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Prasiolite Green Amethyst Double Term Natural Crystal [RACPRAS-CRYS]


Prasiolite is also known as Green Amethyst. These are a Double Term Natural Crystal. Great clarity and color.
The spiritual qualities of Prasiolite stone are quite similar to Amethyst, from which it comes. This means that it is a stone of great use in spiritual matters, closely related to the mind and aiding in spells, rituals, and other methods of healing. Due to its green coloring, Prasiolite is sometimes heavily associated with nature, resulting in it being viewed as a stone that can help bridge the gap between the spiritual and the physical, or otherwise aid in finding inner peace and enlightenment. Prasiolite is used for self-transformation, awakening the spirit, inspiring and general uplifting.

Prasiolite is a stone of courage and can foster self-reliance in all situations. Prasiolite is a prosperity stone, said to attract abundance. It can help strengthen and express emotions as well as the mind and will. It is used in crystal healing for cleansing the body of toxins of all kinds, tumors, stomach acid, ulcers, assimilation of nutrients, and healing the whole body from a spiritual level.

Somewhat rare and beautiful to behold, Prasiolite is the product of amethyst that has been subjected to extreme heat. Most of the time, this amethyst turns an undesired color. Sometimes however, green Prasiolite is the result, resulting in the stone also being referred to as Green Amethyst. These stones are often prized by jewelers, with the vibrant color making a wonderful accent to most metals.

You will receive one stone, approx size 1.5 x .5 inch

Double terminated crystals are good for projecting energy and receiving energy depending on your intention


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