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RAK53: Triquetra Pentagram Athame [RAK53]


Displaying a pentagram with the three points of a Celtic triquetra at its center, this Athame is a powerful symbol of the three faces of the Goddess and the four elements ruled by the Divine. This fantastic athame presents a wonderful design, perfect for your ritual crafts. The athame measures 9 inches long with the blade measuring approximately 5 inch long, and its double-edged expanse is unadorned but for the  pewter pentagram and triquetra that has been welded into its surface, just above the hilt. This ornament is exquisitely detailed, with the five pointed pentagram within a detailed circle, and the tangled knots of the triquetra set at the center of that. Beneath this, the hilt consists of a black rubberized handle, textured so as to help keep it from slipping, and a silver-toned pommel and guard that are sculpted to comfortably fit your hand. This athame comes with a black leather sheath which snaps around the handle to hold it securely in place and can be slipped on to a belt. NOT FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS or CALIFORNIA.


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