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Axinite Natural Stone .75 - 1.25 inch [RACAXIN-RGH]


Axinite natural rough crystal is useful in helping us to submit gracefully to changes in our lives. Axinite stone gives insight to a positive replacement. It focuses our thoughts on what needs to be replaced and what it should be replaced with. It is a grounding stone and aligns the energies of the physical with the energies of the earth.

Axinite natural gemstone are said to help shift negative energies within an individual to positive, making it wonderful for turning bad moods and slumps into creativity and ambitious energy. It is also sometimes used to ground energies, making it a great aid after ritual practice.

Axinite crystal inspires friendship and stabilizing relationships. Axinite polished stone provides direction to pursuits, guiding one to to the areas of the mechanics of a situation. It allows one to understand the solution to any problem. Axinite is excellent for finding solutions to problems that satisfy everyone involved.

Use Axinite in crystal layouts or healing grids. Carrying Axinite in your pocket, pouch or medicine bag will help to ground and align your energies.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Axinite can be used for treatment of disorders of the adrenal glands and muscular system. It is also used in the alignment of the vertebrae of the spine, to assist in maintaining the alignment, and to help in the process of mending breaks and fractures.

You will receive one stone, approximately .75 inch to 1.25 inch

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