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Harmony, Peace, Inspiration Spells

by Raven and Crone

All of us want Peace, Harmony and to be Inspired in life. The rituals and spells here may be able to help you move in that direction. When there are intense emotional issues all of us want peace and harmony. We need to calm ourselves and move forward by ridding ourselves of this excess emotional energy. We need to allow our mind and body to stay healthy during these stressful times and release this negativity from our lives. Emotions can interfere with our spirituality and we need to become aware of them and their influence. We need to give ourselves the utmost care and compassion. Draw upon the energy of Earth and Sun when you need to be inspired, recharged and bring peace and harmony into your life.  


A Spell for Harmony and Peace

In a violet-colored cloth with a pleasing pattern, place a purple candle. Next to it, place a small, flat dish of salt. Light some lavender incense and breathe deeply, then let out your breath in a lovely tone. As you breathe and intone, light the candle. Still your voice and draw a pentacle in the salt as you say:

By air, fire, water, earth, and spirit
Hearken my prayer, all those who hear it.
Let there be peace and let there be harmony.
Blessed be.
Wild and free.

Chant the verse nine times, and then return to your single tone. Breathe deeply and envision being filled with this peace and harmony. Extinguish the candle in thankfulness. By: Gail Wood

A Lavender Dream Spell

Lavender is a great herb to use if you wish to work sleep or dream magic. It is especially good if you wish to induce a psychic dream. To do this, you'll need some fresh or dried lavender (both flowers and foliage), a small square of white fabric, lavender-colored ribbon, and an amethyst crystal. Perform this spell in the evening. First, crumble some of the lavender onto the fabric and tie into a bundle with the ribbon. Place this beneath your pillow, and set the amethyst crystal near your bed. Smolder the rest of the lavender in a dish and scent your bedroom. As you get into bed, think of your question. Expect a vivid dream. If an answer isn't revealed, wait a week and try again. By: James Kambos

Inspiration Jar
Purpose: To bring on inspiration. For creativity.

Mason jar
Small crystal
Dried orange peels (two-thirds)
Dried mint (one-third)
2 drops orange essential oil
1 drop mint essential oil
Square piece of black cotton fabric
Rubber band
Orange fabric paint or orange acrylic
Orange ribbon

Note: The colour orange is the colour of creative energies. The shading (how dark or light the orange is) that you use will denote the level of creative energies you wish to channel. A dark orange will take you deep into the creative energies while a light orange is less intense.

Moon cycle: No moon cycle is selected for this spell because all phases of the moon hold different levels of creative energies, including the dark moon. If you follow moon phases, choose the cycle that  fits your purpose best. Gather ingredients. With a clean and dry jar before you, place the mint first and then the orange peels inside, filling it up about two-thirds of the way. Add two drops of orange essential oil and one drop mint essential oil. More if you are using a large mason jar. Stir ingredients together. Take the small crystal in your hand and say something such as:
"Creativity Come to me
In whispers and dreams
And visions that gleam."
Place the crystal inside the jar with the potpourri. For the lid, cover the opening of the jar with black fabric so that the side of the fabric hang down over the edges about 2 inches. With a pencil, mark the center top of the fabric. Take the fabric off the jar, lie it flat on a hard surface. Using orange paint, acrylic or fabric paint, paint on a spiral. While the paint is drying, cover the jar temporarily with a lid so that it doesn't get spilled.

Spiral: The spiral is a symbol of the dance of life. It shows the continuous cycle of ourselves going inward within ourselves and our psyche, and then going outward expressing ourselves.

Black: The black fabric in this spell is used as an absorption color. Black absorbs all colors, all energies. By placing the orange spiral on this we are signifying just what those energies are that the black is absorbing, all creative energies. Once the paint is dry, place the fabric on the jar once again. The spiral should now be on the centered top of the jar's mouth. Holding the fabric in place, wrap the rubber band around the sides to hold it in place. Next, tie the orange ribbon over top of the rubber band. Keep this inspiration jar in your work area, where you do your writing, painting, drawing, or keep it by your bed to bring on inspiring dreams. From Hearth and Home Witchery

Releasing Intense Emotions Spell

Perform this easy spell to calm yourself when dealing with intense emotional family or other issues. By ridding yourself of this excess emotional energy, you will allow your mind and body to stay healthy during this stressful season.
a piece of unlined paper
a pen
a black candle
a bowl of purified water
sea salt

Light the candle. On the paper write down any fears, frustrations, or concerns you may be feeling. Let the words come flowing from inside you, do not hold back. If you feel like saying the words aloud as you write them do so. Once you are finished fold the paper up and burn it in the candle flame. After you burn the paper, dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle yourself with it while saying:

"I release these words, I release this tension, I release this negativity from my life" You're done!

Recharging Spell 

Draw upon the energy of Earth and Sun when you need to recharge. Gather a tiger's eye stone, a small container, and some olive oil. Holding the stone in your hand, imagine it glowing from within. Place it in the small container and add enough olive oil to cover it. Set the container in a spot where it will feel the Sun's warmth but not be disturbed, and leave it for seven days. After seven days, remove the stone, wash it gently to remove the oil, and carry it with you. When you need to recharge a bit, hold it gently in your hand and imagine that glow moving up your arm to engulf your body, lending you the stored solar energy. From Spell-a-Day, 2007-2008 Almanacs


Emotions are the seat of sensitivity within our spiritual bodies. Emotions are a spiritual guide, and becoming aware of them and their influence is vital to any living spiritual path. For this spell, light a blue candle and anoint your neck with lavender, jasmine, or rose oil. Put yourself in a meditative state of mind and think about the role emotions play in your life-to what extent are you in control of your emotions, and to what extent do you feel they control you? Next, take some herbs associated with the element water and sprinkle them at the base of the candle. Cup your hands around the flame and say something like:

As this candle burns, I attune my soul to emotional awareness. I vow, from this day forth, to truly monitor and become aware of my  emotions as I experience them. I recognize my emotional body as a profound spiritual vehicle that deserves the utmost care and compassion. So mote it be.

Going forth, stay true to your vow and reinforce it when necessary.

This post was written by Raven Digitalis on March 04, 2010


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This article was published on Monday 09 March, 2009.
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