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Kyanite, Orange, 2 pieces VERY VERY SMALL [RACKYAOR-1]


Orange Kyanite crystal is a new find from Tanzania and has caused quite a sensation amongst the metaphysical community. Orange Kyanite comes as a tool to clear, activate and balance the Second Chakra. Clairsentience is the psychic sense of the Second Chakra also called the "gut instinct" Chakra. This Orange Kyanite is also about pleasure and sensation, to remind us about the simple pleasures and to renew our passion for life. The primary function of the second chakra is not just sexuality but rather it is creativity and that applies to many of aspects of our life.

Orange Kyanite is a very dynamic crystal that floods the body with a deep orange light. Orange Kyanite can help one to "nurture" oneself and others allowing one to feel comfortable with one's actions, positive in one's outlook and to feel joy and passion in everyday living. Orange Kyanite moves energy upwards, lifting the mind, body and spirit. clearing stagnation and energizing as it goes. It is a highly motivational crystal and like all Kyanites  it is a stone of connection and bridge building. Orange Kyanite helps you to connect to your creative energies, helping you to manifest that which you desire and to be positive in your actions.    

Orange Kyanite healing crystal can assist with anorexia, bulimia, addiction, sexual dysfunction, depression, reproductive organs and reproductive system, fertility. Kyanite is said to never need cleaning or clearing.

Orange Kyanite is an orange or orange golden brown in color with a blade like formation distinctive to Kyanite.

associated with the sacral chakra

approx size is .5  long and 1/8 to 1/4 inch in thickness. These are a small narrow shard and you will get 2 pieces. These are the perfect size for a medicine bag.

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Kyanite, Orange, 2 pieces VERY VERY SMALL

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