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Danburite Pink Crystal Specimen, 2.25 inch [RACDANB2.14-SPEC]

This Pink Danburite gemstone has some clarity to it and the striations that Danburite is known for. It has a light pink tint to it. Danburite crystal is a powerful intellectual activator. Danburite crystals aid with communication and relationships with others. Danburite encourages you to let your yourself shine. Danburite combines well with other stones, especially angel stones such as Moldavite and Angelite. Danburite adds to the energy of the Angel Stones, enhancing their abilities. It allows others to see you and your capabilities in a true light and helps you get along with others. Danburite works extremely well on the Heart Chakra and helps you love yourself. In gem form, it sparkles and flashes very much like a white Diamond and sometimes was used in place of a Diamond in the 19th Century. Danburite healing crystals helps remove toxins from the body. These have a quartz-like clarity with very soft, calming, and angelic energy. Clear to a slight pink cast color. Danburite is associiated with the crown chakra and activates the heart chakra. Astrological Sign: Leo

approx size 2.25 x 1.25 x .75 inch. weighs 42.5 grams
It has some calrity, light pink in color and natural striations that danburite is known for.

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