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Corundum Tumbled Stone LARGE [RACCORUN-LG]


Corundum stone is said to promote insight into the unknown, promoting wisdom and wise choices. It is also believed to subdue emotional trauma by relieving tension, releasing anger in a positive manner and reducing the presence of negative thoughts. It is also believed to enhance intuition. Some practitioners use corundum by color, by assigning different colors of this stone to the appropriately colored chakras, and highlighting those characteristics. In addition, while it is not a birthstone in itself as ruby and sapphire are, corundum has been affiliated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Corundum is kind of the off-brand version of the gemstones ruby - the red corundum and sapphire - the other colors. Corundum is very hard stone.
The only gemstones higher on the Mohs hardness scale than corundum are moissanite and diamond. Corundum has been historically known by many names: ruby, sapphire, hyacinthos, asteria, adamant, etc. Deposits of corundum occur in Myanmar, Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and India. Other sources are Afghanistan, Vietnam, Greenland and multiple sources in the United States, including the states of Montana, Colorado, California and North Carolina. Industrial quality emery was once mined in Ontario, Canada, and New York and Massachusetts in the USA.

Colors of Corundum has all colors possible in ruby and sapphire, including colorless and black.

You will receive one stone, approx size 1 to 1.25 inch

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