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Divination Tools

Divination is a great way to increase your personal power and is a wonderful practice with a lot of spiritual benefits for the practicing Pagan, Wiccan and Witch. There are many tools to use for divination such as Tarot or Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulums and more.

Tarot Cards are used as tools to divine the future, understand ourselves, and explore spiritual mysteries for centuries, Tarot Decks are a magical tool used in a great many different traditions across the world. Coming in a wide variety of different styles and forms, they are often collectibles in their own right.

The Pendulum is the easiest form of Divination to learn and start using right away! Pendulums can also be used for dowsing, cleansing auras and rooms of negative energies, and for healing purposes. The pendulum can be made out of crystals, gemstones, metal or wood. Pendulums come in different sizes and shapes such as faceted, tear drop, ball shape and spiral.

Runes and scrying tools include runes that are engraved and made of gemstone or wood and scrying bowls. Divination is a way to foretell the future or discover knowledge by your interpretation.

Most people are intuitive to some degree or another. People who practice can be more aware of the unseen energies within and around them than others are. Womans intuition and those gut feelings that people get all are psychic abilities. Divination is the practice of using specific methods and tools to hear the guidance of the Divine. Divination can give you insight for a problem or information that you need, or suggestions on what action to take. You can gain advice on things you need to know for your life




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