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Brimstone Tumbled Stone [RACBRIM]

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Brimstone polished stone is a combination of quartz and sulfur. Sulfur is said to be a stone of energy and vitality which can help remove negative thoughts, energy, emotions and feelings. It is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people. It can bring an abundance of energy, flashes of inspiration and can help melt away barriers that are blocking our progress.  It has been used by South American and Mexican Indians in their healing ceremonies.  They believe it brings together the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  North American Indians also use it in ceremonies, as an offering to the four cardinal directions, to help eliminate darkness and corruption and to help cleanse the Earth. Sulfur is also used for protection, Willpower and healing energy. Sulfur can be used for rejuvenation, especially if one does a great deal of mental thinking work and little physical exercise, thus bringing mental clarity, focus, analysis, understanding, willpower, discipline and confidence.

Metaphysical Healing lore says that sulfur is very healing for wounds, cleansing and healing skin, sinus, pancreas, liver, syphilis, appendix, indigestion, insomnia, depression; Strengthens endocrine glands. Found in garlic, mustard, chives, onions, horseradish, etc. Repels garden bugs. Used in Egypt and modern hot springs and baths for arthritis, pain, rheumatism, swelling, lymph, cysts, hemorrhoids. It is considered to be related primarily to the solar plexus chakra.

Having Sulfur close to Silver, for example, in the same room, will discolor the silver.

Sulfur is a stone that should be handled with care.  Please wash your hands after handling it. Be very careful with Sulfur, it is toxic, handle very carefully. Do not make conventional gem elixirs, gem waters or oils with sulfur.

Clear Quartz crystal stone is the most versatile and multi dimensional stone. Quartz can be programmed by ones intention to assist in achieving virtually any goal in life. It can be used to amplify the energies of other stones and enhance the energies of groups of stones. This makes quartz the ideal base for energy tools. it can be used for any metaphysical purpose such as healing, consciousness expansion, chakra work, communicating with guides, past life recall, inter dimensional travel, balancing of polarities, enhancing meditation, dreaming, attracting or sending love, general prosperity and anything else you can imagine. Quartz comes in varying degrees of clarity from water clear to densely clouded. It is a healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs stores, transmits, charges, intensifies, releases and regulates energy. Quartz raises energy to the highest spiritual level. This crystal is a protective and balancing stone. It is used for healing, channels all the chakra colors, psychic development, meditation. Clear quartz is the most vital element of any crystal collection. It contains within it the full spectrum of colors, and can thus be used for a variety of purposes: psychic and emotional healing, programming for any of your goals, to balance the chakras, or as a general meditational aid. Clear quartz crystals helps with wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love. This stone amplifies magick, wishes and positive visualizations. Quartz also encourages emotional clarity and purity. Clear Quartz is associated with all chakras.

approx size 2.5 to 3 inch x 2 to 2.25 inch, from Brazil

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