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Imbolc Lore

by Raven and Crone

Symbolism of Imbolc:
Purity, growth and renewal, the reunion of the Goddess and the God, fertility, dispensing of the old and making way for the new. 

Symbols of Imbolc:
besoms, white flowers, candle wheels, Brighid's crosses, priapic wands (acorn-tipped), and ploughs.

Deities of Imbolc:
All virgin-maiden goddesses, Brighid, Aradia, Athena, Inanna, Gaia, and Februa, and gods of love and fertility, Aengus Og, Eros, Februus and Aphrodite.

Fertility and growth are celebrated at this time. Its a good time for initiations into groups . One tradition calls for the lighting of all lamps or candles in the home just for a few moments to honor the suns return.

White, pink, red, yellow, light. green, brown, orange.

Herbs of Imbolc:
Any White or Yellow Flowers, angelica, ashleaf, balsams, basil, bay, benzoin, blackberry, celandine, chamomile, cinnamon, coltsfoot, coriander, garlic, heather, iris, lemon, mace, rose hips, rosemary, sage, sunflower, tansey, vervain, violets, wheat, witch hazel.

Incense of Imbolc:
Basil, Bay, Benzoin, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Dragons Blood, Frankincense, Heather, Myrrh, Red Sandalwood, Sage, Wisteria, Vanilla, Violet.

Foods of Imbolc:
Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seed cakes, muffins, scones,  breads, all dairy products, peppers, onions, garlic, raisins, spiced wines and herbal teas.

Stones of Imbolc:
Amethyst, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Hematite, Iron, Lodestone, Onyx, 
Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise, Yellow Tourmaline.


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This article was published on Wednesday 20 January, 2010.
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