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Sugilite, Hematite, Bustamite Tumbled Stone LARGE [RACSUHEBU-LG]

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The combination of Sugilite, Hematite, Bustamite gemstones is an amazing stone to relieve stress, protection, bring happiness and pure joy.

Hematite tumbled stone decreases negativity and can help balance the body, mind and spirit. Use hematite for divination. Hematite crystal brings you peace from stress, is very calming and a great protection stone. It is also used for restful sleep, physical strength and healing. Hematite is a protective stone and can help in legal situations. It also gives you energy, revitalizes and enhances personal magnetism. Hematite is good at grounding out excess energy, Use hematite to ground yourself when feeling scattered and need increased energy levels and physical strength. Place hematite on your heart to strengthen it and to create joy in your life. Hematite helps with original and logical thinking. Physically it has been used to keep the body cool, to decrease blood disorders, nervous problems and insomnia, as well as align the spine and mend broken bones. Hematite harmonizes well with black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, jet, herkimer diamond, moldavite and ruby. Hematite is associated with the root chakra and the magnetic hematite is associated with all chakras.

Sugilite gemstone is known as the healers stone because of its ability to enhance healing, lessens effects of shock and disappointment and also well known for enhancing crystal healing ability. Sugilite strengthens spirituality, psychic ability and channeling. Sugilite is a stone that helps spiritual love and open the heart chakra to unconditional love. It can help manifest ones natural gifts and protect against harsh realities. It lowers anger, hostility, jealousy, prejudice and gives a sense of freedom. Psychically, it is excellent for all kinds of psychic and spiritual protection. It has exceptional protective aspects from negative influences in ones environment and others. It is a powerful stone spirituality and benefits those on a spiritual path because of its purification energies. Sugilite can increase your imagery experience with meditation and dreams. Metaphysical healing lore says Sugilite is useful for countering nightmares and insomnia. Sugilite has a strong influence for healing. It brings peace of mind and can assist in calming the nerves and releasing worries. It ha been used for headaches and to decrease all types of discomfort. Sugilite harmonizes well with moldavite, scolecite, hematite and amethyst. Sugilite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras.

ABOUT SUGILITE and its COLORING: Sugilite typically has lavender or purple color and can range from dark purple to pale lavender with hints of gray. This is the color most expect to find when looking for Sugilite. Bustamite is sometimes associated with sugilite and can be gray to black in color. This stone can also have blotches of red, brown or yellow. While shades of purple are most common, some specimens of sugilite are entirely pink, yellow, brown or black. Matrixing and opaque blotches are common. Pure Sugilite, a complex silicate gets its purple color from manganese. Sugilite is made from several elements; however it mainly comes from potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese and aluminum silicate.

Bustamite is usually a pink color, but the colors can also vary from light pink, pinkish red, deep rose pink, to dark brownish red. Many Bustamite stones will also contain black manganese in them.

Bustamite promotes creative energy, good dreams, artistic imagination, pure joy and the real meaning of happiness. It is a stress reducer, soothing all kinds of stress-related conditions. This crystal can help you feel safe and loved whether you are in a romantic relationship or not.
You can also use this stone for your meditation when you want to connect or communicate with your spirit guides and guardian angels. Because it’s a great meditation aid, it can give you a safe and sacred place where you can easily connect to the beauty and perfection of this universe. Bustamite is an excellent stone to use in energy work as well.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Bustamite is believed to stimulate physical vitality and sexual energy! Bustamite is known to be very useful in the treatment of circulatory disorders. It’s an excellent stone that can also ease your headaches. The healing energies of Bustamite can help balance your endocrine system and in treating sexual dysfunction. Bustamite is also said to heal breathing problems and conditions that affect the hair, nails, and skin.

Bustamite maronizes well with Rutilated Quartz, Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Heliodor, Carnelian and Yellow Labradorite. Bustamite is associated with the root chakra stone that will also work to open and balance your sacral chakra

You will receive one stone, approx size 1.5 x 1 x .5 inch, This stone is mostly black, if you look closely you will see some dark brownish red in it. It has a matt sheen to it and not highly polished.

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