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Flower Agate Flat Smooth Stone 2.5 to 2.75 inch [RACWRAGFLW-FLAT-2.5]


Flower Agate smooth flat polished Stone has many of the same physical and metaphysical properties as the standard variety of agates. However, the chalcedony inclusions add some additional possible benefits that make the stone unique. Flower Agate is a type of Agate with opaque Chalcedony inclusions that resemble tiny floral formations. This mineral was first found in 2018 out of Madagascar and has only been seen crystallized in the form of masses. It's usually found in a light pink color with white flower inclusions.

Metaphysical lore says flower agate is a stone of growth and manifestation. It’s said to radiate powerful energy that can have potentially life-changing effects. It has a positive energy that will help with accomplishing your goals and live life to the fullest. Emotionally, Flower Agate is said to provide a world of positive benefits. Flower Agate tackles past traumas so you can learn from them. It won’t make them disappear, but the crystal fills you with enough light and clarity to ensure that their effects don’t take a toll on your mental being any longer. It can give you the feeling of emotional and spiritual ability. The stone is said to provide a newfound zest for life! brings a sense of calm and relaxation to those who use the crystal for meditation. The stone is praised for its ability to create a wave of calm that washes away the stresses of life. Flower Agate is said to help those who have experienced significant traumas in their life. Flower Agate promotes emotional growth.  Whether negative energy takes hold through past failures or heartbreak and assists with moving forward and making the change that you so desperately seek.

Selenite and Quartz can increase Flower Agates effects during meditation.It balances energy and self-discovery. The stone is often considered to be the stone of the Sacred Feminine Trinity. It unifies the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.    

Flower Agate is associated strongly with the heart and root chakras. With the heart chakra, the crystal allows you to let go of deep pain that latches onto your heart. The burst of energy it provides resonates within the core and illuminates the blockages created by pain and resentment. The crystal can open up the floodgates in the heart chakra, allowing you to experience love. Not only does it make room for you to love others, but the energy flow gives you the power to love yourself. For the root chakra, Flower Agate has the ability to help you feel more grounded. This comes from the strong connection it creates between the heart chakra and root chakra.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Flower Agate can help reduce stress-induced acne, indigestion, and other stress-related issues. Some even say that it can regulate organ function and provide better overall health.

You will receive one stone, approx size 2.5 to 2.75 x 1.75 to 2.25 x .25 to .5 inch thick

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