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  • Chakra Cleansing and Meditation

    by Raven and Crone

    Chakra meditation, working with an individual chakra and thoroughly cleansing the crystals are the steps to aligning, balancing and clearing your chakras 

    Working with an Individual Chakra

    Thoroughly cleanse and charge the crystals.

    • Recognize the disturbing issue or issues.
    • What chakra is associated with the issue.
    • Pick the appropriate crystal.
    • Place the stone on the corresponding chakra.
    • Relax and feel the positive energy working for you.
    • Visualize the color from the stones filling you up.
    • Soak in the light and energy of the stones for about 20 minutes daily.
    • When done, slowly get up from your position and drink a glass of water.


    Step 1: Adopt the lying down meditation posture.

    Step 2: Place a stone on each chakra. You may need help from someone close to you. The best way is to allow the crystals to rest directly on your skin. Opt for loose clothing to allow you to position the crystals on the chakras with ease.

    Step 3: Start from the crown chakra and end your chakra meditation with the base chakra. Work your way downwards, 1 chakra at a time. Complete your meditation work on the chakra. Visualize it closing up before moving to the next one.
    Bring your attention to the chakra you are working on for a few moments. Relax and feel the positive energy of the stones working for you.

    Next, as you inhale, visualize yourself draw in the light, filling up your whole body. The light should correspond to the chakra you are working on.

    For Example: Let say you are meditating on your third eye chakra. You should visualize purple light or energy filling you up. And when you are meditating on your solar plexus chakra, visualize orange light or energy instead.

    Step 4: Visualize the chakra closing up before moving to the next one.

    Step 5: When you have worked on all the chakras, slowly get up from your position and drink a glass of water.

    Try it and experience the power of the crystals during chakra meditation.



    This article was published on Monday 20 February, 2012.
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