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SH541: Horus Statue [SH541]


This statue portrays Horus, the God of the Sky, War, and the Hunt and the protector of ancient Egypt, wearing the headdress of the Pharaoh.

One of the most important Gods of the deities of the ancient Egyptians as well as one of the historically oldest, Horus is the Falcon-headed god of the land of the pyramids. He was revered as the God of the sky, and as such it was said that the moon was his left eye and the sun his right. He is also the Egyptian god of hunting, and war, who warred at length with Set at the instruction of his mother, Isis, who set him to protect Egypt from the lord of the deserts.

Here he is shown as a barrel-chested man with jet-black skin, and the head and face of a Falcon. Upon his head sits a royal Egyptian head dress, as the Pharaoh or king was often identified as having been Horus reborn. Fearsome and sturdy, he is portrayed as the protector, wielding a polearm within his muscled hands. Place him upon your altar or home in reverence and worship, and seek his aid in protecting you and the ones you love.

This statue stands approximately 14 inches tall and 10 inches wide at its widest point, and is sculpted beautifully of cold cast resin.

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