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Rubellite in Quartz Tumbled Stone MEDIUM [RACRUBEQTZ-MED]

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Rubellite is also known as Red or Pink Tourmaline. Rubellite is believed to enhance flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion, serenity, balance, positive transformation, healing, strength, tolerance, and understanding. Rubellite is an excellent channeling stone for communication with higher forces. According to legend, all colors of tourmaline protect the wearer against many dangers and misfortune. Rubellite increases success. Rubellite is great for Self-love, compassion, promotes feeling of joy and enthusiasm as we release our old hurts. Rubellite helps us to trust in the power of love. Rubellite brings thought awareness and experience of Universal Love. Rubellite provides support to those working with it, creating balance in emotional and intellectual states and strength in adverse conditions. Rubellite also works to bring strength, courage, and conviction to ones endeavors that are based on Love. It helps one to gain the  courage to overcome issues that hold the heart hostage, such as abusive relationships and negative work situations, and to recognize how why these issues come to be in ones life. Bringing the power to break free of such conditions, Rubellite can then provide emotional support for the transitionary period when one is learning to live free of these destructive patterns that no longer serve. Metaphysical healing lore says Rubellite soothes the nervous system, depression and obsessiveness, heart ailments, relieves fatigue and anemia. Rubellite harmonizes well with other types of tourmaline, seraphinite, rose quartz, morganite, kunzite, rhodonite, rhodocrosite, danburite and petalite. Rubellite is associated with the Heart and Root chakras.

Clear Quartz crystal is a stone of Power and can help amplify any intention or energy. The single crystal point is often used in healing. It pulls energy off when the point is directed away from the body, and channels energy inward when pointed toward the body. Quartz Points are wonderful crystals to use with your Reiki, table work and Energy Grids. These natural quartz crystal points are as nature formed them. No two are the same. Crystal Points make excellent meditation tools and clear bad vibrations.

You will receive one stone, approx size .75 to 1 inch

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