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  • Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper Large [RACJASOC-LG]


    Ocean Jasper also know as Orbicular Jasper is very soothing and helps to love ones self as well as others. It heals the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. The circulars patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Jasper is the stone of selflessness; it is the mother of all stones bringing about Love of all mankind. Ocean Jasper helps with ones emotional life which relates to the solar plexus, said to be a storehouse for emotions. Holding the stone is like holding on to an anchor, a safe haven, while allowing deeply buried feelings to well up like a rising sea. It is said that the Jasper helps these feelings to be released in a way that allows one to process them calmly, without drowning in them. For those who don't need such emotional work, ocean jasper is said to offer a soothing, grounding effect helpful in dealing with change. Ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins,lessen body odor. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra. Ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs - eyes; enhance this in regard to protection from the evil eye.Ocean Japser harmonizes well with all types of jasper, with the quartz family, amethyst, sugilite, charoite and lepidolite. Associated with the solar plexus, heart and throat chakra.

    You will receive one stone, approx size 1 to 1.5 inch

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    Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper Large

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.


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