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Magick Wands, Ritual Wands

Magick Wands, Ritual Wands

The magick wand is a great ritual and magickal tool. Wands are used to shape and direct energy, acting as a powerful focus for creating magical space, or working to make your will manifest.

One Often bounds their magic wand with personal totems or carved with markings, it takes time to become truly attuned to your wand, though often people feel and are able to work with a certain energetic connection right away.

The magic wand whether it's crystal, wood or pewter deepens the connection with your  personal power. It can be a powerful energy conductor. Choose silver or pewter for high magic. Wood is suited for earth magick and crystal is good for faerie magick. Different wood has different properties. Oak is for power and endurance. Hazel for wisdom and intelligence. Consecrate your wand by passing it through the smoke of incense. Chant words to express your connection to your magick wand and your personal power.

When choosing your wand, it is helpful to develop a basic knowledge of the magical properties of woods, so that you can select a wand that matches with your intentions. While many wands are selected for the empowering force the wood provides, others such as maple or rosewood are treasured for their gentler and more subtle touch as much as the energy they provide.

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