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Shattuckite Tumbled Stone SMALL [RACSHATT-SM]


Shattuckite is a stone of wisdom and communication from spirit. It can be used to hear messages from inner guides and spirits that have passed. Shattuckite is all about spiritual communication. It is an excellent stone for developing psychic abilities, intuitive abilities, especially for tarot, runes and divination. Shattuckite can enhance communication skills and is especially good for public speakers and those where communication is their primary work skill.  It is said that it is helpful for channeling because it is helpful in communicating what is seen and brings understanding of the message received.  It is a stone for healing relationships where harmful words and actions were hurtful. Shattuckite is a soothing and calming stone, promoting inner strength and courage to deal with the stress in life.  Metaphysical healing lore says Shattuckite is a general health stone and helps to balance the spleen, blood to coagulate, throat and lungs, diabetes, calcium absorption and assists with all minor health complaints. Shattuckite harmonizes well with turquoise, chrysocolla, larimar, ajoite and lapis lazuli. Shattuckite works to align all of the energy bodies and Chakras, both on the body and above and below it.  Shattuckite is associated with the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

This is an excellent quality Shattuckite, nice deep blue color, tumble polished to a nice finish.

Shattuckite does contain copper, so please caution against immersing it directly into any liquid to be used for drinking or tonics.

You will receive one stone, approx size .5 to .75 inch. From Namibia

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