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Selenite Cleansing Stand Round 4 inch [RACSELESTD-4]

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Cleanse your crystals on this selenite cleansing stand or use it as the base for a crystal grid. Crystals absorb energy, they amplify and transmit it, however they also have memory and the ability to be programmed. This can come in very handy for meditation and other healing practices. However, because crystal can absorb and amplify whatever energies are around the crystal, it can collect an enormous amount of negative energy. This makes it very important for the owner to occasionally cleanse the crystal's energy. It is recommended to cleanse your crystals when you first purchase them. Then every so often cleanse them depending on how often you use them. There are several ways in which you can cleanse the energy of your crystals. I prefer to use water or selenite to remove any negative energies from my crystals. Selenite carries cleansing properties that will clear your crystals. Simply lay your crystals on this platform, next to it touching the selenite.

Selenite Cleansing Stand is approximately 4 inch round and .58 inch thick

Stones on the cleansing stand are not included and shown just as an example of what you can use the disc for

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