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Agate Turritella Tumbled Stone [RACAGTURR]

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Turritella Agate healing crystal overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, healing anger and fostering love and the courage to start again, making it useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension, and allows one to open to accept love.

Turritella Agate tumbled stone is beneficial for emotional trauma, self-confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, stabilizing the aura, negative energy transformation and emotional disease. The Turritella Agate polished stone can be used to help subdue a persons superiority complex. It helps to bring them back to earth. It is a stone many use for healing Mother Earth, as it opens the channels between the plant world and the mineral world. It can be used to hlep one through transitions and helps to rid one of unpleasant thoughts during these transitions.  It also helps with calming and helps to reduce fatigue.This stone has to do with combining the old with the new. It helps you to adjust to changes in life that has to do with combining the old aspects of life with the new ones. Like families that have step children or step parents in them, helps them run more smoothly. It can also help to neutralize survival base fears and allow you to know what is at the root of them.

All Agates crystals are known as stones of lower intensity and slower vibrational frequencies than some others, but this is not considered a defect. Rather they are regarded as stabilizing and strengthening influences which can help one to build a lasting connection or resonance with whatever energy pattern a particular variety represents; a soothing and calming stone, Agate works slowly but brings great strength. All agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance, harmonizing the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. Agate helps acceptance of ones self, building self-confidence, and encourages speaking the truth easier. It aids self-analysis and perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any disease that is interfering with your well-being.

Agate raises consciousness and awareness of the oneness of life. It encourages quiet thinking of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability. It enhances mental function as it improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions. Turritella Agate healing crystals properties are digestive process, gastritis, eyes, stomach, uterus, lymphatic system, pancreas, blood vessels and skin disorders. As an elixir it Stimulates the digestive process and relieves gastritis

Turritella Agate has inclusions of sea creatures, snails that are fossilized into stone. Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded chalcedony.

Turritella Agate encourages the survival instinct and is good for the 1st or root chakra. It is associated with the Earth element

associated with the 1st and root Chakra

You will receive one stone, approx size .75 to 1.5 inch

Most of these are 1 inch or larger, if you would like a smaller piece please say that in the comments section when checking out.

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Agate Turritella Tumbled Stone

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