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Calcite Orange 6 Facet Polished Massage Wand 3.25 inch [RACCALOR-MAS-3.25]


Carved of beautiful Orange Calcite, this massager is intended to help you massage away aches and worries. Polished faceted Orange Calcite massage wands are are used for healing, meditations, crystal grids and energy work.They are used for both massage and crystal healing, this Infinite point massager is rounded on one end for massage and pointed on the other to help you in directing energy, particularly within your crystal healing. Massage wands allow you to grasp it and use it in massaging sore muscles as well as directing energy within the aura. It is traditionally used for clearing blockages in energy, channeling energy, and otherwise promoting healing.

Orange Calcite crystal has been said to increase prosperity. It can also be helpful in astral travel and in channeling, gently boosts psychic abilities and intuition. Calcite is also a stone of spirituality and wisdom. Orange calcite is stone that can relieve emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression, accidents, rape, divorce, suicidal thoughts. It is particularly helpful with phobias. Orange calcite restores mental and emotional equilibrium.

All calcites are helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress. Calcite is probably one of the top cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system, and works on all levels from the physical to the etheric. This makes it a very purifying stone. It can also be used to clear negativity in the environment. Calcite brings its properties of grounding and centering, can help to bring inner peace and to make it a stone of reconciliation.

Since calcite also promotes creativity and imagination, this inner peace it can bring is a powerful one. Calcite can improve arguments in a relationship, and help maintain a practical balance between the people in the relationship.

Orange calcite can be used to balance sexual energies, increase creativity and clear negative energies stored in the sacral chakra. Orange calcite heals the reproductive system and is useful for any intestinal disorder or irritable bowel syndrome and kidney complaints. Physically, calcites are good for back pain, increasing physical strength, teeth, eyes, and are generally good for healing. Orange calcite can bring relief from emotional fear and emotional paralysis and can be used in cases of mental breakdown, depression, accidents, rape, divorce or suicidal feelings. Orange calcite restores equilibrium by releasing known and unknown fears and phobias.

Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This makes it an excellent stone for distance healing, as well as other types of healing. One of the energies it amplifies is learning abilities, and thus is a great stone for students.

Orange calcite is associated with the sacral chakra. Astrological sign is Cancer

Approx size 3.25 x .75 inch

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