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Prairie Tanzanite XLG [RACTANZPR-XLG]


Prairie Tanzanite is a rare form of pink-purple Tanzanite found in Wyoming. Prairie Tanzanite stone brings joy. It releases our fears until they replaced by a deep sense of contentment. Prairie Tanzanite shows that we are beautiful and worthy. It is a truth crystal and helps us open our eyes and see the truth. It encourages us to be both logical and loving in our judgement, and reduces the urge to judge quickly and harshly. Prairie Tanzanite helps us to see our imperfections that make us unique. When we are trying hard to improve ourselves, Prairie Tanzanite helps us be compassionate to ourselves in the moment and to recognize how good we already are. Prairie Tanzanite helps us become aware of our emotional issues, helping to dispel any negativity held within ones emotional body. This in turn helping with emotional balance and stability. The combination of energies allows one to have greater understanding and insight into ones heart felt desires and helps one to integrate them into everyday living. Prairie Tanzanite can help us be compassionate, wise and grounded. It helps us feel peaceful, connected and balanced. Let Prairie Tanzanite inspire greater self-awareness!

Prairie Tanzanite is associated with the Third Eye and Heart Chakra

Prairie Tanzanite is a purple variety of Zoisite.

You will receive one stone, approx size 1.25 to 1.5 inch. From Wyoming, USA

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