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Scheelite Blue Tumbled Stone SMALL [RACSHEE-SM]


Scheelite polished Stone is a new 2018 find. Scheelite is used to keep negative energy away from us. Scheelite also helps you to understand and get rid of any negative behaviors you may have, helping you to see the bigger picture  It is a crystal that aids both mentally and spiritually. It provides clarity of thought allowing one to be more creative and organized. Scheelite gives off a warm energy to the body especially the heart while opening it up to learning how to forgive and accept forgiveness. It is also a good crystal for emotional balance to keep our emotions in check during times of change and confrontation. Scheelite instills mental balance, energy of well being and mental clarity. Scheelite can be used in astral travel and shamanic journeying. It is also a strong meditation stone helping you to gain the peace within to achieve these states of heightened awareness. It encourages spiritual and psychic openness. Metaphysical healing lore says that Scheelite is good for Back Problems and Pain, Blood Disorders, Circulatory Problems and Reproductive Organs. It brings energy to the body when you start to feel fatigued and run down. Scheelite is associated with the Root, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It can be used to align all the chakras and helps in balancing your higher self with your inner self while bringing a sense of balance between both worlds.

You will receive one stone, approx size .5 to .75 inch

Quantity on hand : 138

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 September, 2021.


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