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  • Ibis Jasper Standing Free Form Stone 4 inch [RACJASIBIS-STFF-4]


    Ibis Jasper standing free form crystal is a gemstone which is a beautiful new jasper from Madagascar that is a very helpful with overwhelming situations, stress or emotional impact. It assists with taking one from drama and pain filled challenges and events that happen to us through life and moves us to a better position to being able to understand the pain, event, or negative impact on us.  It helps us to understand, fill, and heal those shattered, fractured places that can and should be used as an opportunity to grow and evolve into ever higher functioning. Ibis Jasper stone brings us joy and acceptance.

    Ibis Jasper helps with developing intuition, and communicating spiritual messages. It helps us peel away, heal, forgive, and let go of what isn’t so. Working with Ibis Jasper you will be rewarded with wholeness, wisdom, faith, and a deeper connection to the creation and the Divine. It is an ally in our journey into greater wholeness.

    Because of the geological process that creates brecciated jasper, Ibis Jasper is associated metaphysically with recovery after trauma and support during stress,  spiritual evolution, by helping us integrate energetic shifts, upgrades, and attunements, and releasing blockages to support breakthroughs.  It may also be used break up dense energies to support the free flowing of energy in the subtle body. Ibis Jasper crystal assists with accessing esoteric information, from the akashic records to ancient sources of knowledge. Ibis Jasper helps with developing intuition, and communicating spiritual messages.

    Ibis Jasper is a trade name for a new Madagascan brecciated jasper.  Breccia refers to stones broken apart and naturally cemented back together by another mineral.  They are usually created by weathering or the movement of water. Ibis Jasper is fragmented jasper repaired with crystal, chalcedony, or agate, all varieties of quartz.Although it has a similar color palette to Polychrome Jasper, found in northwestern Madagascar, Ibis Jasper is believed to come from southern Madagascar instead.  It also has a shattered appearance that looks like it's bound together. It kinda looks like petrified wood, polychrome jasper, and Ocean Jasper had a beige baby.  It is a jasper that has gone through the brecciation process with a translucent chalcedony filling in the places where the opaque earth tone jasper fractured.

    Use Ibis Jasper with each chakra point, one-at-a-time, and breathe the energy into each of your chakras and allow your mind to just observe and experience what flows into your awareness.

    Metaphysical healing lore says that Ibis Jasper can help increase physical endurance and ward off dehydration. It is also a good stone for grounding oneself. Ibis Jasper is associated with the root chakra.

    approx size 4 Tall x 3.25 Wide x 1 inch Thick. This specimen has some druzy in it too!

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