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Rainbow Flint Tumbled Stone [RACFLINT]

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Polished Flint stone is a crystal for manifestation and is a stone of amazing power and intensity. Flint is know for its positive energies, peace for its powerful protective energy. Flint is known for grounding and manifestation stone. A great crystal for dieting since it enhances Will Power, Inner Power and Self-Discipline.

It is a great crystals for courage, self-esteem, analytical abilities, honesty and physical and stimulates intellectual strength. It gives one the ability to survive in difficult situations.

Use Flint as a remedy for clearing unwanted spirits and negative energy from any environment. Use it in rituals to exorcise earthbound spirits from places. As a talisman Flint can banish anything unwanted from ones life and accelerates the path of ones spiritual awakening. It is a sacred stone of Native American tribes, pathway for receiving thought transmissions, balances energies of mind, body and spirit, assists in viewing the unknown, increases mental stability, dispels negativity from haunted locations and protects from nightmares. People dealing with disapproving perceptions of reality will benefit greatly from this stones ability to bring ones focus back into the physical world. Flint is beneficial to those involved in channeling, card reading and mediumship. Flint contains the properties of Chalcedony and has been known as a stone producing protective energy, especially during spiritual journeys and astral travel. Use Flint for intuition and psychic abilities, to enhance the clarity of all information received.

Netaphysical healing lore says that Flint treats Lungs and Liver. It is an overall body generator and aids in recovery from illnesses.

Flint is associated with all chakras and balances all of them.

You will receive one stone, approx size 1 to 1.75 inch  

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