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  • Tourmalated Quartz Point Double Terminated Crystal 3 inch [RACQTZTRDT-3]


    Tourmalated Quartz or Tourmalined Quartz  is a clear quartz which has crystals of black tourmaline running through it. Tourmalated Quartz is a wonderful addition to your crystal healing and ritual practices. Use it to help direct energy, particularly those of healing or psychic properties. Whether you are using them on yourself or another, or otherwise placing them around your home, they are quite helpful in providing healing energies. As a tool of amplifying almost any energy or intention it is easily programmable.  It is also a cleansing and grounding crystal and keeps clear of negativity. The quartz amplifies the black tourmalines energies making it one of the most powerful stones for clearing out bad energies, repairing the auric field, balancing the chakras adn promotes general well being. It is a stone that assists with clear thinking and also with staying on a spiritual path. It is an ideal stone for keeping destructives energies away and psychic protection keep negative energies at bay. It is an excellent protective stone, and brings balance and inner strength. This gem stones deflects and grounds negativity, and reduces anxiety and depression. Metaphysical healing lore says the Tourmalated Quartz is excellent for healing rooms, purification of the bodies after substance abuse and for those trying to improve their diets.Tourmalated Quartz harmonizes well with Charoite, Citrine, Jet, Moldavite, Black Obsidian and Sugilite. Tourmalated Quartz is associated with all chakras.

    This Tourmalated Quartz with its faceted length and double points, is well suited to direct energy and otherwise offer its healing qualities to those who seek it. Useful within your crystal healing practice in all manner of ways, this double terminated tourmalated quartz point is both treasured for its beauty and the energy it offers.

    Measuring approximately 8 inch in length x 5/8 inch thick tapering to .5 inch


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    Tourmalated Quartz Point Double Terminated Crystal 3 inch

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 August, 2015.


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