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Luck and Success Spells

by Raven and Crone

Mojo Luck Spell 
This provides a charm to carry with you at all times

You will need:
1 fireproof container
1 charcoal disk
1 cream colored pillar candle
1 bunch of dried white sage
Dried Juniper Berries
1 teaspoon honey
1 spool red cotton thread
1 small white pebble
1 small red velvet drawstring pouch

Spell is best done on the sixth night after a new moon,when the moon is visible. Cast your circle, light charcoal disc and sprinkle with Juniper Berries. Smooth honey onto the top of candle, avoiding the wick. Light the candle saying:
"Hear me, I stand between the light an the dark
Between a high place an a low place
An none that inhibit these places
May gainsay or cross the luck I seal within."

Next measure the circumference of your right wrist with the thread. Knot it into a bracelet,an place it in the pouch. Cense the stone with Juniper berry smoke, and place it in the pouch. Put three sage leaves in the pouch. Light the remaining sage with the candle and allow it to smolder. Using sage smoke cense the mojo bag saying:
"All within is pure an safe
That within is that without
That without is that within
Let the charm begin"

Seal the bag immediately. From the book"The Spells Bible" By Ann-Marie Gallagher

Meditation for Luck
Choose a small green candle, or a color that says "luck" to you. (Or use white for all purpose). Anoint the candle with the oil, working towards you (drawing luck to you) with one or both hands. You can also lightly anoint yourself if you desire. While anointing your candle, state your purpose, mentally or out loud. Example... "I charge this candle to bring me luck!" Place the candle in the holder and light it. Sit in a comfortable position where you can view the candle. As you watch the candle, think of the kind of luck you're looking for. No either close your eyes or watch the candle and meditate on luck, imagine a four-leaf clover, imagine luck swirling all around you, radiating from your skin. Do this for 15 min. or longer if you wish. You can snuff the candle out when you're finished, or let it burn out on it's own. *For safety purposes, never leave candle burning unattended* From Thyme for Herbs and Aromatherapy author Sunny

Bad Luck Banishing 
Sometimes, it seems that in spite of our best intentions and efforts, things just are not running in a positive manner. Often we attribute this to a run of bad luck-but the cycle can be broken. In a small draw-string pouch, place a couple of pinches of each of the following: angelica root, African ginger, fennel seed, holy thistle, clove, and basil. Add a small piece of citrine and secure the bag. Place the bag on your altar before a white candle. Light the candle and repeat three times:

As these words are spoken, Bad luck is broken.
Bad luck will now flee; From its influence I am free.
Bad luck goes out the door And troubles me no more.

Leave the bag on the altar until the candle burns out naturally, then carry the bag near your heart for seven days.     By Winter Wren

Oil for Luck
2 drops patchouli
2 drops sandalwood
2 drops carnation
1 drop juniper
Mix essential oils in 1/2 Ounce carrier oil (Almond, Grapeseed, Safflower, Olive, etc) Wear when you feel you need luck, or do the candle meditation below.

Lucky Oil:

1/2 of the oil should be pure Olive oil, 1/4 part Myrrh oil , 1/4 part Jasmine oil . Anoint feet before putting on shoes you will wear in a situation where you want to feel lucky.

Items you'll need:
Black 7 day candle, Water, saucer, paper.
Fill your saucer slightly with some water. On a piece of paper write the things you most desire, (like love, money, a job..) Fold that up and put it on the saucer (yes, in the water). Now put your 7 day candle on top of the paper and light it. Each night before you go to sleep visualize your desires being obtained. On the seventh day, snuff out the candle and dispose of it by getting it away from your property. This spell can be customized by using different colored candles, pink or red for love, purple for spirituality, and so on. The black candle is used for "breaking through" those obstacles that are preventing you from your desires.

Candle Spell for Success By Ember
To dissolve blockages standing in your way at work, school, or in your personal life, find a yellow, gold, or white candle. With a toothpick or crystal point, carve a symbol into the wax that identifies the area where you desire success. Visualize obstacles and imagine them dissolving in the candle flame.

Chant the following as many times as you like:

I will succeed
my goal is near.
I will succeed
my way is clear.
Allow the candle to burn out.

Business Success Basil Spell
You will need:
flower pot  
basil seeds
9 pennies

Fill the pot half full of soil. Using a clockwise motion, form a circle with the pennies, placing them one at a time on top of the soil. As you place each penny, say:

Money grow and join in force, Bring new riches from this source.

Cover the pennies with soil until the pot is full. Plant nine basil seeds, chanting with each one:

Basil seed, as you grow and sprout My business shall prosper within and without.

Water the seeds well, and place the pot in the room where most cash transactions occur. Wrap your hands around the pot and say:
Copper, earth, and seeds, I now enchant,
I transform you into a money plant.
Grow lush, bring cash, bring success to me.
As I will so mote it be!
As the plant grows, so will your business. From Dorothy Morrison's Everyday Magic


1. Leaves from the Ash tree
2. A small sword or large knife
3. A large open place outside where you can work undisturbed

The Spell:
Scratch a circle in the ground with your sword or knife large enough that you can work within it without stepping out accidentally. Place the sword or knife on he ground in the center of the circle so that the blade is pointing East. Stand in the center of the circle with the Ash leaves in your hand. Face to the East and hold the leaves high and say,
" Elementals of the Air, bring me Knowledge and the creativity to use it!".
Then throw a few leaves to the East.

Then face to the South, again holding the Ash leaves high, and say,
"Elementals of Fire, bring me the energy to change myself for the better!".
Then throw a few leaves to the South.

Now turn to the West, hold the leaves high and say,
"Elementals of Water, shower me with true love and healing!"
Throw some leaves to the West.

Turn to the North, leaves held high, and say,
"Elementals of Earth, bring to me all forms of prosperous success!
Again, throw some leaves to the North.

Now turn to the East again and throw the remaining leaves straight up into the air as high as you can and say,
"All those who help me shall be richly Blessed! For Them and Me, comes only the best!"
Now wipe out the circle and you're finished! From Kristi at Pagan Promises

We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!


This article was published on Monday 09 March, 2009.
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