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Baby Wand Pendants

Baby Wand Pendants

Seeds of Light crystal Magic wands are used to shape and direct energy, acting as a powerful focus for creating magical space, or working to make your will manifest. It takes time to become truly attuned to your wand, though often people feel and are able to work with a certain energetic connection right away.

Seeds of Light magic wands are made of healing crystals, tumbled stones and Silvergleem solder which is lead free and contains 95% tin and 5% silver. All wands are hand made and infused with positive energy.

When choosing your wand, it is helpful to develop a basic knowledge of the magical properties of the stones and crystals, so that you can select a wand that matches with your intentions. While many wands are selected for the empowering force the crystals provide, others crystals are treasured for their gentler and more subtle touch as much as the energy they provide.

Direct from the designer. All Baby Wand Pendants are approx. 1.75 inches long. Each Item is individually made, so no - pieces are exactly alike. All Mini and Baby Wands come with - black satin cord and information card.

All wands are made with natural stones. The glass wand part is Italian glass from Italy. Keep in mind that no 2 wands are alike and the photo of the wand might be a shade different in color.

These wand pendants can take just a few days and up to 3 weeks to get shipped to you since they are
custom made to order and shipped by the crafter.


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