99
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Gemstone 2 inchRACMOONRB-CRYS-2$1.55
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Gemstone 2.5 inchRACMOONRB-CRYS-2.5$1.79
Rainbow Moonstone Natural Gemstone SMALLRACMOONRB-CRYS-MED$0.66
Rainbow Moonstone Round Polished Massage Wand 3.25 inchRACMOONRB-MAS-3.25$13.50
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone LGRACMOONRB-LG$2.28
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone LG High QualityRACMOONRB-LG-HQ$3.66
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone XLGRACMOONRB-XLG$2.58
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone XLG High QualityRACMOONRB-XLG-HQ$4.19
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone HIGH QUALITY LGRACOBRNB-A-LG$3.45
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone LGRACOBRNB-LG$1.59
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone MediumRACOBRNB-MED$1.07
RAK09: Pentagram AthameRAK09$34.95
RAK28: Moon Phase AthameRAK28$48.95
RAK31: Rune Pentagram AthameRAK31$42.95
RAP24: Pentagram Altar Tarot Cloth 18 x 18RAP24$6.95
RAP36: Large Pentacle Altar Tarot Cloth 36 x 36RAP36$9.95
RAP3: Pentagram Altar Tile 3 inchRAP3$12.95
RASC84A: Gold Bordered Pentagram Altar Cloth 36 x 36 inchRASC84A$14.95
RASC84B: Triquetra altar cloth 36 x 36 inchRASC84B$16.95
RASC93: Tree of Life altar cloth 18 x 18 inchRASC93$5.95
RASC96BLK: Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth 19x20 Black rayonRASC96BLK$7.95
RASC96PUR: Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth 18x18 Purple rayonRASC96PUR$7.95
RASC96RED: Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth 18x18 Red rayonRASC96RED$7.95
RAT1S: Pentagram Altar Table 6 x 6 inchRAT1S$44.95
RAT24: Triple Moon Pentagram Altar Tarot ClothRAT24$10.95
RAT633: Spirit Board Altar Table with Drawer 12 x 12 x 9RAT633$117.95
RAT646S: Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6 inchRAT646S$39.95
RATH6: Simple Wood Handled Athame 6 inchRATH6$11.95
RATH7: Simple Wood Handled Athame 7 inchRATH7$15.95
RATH9: Athame Simple Wood Handle, 9 inchRATH9$18.95
RATHB: Engraved Silver Boot Athame, 6 inchRATHB$18.95
RBAIR: Air bath salts 5 ozRBAIR$4.95
RBAT: Bats Head RootRBAT$7.95
RBCB3P: Pentagram Offering Bowl 3 inchRBCB3P$16.95
RBCB3TG: Triple Moon Offering Bowl 3 inchRBCB3TG$16.95
RBEAR: Earth Bath Salts 5 ozRBEAR$4.95
RBFIR: Fire Bath Salts 5 ozRBFIR$4.95
RBHEA: Healing Bath Salts 5 ozRBHEA$4.95
RBHYG: 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop bath oil 8 ozRBHYG$10.95
RBHYS: Hyssop Bath Oil, 4 fl ozRBHYS$11.95
RBLAS: Black Salt Packet 1ozRBLAS$2.95
RBLOV: Love Bath Salts 5 ozRBLOV$4.95
RBMS: Devotional Bowl Moss Agate 2 inch diaRBMS$29.95
RBO3: Green Onyx Devotional Bowl 3 inchRBO3$12.95
RBOL: Druidic Boline With Leather Sheath, 10 inchRBOL$39.95
RBOLM: Mini Boline 7 inchRBOLM$21.95
RBPRS: Prosperity Bath Salts 5 ozRBPRS$4.95
RBPRT: Protection Bath Salts 5 ozRBPRT$4.95
RBPUR: Purification Bath Salts 5 ozRBPUR$4.95
RBSPI: Spirit Bath Salts 5 ozRBSPI$4.95
RBWAT: Water Bath Salts 5 ozRBWAT$4.95
RC080: Dragon chalice 6.75 inchRC080$29.95
RC099: Maiden, Mother and Crone ChaliceRC099$40.95
RC101: Dragon ChaliceRC101$40.95
RCOB: Cobra Black Snake PelletsRCOB$4.95
RCOWS: Cowrie Shells 18 pcsRCOWS$5.95
RD406: Wolf dream catcher 13 inchRD406$24.95
Recovery Silver EarringsP13$29.99
Red Quartz Rough Natural Stone 1 to 2 inchRACQTZRED-NAT-5.39$3.23
Red Taper Candles 6 inch, 2 packC6R$3.90
RFHIG: High John Floor Sweep, 4ozRFHIG$4.95
RFLO7: Florida Water 7.5 ozRFLO7$15.95
RGRA: Graveyard Dirt 1ozRGRA$3.95
RHNATK: Henna Kit SmallRHNATK$4.95
Rhodochrosite Argentina LARGERACRHODS-ARG-LG$4.56
Rhodochrosite Argentina MEDIUMRACRHODS-ARG-MED$3.15
Rhodochrosite Argentina XLGRACRHODS-ARG-XLG$6.89
Rhodochrosite Chocolate Tumbled StoneRACRHODS-CHOC$4.79
Rhodochrosite Peru Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACRHODS-PER-MED$2.39
Rhodonite Crystal Point Pendant Sterling Silver .75 inchRACJPRHOD-.75$12.79
Rhodonite Crystal Point Pendant Sterling Silver 1.5 inchRACJPRHOD-1.5$15.99
Rhodonite Gemstone Egg 1.75 inch PeruRACRHOD-PERU-EGG$17.99
Rhodonite Gemstone Pyramid 1 inchRACRHOD-PYR-1$4.19
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Brazil SMALLRACRHOD-BRAZ-SM$0.30
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Brazil XLGRACRHOD-BRAZIL-XLG$3.81
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Madagascar LARGERACRHOD-MADA-LG$3.24
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Madagascar LARGE HQ GEMMYRACRHOD-MADA-GEM-LG$2.16
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Madagascar Round MEDIUMRACRHOD-MADA-RD-MED$1.29
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Madagascar XLGRACRHOD-MADA-XLG$3.59
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Peru SMALLRACRHOD-PERU-SM$1.41
RHOLW: Holy Water, 4 ozRHOLW$5.95
Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper Tumbled Stone MEDRACRHY-MED$0.87
RIBAT: Bats Blood Ink, 1 ozRIBAT$6.95
Rider-Waite deck and book by Pamela Colman SmithDRIDSET0TA$25.95
RIDOV: Doves Blood Ink 1 ozRIDOV$6.95
RIDRA: Dragons Blood Ink, 1 ozRIDRA$6.95
RIGRE: Money Green ink 1 ozRIGRE$6.95
RJOBT: Jobs TearsRJOBT$4.95
RKATTL: Attract Lover Ritual KitRKATTL$23.95
RKBAN: Banishing Ritual KitRKBAN$23.95
RKBEG: New Beginnings Ritual KitRKBEG$23.95
RKCEN: Centering Ritual KitRkcen$23.95
RKEMP: Empowerment Ritual KitRKEMP$23.95
RKENH: Enhance Your Love Life Ritual KitRKENH$23.95
RKFIN: Find Your Place Ritual KitRKFIN$23.95
RKFLO: Flow with Life Ritual KitRKFLO$23.95
RKGET: Get What You Want Ritual KitRKGET$23.95
RKHEA: Healing Ritual KitRKHEA$23.95
RKJOB: Get A Job Ritual KitRKJOB$23.95
RKMON: Money Drawing Ritual KitRKMON$23.95
RKPROT: Protection Ritual KitRKPROT$23.95
RKREL: Releasing Ritual KitRKREL$23.95
RKRET: Return To Sender Ritual KitRKRET$23.95
RKSOU: Attract Soulmate Ritual KitRKSOU$23.95
RKVIS: Vision Ritual KitRKVIS$23.95
RKWIN: Win In Court Ritual KitRKWIN$23.95
RLFOO: Lodestone Food 4ozRLFOO$5.95
RLGOL: Lodestone GoldRLGOL$4.95
RLGRE: Lodestone GreenRLGRE$4.95
RLNAT: Lodestone NaturalRLNAT$5.95
RLRED: Lodestones RedRLRED$4.95
RLUC: Lucky Hand RootRLUC$6.95
RLWHI: Lodestone WhiteRLWHI$4.95
RMAGS4: Gold Magnetic Sand, Lodestone Food 4ozRMAGS4$7.95
RMATT: Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix .5 ozRMATT$3.95
RMBAN: Banishing Spell Mix 1 ozRMBAN$3.95
RMEMP: Empowerment Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMEMP$3.95
RMHEA: Healing Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMHEA$3.95
RMPROT: Protection spell mix 1 ozRMPROT$3.95
RMPUR: Purification Spell MixRMPUR$3.95
RMQUI: Quick Money Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMQUI$3.95
RMREL: Releasing Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMREL$3.95
RMSIL4: Silver Magnetic Sand, Lodestone Food 4ozRMSIL4$5.95
RMWIS: Wishing Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMWIS$3.95
RO33BG: Black Organza Pouch, gold stars 2.75 x 3RO33BG-RAC$1.95
RO33GG: Green Organza Pouch-gold stars 2.75 x 3RO33GG-RAC$1.95
RO33RG: Red organza pouch with Gold Stars 2.75 x 3RO33RG-RAC$1.95
RO33WG: White organza pouch with Gold Stars 2.75 x 3RO33WG-RAC$1.95
Rose Quartz 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 2.25 inchRACQTZRS-MAS-2.25-14.99$8.99
Rose Quartz 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 3.5 inchRACQTZRS-MAS-3.5$13.50
Rose Quartz 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 4.75 inchRACQTZRS-MAS-4.75$17.99
Rose Quartz Chakra BraceletBR35$19.99
Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant Silver .75 inchRACJPRQPT-.75$12.79
Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant Silver 1.5 inchRACJPRQPT-1.5$15.99
Rose Quartz Massage Wand Faceted Crystal 5.25 inchRACQTZRS-MASS-5.25$17.99
Rose Quartz Palm Stone 3 inchRACWRQTZROS-3-16.85-PM$10.11
Rose Quartz Polished Pebble Stone 1.75 to 2.5 inchRACQTZROS-PEB$4.37
Rose Quartz Round Massage Wand 4.75 inch HIGH QUALITYRACQTZRS-MAS-RD-4.75$15.89
Rose Quartz Round Polished Massage Wand 3.25 inchRACQTZRS-MAS-RD-3.25$11.39
Rose Quartz Slab 8.25 inchRACQTZRS-SLAB-8.25$66.83
Rose Quartz Sphere 1.5 inchRACGSPHQTZRS-1.5$11.25
Rose Quartz Standing Free Form 3.75 inchRACQTZROS-3.75-29.85-FF$17.91
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone LGRACQTZROS-LG$0.84
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone MediumRACQTZROS-MED$0.66
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone Round High Quality LARGERACQTZROS-LG-HQ-RD$1.29
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone SMALLRACQTZROS-SM$0.47
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone XLGRACQTZROS-XLG$1.71
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone XXLGRACQTZROS-XXLG$3.27
Rose Quartz Worry StoneRACWRQTZRS$6.75
RPAR25: Parchment Paper 25 Pack 8.5 x 11RPAR25$9.95
RPAR5: Parchment 5 Pack 8.5 x 11RPAR5$2.95
RPEN6: Silver Pentacle 5.75 inchRPEN6$26.95
RPGOO: Goofers Dust 1ozRPGOO$4.95
RPVES: Vesta Ritual Powder 2 ozRPVES$4.95
RPYRW: Pyramid Water, 4ozRPYRW$4.95
RRAME: Amethyst Rune SetRRAME$30.95
RRANG: Angelite rune setRRANG$29.95
RRBLAT: Black Tourmaline Rune SetRRBLAT$31.95
RRBLO: Bloodstone Rune SetRRBLO$34.95
RRCIT: Citrine Rune SetRRCIT$34.95
RRJAS: Red Jasper rune setRRJAS$20.95
RRLAP: Lapis rune setRRLAP$35.95
RRMOO: Moonstone Rune SetRRMOO$36.95
RRPALS: Palo Santo rune setRRPALS$23.95
RRTE: Tiger Eye Rune SetRRTE$31.95
RRWRM: White Rainbow Moonstone rune setRRWRM$36.95
RS3BWC: Cedar, White and Blue Sage smudge stick 3 PackRS3BWC$11.95
RS4COM: Smudge Combo pack 4 inchRS4COM$10.95
RS5S: Sage Smudge Stick 5 inchRS5S$7.95
RS5SCE: Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick 5 inchRS5SCE$7.95
RS5SCO: Sage and Copal Smudge Stick 5 inchRS5SCO$7.95
RS5SL: Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick 5 inchRS5SL$7.95
RS5VAR: Smudge Stick Variety Pack 5 inchRS5VAR$16.95
RS6WS: White Sage smudge stick 6 PackRS6WS$21.95
RSBAR: Barred Wing Smudging FeatherRSBAR$4.95
RSBKS3: Black Sage smudge stick 4 inchRSBKS3$6.95
RSC7S: Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick 7 inchRSC7S$10.95
RSCR3: Scrying Bowl, black stone 3 inch dia.RSCR3$9.95
RSCR6: Scrying Bowl, black stone, 6 inch dia.RSCR6$17.95
RSD7S: Desert Sage Smudge Stick 7 inchRSD7S$10.95
RSFEA: Smudging FeatherRSFEA$29.95
RSFLH: Leather Wrapped smudging feather 10 inchRSFLH$7.95
RSL7S: Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick 7 inchRSL7S$10.95
RSM2BO: Black Obsidian scrying mirror 2 inchRSM2BO$20.95
RSM3BO: Black Obsidian scrying mirror 3 inchRSM3BO$41.95
RSM5BO: Black Obsidian scrying mirror 5 inchRSM5BO$87.95
RSM8BO: Black Obsidian scrying mirror 8 inchRSM8BO$115.95
RSMH6: Brass Scrying Mirror Holder 6 inchRSMH6$16.95
RSMSK: White Sage Kit smudgeRSMSK$9.95
RSO7S: Sage and Copal Smudge Stick 7 inchRSO7S$11.95
RSPALC1: Palo Santo chips smudge 1ozRSPALC1$6.95
RSPSW6: 6 pack Palo Santo smudge sticks, 3.5 to 4 inchRSPSW6$7.95
RSS7S: Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick 7 inchRSS7S$10.95
RSSWEE: Wee Sage Smudge StickRSSWEE$3.95
RST5B: Smudge Pot 4 inchRST5B$22.95
RSWEB: Sweetgrass Braid 18 inchRSWEB$15.95
Rubellite in Quartz Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACRUBEQTZ-MED$0.87
Ruby Fuchsite Flat Smooth StoneRACWRRUBFUS-FLAT$6.93
Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Stone LGRACRUBFUS-LG$3.15
Ruby in Feldspar Tumbled StoneRACRUBFEL$5.99
Ruby in Zoisite Flat Smooth Stone 2.75 inchRACRUBZO-FLAT$15.75
Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Massager Round 2.75 inchRACRUBZO-MAS-RD-14.99$8.99
Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Massager Round 2.75 inchRACRUBZO-MAS-RD-22.50$13.50
Ruby in Zoisite Standing Point 2.25 inchRACRUBZO-SP-2.25$13.50
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone LGRACRUBZO-LG$2.25
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACRUBZO-MED$2.09
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACRUBZO-MED$2.01
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone XLGRACRUBZO-XLG$4.19
Ruby Natural Raw Crystal VERY SMALLRACRUBY-RGH-SMALL$0.59
Ruby Natural Raw Crystal VERY VERY SMALL 4 piecesRACRUBY-RGH-VVSML$0.77
Ruby Tumbled Stone LARGE Hand PolishedRACRUBY-LG$7.79
Ruby Tumbled Stone MEDIUM Hand PolishedRACRUBY-MED$5.99
Ruby with Kyanite Polished StoneRACRUBKYAN$3.59
Rune Oracle cards by Cosimo MusioDRUNORA$19.95
Rutilated Quartz Natural Crystal .5 to .75 inchRACQTZRUT-CRY-SM$1.05
Rutilated Quartz Natural Crystal 1 to 2 inchRACQTZRUT-CRY-MED$2.99
Rutilated Quartz Natural Crystal 2 to 3.5 inchRACQTZRUT-CRY-3$8.39
Rutilated Quartz Standing Point 1 to 1.25 inchRACQTZRUT-SP-1-.75$10.79
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone SMALLRACQTZRUT-SM$0.33
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone XLGRACQTZRUT-XLG$3.21
RV23BG: Burgundy Velveteen Bag 2 x 3RV23BG-RAC$1.25
RV23BK: Black Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5 inchRV23BK-RAC$1.25
RV23BL: Blue Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5RV23BL-RAC$1.25
RV23GR: Green Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5 inchRV23GR-RAC$1.25
RV23R: Red Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5RV23R-RAC$1.25
RV34BG: Burgundy Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BG-RAC$1.50
RV34BK: Black Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BK-RAC$1.50
RV34BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BU-RAC$1.50
RV34GR: Green Velveteen Bag 3 x 4 inchRV34GR-RAC$1.50
RV34PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34PU-RAC$1.50
RV34R: Red Velveteen Bag, 3 x 4RV34R-RAC$1.50
RV46BK: Black Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46BK-RAC$1.75
RV46BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46BU-RAC$1.75
RV46GR: Green Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5RV46GR-RAC$1.75
RV46PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46PU-RAC$1.75
RV46R: Red Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46R-RAC$1.75
RV57BK: Black Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57BK-RAC$2.50
RV57BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57BU-RAC$2.50
RV57GR: Green Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57GR-RAC$2.50
RV57PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57PU-RAC$2.50
RV57R: Red Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57R-RAC$2.50
RVBGE: Goddess of Earth Velveteen Bag 5 inchRVBGE-RAC$5.25
RVBTOL: Tree of Life Velveteen Bag 5 inchRVBTOL-RAC$5.25
RVPBV4: Pentagram Velveteen Black Bag 5 inchRVPBV4-RAC$5.25
RWBAT: Bats Blood Writing KitRWBAT$6.95
RWCOP: Copper Healing WandRWCOP$29.95
RWDOV: Doves Blood Writing KitRWDOV$6.95
RWDRA: Dragons Blood Writing KitRWDRA$6.95
RWMC: Mini Chakra Healing Wand 3 inchRWMC$21.95
RWMCOP: Mini Copper 7 Chakra Healing WandRWMCOP$21.95
RWOR: Worry Dolls, 6 packRWOR$6.95
SA540: Anubis StatueSA540$60.95
SA712: Anubis Dog Statue 9 inchSA712$43.95
Sapphire Rough Natural Stone SMALLRACSAPP-CRYS$0.66
Sapphire Tumbled Stone B Grade LARGERACSAPP-LG-B$2.39
Sardonyx 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 2.75 inchRACSARD-MAS-2.75$13.50
Sardonyx Flat Smooth StoneRACWRSARD-FLAT$5.55
Sardonyx Green Tumbled Stone LARGERACSARDG-LG$0.87
Sardonyx Green Tumbled Stone SMALLRACSARDG-SM$0.45
Sardonyx Multi Colored Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACSARDMU-MED$0.87
Sardonyx Natural Stone 1.25 inchRACSARD-RGH$0.66
Sardonyx Tumbled Stone LARGERACSARD-LG$1.61
Sardonyx Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACSARD-MED$0.75
Sardonyx Tumbled Stone SMALLRACSARD-SM$0.59
Sardonyx Tumbled Stone XLGRACSARD-XLG$2.52
SB250: Bastet Statue 8 inchSB250$43.95
SB252: Bastet Statue 5.5 inchSB252$25.95
SB857: Bastet Feminine Divine Statue 11 inchSB857$59.95
SB860: Bastet Statue 9 inchSB860$52.95
SC321: Winged Cat Gargoyle 6.5 inchSC321$44.95
Scolecite Crystal Massager 3.5 inchRACSCOL-MASS-3.5$17.99
Scolecite Tumbled StoneRACSCOL$3.57
Secret Language of Animals Oracle CardsDSECLAN$25.95
Sei-He-Ki Gem Drop AmuletRG2$33.95
Selenite Natural Chunks 1 inchRACSELE-CHUNK$0.89
Selenite Natural Rough Baton 2 inchRACSELE-BATON-2$0.75
Selenite Oval, White 2.5 to 2.75 inchGOSELW-RAC$5.97
Selenite Peach Polished StoneRACSELRED$4.01
Selenite Rose - Desert RoseRACDESRS$0.59
Selenite Rose - Desert Rose 1.5 inch XLGRACDESRS-XLG$1.79
Selenite Tumbled Stone LARGERACSELE-LG$1.65
Selenite Tumbled Stone LG HIGH QUALITYRACSELE-HQ-LG$3.23
Selenite Tumbled Stone MediumRACSELE-MED$1.43
Selenite Tumbled Stone XLGRACSELE-XLG$1.80
Selenite White Gemstone Egg, 2.5 inchRACSELEW-EGG-2.75$8.99
Self Power Baby Wand PendantB42$56.25
Self Power Magic Wand, MediumW88$88.75
Self-Power AmuletAM42$43.25
Self-Power Gem Drop AmuletAG42$33.95
Self-Power Silver EarringsN42$29.99
Seraphinite Tumbled Stone LGRACSERAP-LG$7.19
Seraphinite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACSERAP-SM$2.16
Serenity Magic Wand, MediumW34$88.75
Serpentine Jade Palm Stone 2.5 inchRACJADS-PALM$4.19
Serpentine Jade Tumbled Stone LGRACJADS-LG-PERU$2.03
Serpentine Jade Tumbled Stone XLGRACJADS-XLG$1.05
SG545: Ram Horned GargoyleSG545$42.95
SG546: Gargoyle Guardian StatueSG546$41.95
SG700: Greenman plaque Copper PatinaSG700$74.95
SH541: Horus StatueSH541$77.95
SH722: Hecate Goddess Bronze Statue 11 inchSH722$93.95
Shamanic Medicine oracle cards by Meiklejohn-Free and PetersDSHAMED$25.95
Shattuckite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACSHATT-SM$5.61
Shiva Lingam Sphere 1.75 inchRACGSPHSHIV-1.75$13.50
Shiva Lingam Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACSHIV-MED$0.63
Shiva Lingham 1 inchRACSHIV1$1.19
Shungite Crystal Gemstone Sphere 1.25 inchRACGSPHSHUN-1.25$13.50
Shungite Crystal Pyramid 1 to 1.25 inchRACPYRASHUN-1.25$8.99
Shungite Crystal Pyramid 2 inchRACPYRASHUN-2$9.90
Shungite Gemstone Egg 2 inchRACSHUN2-EGG$13.50
Shungite Natural Stone SMALLRACSHUN-SM-RGH$0.33
Shungite Natural Stone Specimen 3.25-4 inchRACSHUN-RGH-SPEC$9.45
Shungite Rough Nobel Silver Natural Stone MEDIUMRACSHUN-NAT-MED$0.81
Shungite Rough Nobel Silver Natural Stone SMALLRACSHUN-NAT-SMALL$0.69
Shungite Round massage Wand 3.5 inchRACSHUN-MAS-3$17.99
Shungite Tumbled Stone LGRACSHUN-LG$1.91
Shungite Tumbled Stone MEDIUMRACSHUN-MED$1.47
Shungite Tumbled Stone SMALLRACSHUN-SM$1.07
Shungite Tumbled Stone XXLGRACSHUN-XXLG$4.31
SI107: Open Wings Isis Wall PlaqueSI107$71.95
SI542: Goddess Isis StatueSI542$58.95
SI578: Egyptian Isis StatueSI578$72.95
SI581: Egyptian Isis StatueSI581$83.95
Slab Mineral Stand Clear AcrylicRACGBACSTD-SLAB$1.41
Slab Mineral Stand Easel Acrylic LARGERACGBACSTD-SLAB-LG$1.41
Slab Mineral Stand Easel Acrylic SMALLRACGBACSTD-SLAB-SM$0.77
Smoky Quartz Flat Smooth StoneRACWRQTZSM-FLAT$3.42
Smoky Quartz Free Form Polished Stone LARGE BrazilRACQTZSM-BRAZIL-LG-FF$2.01
Smoky Quartz massager 6 sided facetedGM6SQ-RAC