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by Raven and Crone

Exercise for Seeing an Aura    

  • Ask a friend to sit or stand against a plain background.
  • Stare at your friend for a few moments and allow your eyes to drift slightly out of focus.
  • Close your eyes and notice the grayish shape of your friend temporarily imprinted on your retina.
  • Open your eyes again and look at your friend once more. Do this for a few moments.
  • Now close your eyes again and concentrate on what is going on around the gray figure. You will start to see lights and colors swirling around it.
  • When your eyes are open again, you may still see something of this aura hanging around this person, but you may always find it easier to see with your "third eye" rather than with your real eyes.
    Author Unknown

Unleashing the Power of your Aura

Most magical folk are familiar with the aura, the field of light energy that surrounds the human body, and know that it can be read to determine disposition, character, or illness. What many do not know is that the aura can be temporarily programmed to reflect the color of your choosing. This is done for a variety of magical and mundane needs, such as helping alter your mood, giving you a boost of energy, or projecting a desired image to others. Even people who are not psychic, and who vehemently do not believe in the existence of the aura, unconsciously pick up on the color changes if you project them strongly enough.To alter your auric color, close your eyes, relax, and allow yourself to feel grounded and centered. As you do this, focus on the color you want to project, then begin to feel the core of energy at the center of your being expanding as this color. Keep up this visualization for about five minutes, or until you feel that you have sufficiently colored the light field around you. The results will be temporary and, depending on how much energy, and how far you are deviating from your natural auric color, the effect should last between twenty and sixty minutes.

Red: Project red when you need a boost of energy, when you want to let off steam, or are preparing for an athletic event. Keep in mind that others may perceive a red aura as stress or anger.

Orange: Project orange to attract attention to yourself, or when you need a boost of energy but do not feel you can handle the intensity of red.

Yellow: Project yellow when you need to bolster your creative self or when you are deep into intellectual pursuits, such as studying for an exam. Others who sense the yellow aura will likely view you as being very smart.

Green: Project Green when you need a calming influence. The color sense will be picked up by others around you, and you may find that you not only calm yourself, but your entire environment as well. Try on a green aura when you are gardening to help you merge with the energies of the plants.

Blue: Project blue when you are attempting any spiritual pursuit or when you suffer from insomnia. Those with blue auras are perceived by others as being balanced and selfless people, impressions that make this is a good color to work with when applying for a job in a service-oriented industry.

Indigo: Project this blue-violet when attempting any psychic work. Others who perceive this color will see you as being dreamy and not completely "with it." Avoid indigo when on the job hunt or any other time when you need to appear competent.

Violet: Project violet when attempting to heal yourself or others, or when you are working with visualization to ward off a bad habit. Those who pick up on your violet aura think of you as a person of intense emotion--ever hear of a purple passion?

Pink: Project pink for peacefulness, when trying to stir up a romance, or when you wish to appear non-threatening.

Peach: Project peach when you want to turn your attention outward to other matters. This can be useful to help overcome depression or when you need to put aside an issue for a while and let things work themselves out. Peach auras are perceived by others as being compassionate, making this is a good color for health care professionals to use when dealing with difficult patients.

Brown: Project a brown aura when you are working earth magic or magic for animals. Be aware that others sense brown as being dull-witted and even untrustworthy, so avoid carrying them into the workplace or anywhere else where first impressions matter.

White: Project white when you want to go unnoticed. White appears very neutral to the psychic eye as it tends to camouflage itself against the other energy fields that surround us. It is sometimes even hard for trained psychics to pick up on white auras.

Gold: The color of success in one or more areas of life. Dark gold shows greed, while a pale, beautiful gold indicates a growing awareness of the person's right to be successful. Author Unknown

We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!


This article was published on Monday 09 March, 2009.
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