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HMULC: Mullein Leaf Cut 2oz [HMULC]


Mullein folklore held that witches used lamps called Witch's torch, used to illuminate spells and rites. Among some folk, this gave rise to the name of Hag`s taper. Mullein was also used at funeral rites, with stalks being dipped in suet and burned at funerals. In both Europe and Asia it was said that mullein could drive away evil spirits, and in India it was considered a safeguard against magic as well. There is even mention of mullein performing this task in ancient times, with the Iliad giving mention of Ulysses using mullein to ward off the sorcery of Circe. Mullein is used for protection and courage. Keeps away demons and nightmares while sleeping, also protects against wild animals. Useful in protection and exorcism spells. Invokes spirits, use on scrying tools to aid divination. 2 oz

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