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Orthoceras Gemstone Egg 2.5 inch [RACORTH-EGG-2.5]


This Orthoceras polished egg shaped gemstone is a grounding and balancing fossil. It reduces stress, anxiety, helps with depression and lifts moods. Orthoceras brings luck, prosperity and business success. Orthocerus fossil holds potent Earth energy, and is able to clear negative energies.

Use as a talisman for protection and long life. Orthoceras fossils are excellent healing stones to help you move from the old to the new and be open to change. It helps you in your search for transition, transformation and personal growth. Since it is a fossil use Orthocerus to access and heal past life issues and overcome fears related to them. Orthocerus is a spiritual stone and can enhance your spiritual energies. Use Orthocerus on your altar or in meditation, these eggs draw growth, healing, and telepathic awakening.

Orthocerus is a fossilized mollusk of black and gray color that lived around 400 million years ago. It is sometimes called Orthoceratites and sometimes misspelled as Orthocera, Orthocerus or Orthoceros.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Orthocerus reduces toxins, helps with stomach and digestive disorders, dyspepsia and rheumatism. It also relieves tiredness and exhaustion, energizes and increases your energy. It may stimulate the thymus and be used in the treatment of atrophy and disorders of the skeletal system, hands and feet. Orthocerus assists DNA realignment, aids abdominal upset, skin disorders, anxiety, headaches and stress. It also assists organ and nerve function.

Orthoceras activates and heals your Root Chakra

approx size 2.5 to 2.75 x 1.75 inch

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