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Black Star Diopside Tumbled Stone India LARGE [RACDIOPBL-LG]


Black Star Diopside is a very rare crystal is used for balancing, calming and mood lifting. Black Star Diopside is associated more with the root chakra than other colors of Diopside, and brings more energies of calming stress and anxiety. Diopside is also used for calming pets at times. Diopside is also used for protection. It is a very important stone in meditation, Shamanic journeying and trance work. Diopside is said to induce a meditative state while keeping one safe. In trance work, it can give the confidence to step back and allow spirit guides to enter.

Diopside can be found as a beautiful deep green or black, which when polished has a reflective star on the surface.

Black Star Diopside is a very creative stone and can bring creativity to the bearer. It stimulates intellect and can also help with analysis and logic as an assistant to learning. It is also said to be related to love, commitment, and the inner heart. Diopside allows one to experience love while retaining a sense of detachment. It is traditionally said to be helpful for healing trauma, partly by bringing cleansing tears. Sometimes it's even called the "crying stone" because of this. It can help get in touch with the feminine side, which can help heal aggression and stubbornness.

Black Diopside is a stone for improving ones physical well being through the energies of the planet. Because of it's tendency to focus consciousness downward into the ground it is excellent for dowsing, assisting a person with developing the intuitive feeling for what is hidden below the feet.

Black Star Diopside harmonizes well with Tektite, black tourmaline, obsidian, jet and other root chakra stones like red garnet and ruby. It is ideal for grounding when working with high vibration stones.

Physically Diopside has been used for the heart, lungs, circulation, weakness, kidneys, muscle aches and spasms, and psychological disorders. It can act as a pain reliever, help repair damage to tendons and ligaments and calm IBS. In this capacity it can be taken as a gem elixir.It aids the immune system, strengthens and opens the heart on both a physical and emotional level. Black Diopside can be used where serious illness or terminal conditions create weakness in the physical body and can aid one in having more physical energy during healing or spiritual energy for transition to the next realm.

Black Diopside is associated with the root - base chakra and the astrological sign is Virgo

You will receive one stone, approx size 1 to 1.25 inch

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Black Star Diopside Tumbled Stone India LARGE

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