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Gemstone Heart Peach Aventurine 1.25 inch [RACGHTAVENP-1.25]


Peach Aventurine puffy heart shaped gem stone is beautifully polished and is a good luck stone that gives personal power, self worth and attracts success to the owner. It helps with decision making and can boost creativity. Peach Aventurine is said to benefit you in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. Metaphysical lore says that it enhances prosperity and brings career success. It has a gentle energy that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. Peach Aventurine is said to bring luck, especially in games of chance.  Aventurine brings friendship into your life. It is also a stone of protection energies. Peach Aventurine is beneficial for shyness. It is recommended for persons who worry too much. It helps quiet critical self-talk. Sometimes called the Whisper Stone, Peach Aventurine is sometimes used to help reach the quiet state necessary for meditation. Gem therapy often recommend peach aventurines to persons suffering from anxiety, worry, excessive shyness and Genital and Reproductive diseases. Physically it is beneficial for the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, urogenital system, blood, circulatory system, balancing blood pressure, sinus problems, nausea, headaches, general health, allergies, eczema, fever, and sleep disorders. .
Peach Aventurine is associated with the 2nd Chakra. Colors and sizes vary.

approx size 1.25 inch

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