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Wood Correspondences for Magick Spells and Rituals

by Raven and Crone

Wood       Gender      Element     Planet    Symbolic Value or Use in Magick

Almond            Male           Air               Mercury          Prosperity, wisdom
Apple               Female       Water          Venus             Love, healing
Ash                  Male           Fire             Sun                Protection, healing, prosperity
Aspen              Male           Air               Mercury           Protection from thieves
Avocado           Female      Water           Venus             Love, lust, beauty
Banyan            Male           Air               Jupiter            Luck, knowledge
Beech              Female       Water          Saturn             Creativity, tolerance
Birch                Female       Water          Venus             Rebirth, purification, protection, Moon matters
Bodhi               Male           Air              Jupiter             Meditation, wisdom, fertility, protection
Buckthorn        Female       Water           Saturn             Exorcism, protection, legal matters
Cedar              Male           Fire              Sun                Healing, purification, protection, prosperity
Cherry             Female       Water           Venus             Love, divination, healing
Cypress           Female       Earth            Saturn             Immortality- longevity, protection, strength, death
Dogwood                                                                   Protection, wishes
Elder                Female      Water           Venus             Protection, health, spirituality, banishment
Elm                  Female      Water           Saturn            Protection, love
Fig                   Male          Fire              Jupiter            Fertility, balance, safe journey
Hawthorn         Male           Fire              Mars               Protection, purification, fertility
Hazel               Male          Air                Sun                Wisdom, Thor, protection, luck, divination
Hickory            Male          Fire              Jupiter             Legal matters
Holly                Male          Fire             Mars                Protection, luck, dream magick, consecration, prosperity
Larch               Male          Fire              Mercury            Protection, anti-fire
Licorice            Female      Water           Venus              Love, fidelity
Lilac                Female      Water           Venus              Protection, exorcism, love
Linden             Male          Air               Jupiter              Protection, luck, immortality, love
Magnolia          Female      Earth           Venus               Fidelity
Maple              Male          Air               Jupiter             Love, prosperity, longevity, unification, divining rods
Mesquite          Female      Water          Moon               Healing, magical fires
Mimosa            Female      Water          Saturn             Protection, dreams, love, purification
Mulberry          Male          Air               Mercury            Protection, strength
Myrtle              Female      Water          Venus              Fertility, youth, love, peace, prosperity
Oak                 Male          Fire             Sun                 Protection, health, luck, power, strength
Peach              Female      Water          Venus              Longevity, protection, fertility, divination, happiness
Pear                Female      Water          Venus              Lust, love
Pecan              Male          Air              Mercury            Employment
Pepper Tree     Male          Fire             Mars                Purification, healing, protection
Pine                 Male         Air              Mars                Protection, longevity, healing, fidelity, purification
Plum                Female     Water          Venus              Protection, the wild
Pomegranate    Male          Fire            Mercury            Wealth, money-attraction
Poplar              Female      Water         Saturn              The Crone, astral projection, divination, rebirth
Rose                Female      Water         Venus              Love
Rowan             Male          Fire             Sun                 Protection, healing, divination
Sandalwood     Female      Water          Moon               Protection, healing, exorcism, spirituality
Sassafras        Male          Fire             Jupiter             Health, prosperity
Walnut            Male          Fire             Sun                 Healing, mental powers, protection
Willow             Female      Water          Moon               Moon magick, protection, healing, divination, love
Witch Hazel     Male          Fire             Sun                  Protection, divination
Yew                Male          Fire             Mars                 Hecate, death, immortality, protection


This article was published on Tuesday 22 February, 2011.
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