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Jasper Curucu Tumbled Stone LG [RACJASCURU-LG]

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Curucu Jasper is a stone that encourages true happiness and peace from deep within. Curucu Jasper helps to remove the negative energies which no longer serve you, that you are ready to let go off. Then it will bring the comforting energy of contentment. A whole new begining of hope and connection to your life path. Curucu Jasper centralizes your thoughts and heightens your wisdom to understand your lifes purpose. It guides you to look at the root of each problem and be consciously aware of your action and thoughts to breakthrough to a new path. It enhances your clarity level to understand new perspectives and be open to them. Many people live life without consciously noticing the repeated pattern.  Some people spend years or decades, while others spend multiple lifetimes to breakthrough and learn their lifes purpose. Curucu Jasper holds a strong and aggressive energy. It is not suitable for the faint hearted. This jasper is prized for its capability to remove stubborn, massive and life changing blockages of your lifes purpose. These blockages and hurdles are the core lessons that repeat itself in a never ending loop until you are able to breakthrough it.

Curucu Jasper vibrates within the zodiac, amplifying and bringing out the individual traits and characteristics of each persons birth sign. It is a stone that embodies the acceptance of our supernatural truths and mysteries, encouraging us to look within ourselves for answers instead of trying to explain ourselves by societys standards. It is a stone with powerful energy that sparks an open mind and open spirit for receiving blessings and essential knowledge.

Curucu Jasper is earthen tone of brown, bronze, gold, tan, beige, and is sometimes spotted with these colors.

You will receive one stone, approx size 1 to 1.25 inch

Quantity on hand : 24

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