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Labradorite Golden Tumbled Stone 4 Pieces VERY SMALL [RACLABG-VS]

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Golden Labradorite is one of the best stones for working with the third chakra. It represents the solar qualities of Labradorites inner strength, vitality, courage, clear thinking, endurance, mental activity, spiritual focus and purposefulness. It teaches one about the right use of power and will and can assist in clearing issues of use of power, particularly those related to alternate or past lifetimes. It is useful for detaching from undue influence or manipulation by others, and especially for treating codependency or an enabler who is unable to let the person learn their own lessons in life or who unconsciously wants to prolong dependency. It increases clarity of mind and stimulates ones ability to learn and adapt to new situations or surroundings, calming the emotions and helping one see the Divine pattern in ones daily struggles. In dream work, it can assist one in consciously awakening in the higher planes and in bringing back important information. It takes one not only into communion with the energies of our own sun, but through a thread of Light it also connects with the Great Central Sun, the home and origin of consciousness in the Universe. This is this stones greatest gift. The Great Central Sun is the spiritual center of the Universe, existing in the etheric realm. It is constantly surrounded by multitudes of orbiting angels, and it is from this domain that the music of the spheres emanates. In meditation, one can follow the golden thread of Golden Labradorites energy into this realm, and if the journey is completed, one will never forget it. It will permanently infuse ones consciousness with awe, reverence, and gratitude, and a sense of the magnificent perfection of All-That-Is. Its energies are male in tone, and solar, as has been said. It can be used to activate the male aspects of the self, in both men and women. It is supportive of the traits of assertiveness, self-confidence, creativity, self-expression in language, physical activity and extroversion. These are among the primary energies needed to promote individual effectiveness in ones daily activities and a continuing enjoyment of all life brings. For those who feel tentative, unfocused, passive or weak, Golden Labradorite can be a helpful ally. Combines well with Moldavite. Mexico

You will receive 4 stones, approx size .25 to .5 inch

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Labradorite Golden Tumbled Stone 4 Pieces VERY SMALL

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