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Blue Chalcedony Standing Point 3.18 inch HIGH QUALITY [RACCHALBL-STPT-HQ-3.18]


Blue Chalcedony crystal has a gentle energy. Called the faith stone that encourages you to make positive changes, induces emotional stability and eases communication. Reputed to prevent accidents and reduce irritation and anger. The stone is used for protection from the evil eye and protection from evil in general, particularly black magic. Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and dissipates it.

Blue Chalcedony stone is said to balance between mind, body and spirit. Chalcedony nurtures and promotes brotherhood and good will.It is a stone of calm and peace, and to reduce hostility, anger, and irritation. Blue chalcedony soothes mental and emotional stability and can provide emotional honesty. It is also reported to encourage and ease communication.

Blue Chalcedony is excellent to use especially for clairvoyance, intuition, used to assist telepathy and energy healing. It also helps reduce or eliminate bad dreams by getting rid of the influences that cause them.

Blue Chalcedony healing crystal has been used for eye problems, rapidly healing open sores, easing alzheimers, lactation, blood, circulation, bones, spleen, gall bladder and it increases physical energy.

Chalcedony is a variety of the mineral quartz. It is associated with the Crown and Throat Chakra. The astrological signs are Cancer and Capricorn

Polished crystal standing points, also called generators are a stone of Power and can help amplify any intention or energy. The standing crystal point is often used in healing. It is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. It optimizes the stone's healing facility. It pulls energy off when the point is directed away from the body, and channels energy inward when pointed toward the body. Quartz Points are wonderful crystals to use with your Reiki, table work and Energy Grids. No two are the same. Crystal Points make excellent meditation tools and clear bad vibrations.

You will receive one standing point, approx size 3.18 x 1.25 inch

These are an High Quality Blue Chalcedony from South Africa

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