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Dumortierite Tumbled Stone High Quality SMALL [RACDUMOR-A-SMALL]

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Dumortierite is also called Blue Quartz, is a stone that enhances organizational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness. This enhancement is believed to be due to the effect it can have of balancing the throat chakra and enhancing communication between lower chakras-physical energy and the higher chakras-mental spiritual energy. Blue quartz greatly reduces problems with scattered mind and disorganization, and brings mental clarity. Blue quartz brings a sense of order to all things, releases fear and brings courage to ones life. It is also a boost for creativity and expression. It also helps one to see and accept reality, and react to it intelligently in ones behalf. It can lift depression and replace it with peace and happiness. It also can help reduce stubbornness,  particularly stubbornness that is ultimately bad for a person. Blue quartz helps reduce emotional tension. Helps a person with patience. Stimulates verbalization of spiritual ideas. Aids in opening ones clairvoyant abilities, which we all have. In addition, it encourages one to see and accept reality, and react to it in an intelligent manner. It also helps one to see and accept reality, and react to it intelligently in ones behalf. In the psychic and spiritual realms, blue quartz brings spiritual development, and contact with spirit guides and angels. It can also help you express your spiritual thoughts and dreams. Blue quartz is excellent for peaceful mindfulness or meditation. Dumortierite harmonizes well with Lapis Lazuli and Blue Sapphire. Dumortierite is associated with the third eye and throat chakra, and it enhances communication between the lower and higher chakras.

You will receive one stone, approx size .5 to .75 inch

These stones are from Africa and are a High quality stone, beautifully polished and a deep blue color.

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