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Ritual, Casting Circle, Elements

by Raven and Crone

The Five Elements ~ Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Akasha
By Jill Stefko

Elements and directions are important in Pagan tradition and magickal practice. Each of these has specific attributes and is part of the Tarot and astrology. According to Western European Pagan traditions, the four traditional elements correspond to the four directions. There are Native American tribes that also share this belief. Akasha, according to some practitioners, is the spiritual power of the universe and fifth element.

This element creates and destroys. It can't exist without demolishing something and transforming it into another form such as ashes, smoke, heat and light, therefore, it has to be controlled. Fire purifies, energizes, cleanses and is forceful. Its energy is projective, masculine, and the colors are red or white. Its powers are used for courage, protection, energy, strength, creativity, increasing one's personal power and banishing negativity.
Direction: South, Okaga Ska*, place of growth, rejuvenation and youth
Elemental spirits: Salamanders and Firedrakes (fire breathing dragons)
Archangel: Michael
Season and time: Summer and noon
Tarot suit: Wands or Swords: As with Air, there are two different interpretations, according to sources
Astrological signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Totem: Thunderbird
Spirit Keeper of the South: Shawnodese**, Coyote
Keywords: Pita's*, Eternal Life

This is the densest of the elements and is the mother who sustains life. Its energy is receptive and feminine. The element's natures are fertility, grounding, stabilizing and nurturing. Its energy is used to attract prosperity, abundance, grounding, career and fertility. Its colors are green or red.
Direction: North, Luta*, the place of renewal, wisdom and the grandparents
Elemental spirits: Gnomes
Archangel: Ariel also called Uriel
Season and time: Winter and night
Tarot suit: Pentacles
Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Totem: Turtle
Spirit Keeper of the North: Waboose**, Buffalo
Keywords: Maka's*, renewal

This element is the power of movement, intelligence and refreshing. Movement sounds and flying are manifestations of Air. Energy is masculine and projective. Attributes are intelligence, travel, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items and study which are used to attract these qualities. Its color is yellow.
Direction: East, Gi*, the place of clarity
Elemental spirits: Sylphs
Archangel: Raphael
Season and time: Spring and dawn
Tarot suit: Air or Wands
Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Totem: Butterfly
Spirit Keeper of the East: Wabun**, Eagle
Keywords: Niyan*, Life Force

Healing, cleansing, psychicism and loving are associated with this element. Energy is receptive and feminine. Water is used for purification, psychic growth, peace, love, friendships and dreams. Its colors are deep blue and black.
Direction: West, Sapa*, place of meditation
Elemental spirits: undines, nymphs and merfolks
Archangel: Gabriel
Season and time: Dusk and autumn
Tarot suit: Cups
Astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Totem: Frog
Spirit Keeper of the West: Mudjekeewis**, Bear
Keyword: Minis*, creativity
The name is derived from the Sanskrit word "kash" which means to shine or radiate. It's also another word for Spirit, the omnipresent immutable source of all energy. It's the domain of promise, potential and paths to be traveled. The energy permeates the Universe, the primal source that creates and nourishes the elements. Colors are white, purple and black. Akasha is transcendence. Elemental spirits are angels. Much else about this spiritual element is, yet, unknown or undefined. While some other traditions recognize this element, Akashan Witchcraft is a new tradition. * Lakota Sioux ** Chippewa

Moon Phases

Waxing: Waxing to Full is the time to cast invoking spells that draw situations to you.

Full Moon: The Full Moon is the time to focus on culmination of spells cast dururing the Waxing Phase; it provides the strongest power of invocations.

Blue Moon: Anytime a single month has two full moons in it, the second full moon is referred to as a Blue Moon. This moon is considered stronger than a regular full moon. (spells can be done for this moon as the full moon but it also is the time to honor all deities, healing and to strengthen your wishes also before I do any Spell Work I ask for the banishing of all things negative to bring forth light from the darkness).

Waning: Waning to New is the time to banish and release things from your life (to take apart or let go of).

New moon: The New Moon is the time to examine hidden issues; to plan for new beginnings and bring secrets to light. Some Witches will not do spell work on this phase but I find it a wonderful time to do some Dark Mother Rituals and spells to uncover secrets about a certain situation. Also a good time for Scrying-Divination work.

Black Moon: Any time two New Moons occur during a single month, the second New Moon is referred to as the Black Moon and considered to be stronger than the regular New Moon.

There is some ancient moon knowledge that is not frequently taught to Witches or anyone else. There are two periods of the moon that are more powerful in many ways than either the Full or New Moon. These are Two Midway Points, or quarters which are about 7 days after the both the New and Full Moons. The Druids knew of these power points and used them for centuries. Halfway between the New & Full Moons, the moon is between the worlds of light and dark, this is more powerful than any other time of the month. Gray Witches can use these midway points for some of their most potent magical spells . The first midway point between the New and Full Moons, is almost equal blend of light and dark energies, with the light energy holding a slight edge. This time is useful for Full Moon magic that has not produced satisfactory results. This is a time for positive magic that may need a dose of dark energy to break through the resistance such as healing or prosperity spells & contacting those who are deceased. The second midway point, falls between the Full and New Moons, a balance of light and dark energies. The dark energy is slightly stronger at this point. Witches can use this energy to break through barriers to success, remove psychic attacks and resistance to ordinary magic, or push ahead projects that have stalled.Both midway points are very powerful and are not to be taken lightly. They are also powerful for serious divination & trance work. The 2 power points are tremendously powerful and if what you are asking or the spells you are doing does not work at any of these times then either it isn't to be or you need to rethink-change your spell in some way. We all know that the Universe brings things about in all good time as it sees fit so be patient and don't get discouraged.


Everything in the universe has energy, both living and non living. These energies exist in varying strengths and speeds of flow. They range from energy used in a very mundane way such as electricity to energies that are harder to understand and harness such as kitetics and telekinetics. The ability to use magick is simply the ability to understand and manipulate these flows either Consciously or Subconsciously. Those who are born with these abilities do not yet
possess the Subconscious - Spiritual growth necessary to recognize and use these energies that lay beyond the Mind - Conscious accessibility. Those who are able to move spiritual energies consciously, such as in telekinesis, have developed and learned to control the connection between Spirit and Mind that makes manipulations possible.

However, it is possible to "see" these energies and still not possess the ability to manipulate them. Proof of the ability to manipulate these energies, even to oneself, is elusive at best. Those who possess the strength of spirit and Faith to question the possibilities reasonably and in a neutral fashion will more easily develop the honest ability to know the difference.

Some happenings are merely coincidence. You must be willing to admit to yourself what is reasonably coincidental and what is not. For example, gathering energy to cause rain can be done. You called. It rained. What is the possibility that it was going to rain anyway? How many times has this exercise been successful for you? In order to understand and use magick you must be willing to ask these questions and answer them honestly. This is not a lack of faith or confidence. It is merely an exercise to prevent self delusion and therefore solidify your faith and confidence. An honest assessment of your own abilities is fundamental to spiritual growth.

Exercise: Keep a detailed note book of magickal attempts that had results. Including questions about the possibility of coincidence. Consider it a beginner Book of Shadows. This will become a valuable aid to seeing your own growth as well as where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Written by Twylyght_Dreamcaster Excerpt from Book of Shadows

Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know
By Phyllis Curott

1. Magic is what happens when you open yourself to the Divine. All real magic is a manifestation of the Divine - it is how you co-create  reality with deity.

2. The Divine is within you and is everywhere present in the natural world. And everything is interconnected by this sacred energy.

3. Wicca is not about information -- it's about transformation, so  practice, practice, practice -- and do it as much as possible in Nature! Witchcraft enables you to commune with divinity and to manifest your destiny, your desires and your highest and sacred self.

4. The real ethics of how Witches live and practice magic are simple: Witches live in a sacred manner because we live in a sacred world. We therefore treat all of life with reverence and respect.

5. Because all magic flows from our connection to the Sacred, our lives and our magic, must be guided by the sacred nature of the energy with which we work.

6. The energy Witches work with is not neutral -- it is divine love.

7. Magic often works in unexpected way because it is not a mechanical process, and the Universe is not a machine. You are living and making magic within a divine, organic, living reality.

8. Witches don't command and control -- they commune and co-create.

9. The real secret of successful spell casting, as with all of magic, is your connection to the Divine power that dwells within you, and surrounds you. And spells do work so be careful what you ask for!

10. Nature makes the Divine tangible. By working, living, and practicing your magic in harmony with Nature, you are in harmony with the Divine.

11. The ultimate teacher is the God/Goddess inside you and in the world of Nature all around you.

Thirteen Goals of a Witch
From the book "Wicca" by Scott Cunningham

1. Know yourself
2. Know your Craft
3. Learn
4. Apply knowledge with wisdom
5. Achieve balance
6. Keep your words in good order
7. Keep your thoughts in good order
8. Celebrate life
9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth
10. Breathe and eat correctly
11. Exercise the body
12. Meditate
13. Honor the Goddess and God

Bath Time Spellcraft (cleansing bath before ritual)
By: Raven Digitalis

Take a magical bath? Baths are both physically and spiritually cleansing, and are essential for any Witch or magician. Bathing is purifying on many levels, and the ritual of bathing can quite easily become a magical act. This evening, plan to take a magical bath. Take time to gather certain salts, oils, and herbs (perhaps put these in a muslin bag) to add to the bathwater. Choose some candles, the colors of which should be aligned with your metaphysical purpose for the ritual. Choose also some incense that is spiritually aligned. As you lay down in the warm water, say something like: "I now enter the warm and cleansing womb of the Great Goddess. I enter sacred space to purify my body and mind." Follow this with a ritual, meditation, or resonating chant. You may wish to call upon spirits of healing, connect to the undines, or cleanse and realign your chakras.


Casting a Circle

Cleanse your mind and picture the energy of the universe and nature mixed with your energy. Imagine yourself glowing purple, white or orange, whatever works for you. While facing North point your athame, wand, finger, or whatever you use towards the ground and see the energy flowing out. Begin to walk clockwise (right) around the circumference of the circle. Imagine a sphere forming with you inside it, half below the ground and half above.

Closing a Circle

Close the circle by picking up your athame, wand , finger, or whatever you used to cast it and walk to the corner at which you started. Point at the boundary of the circle and begin to walk counter-clockwise (left) until you complete the circle. While you're walking visualize the circle disappearing and the energy flowing back through the tool. When you are finished say "The circle is open, but unbroken."


From Hearth 'n Home Witchery

Stand, sit or lie down.
Raise energy by tightening your muscles.
Visualize a glowing purple blue  ball of flame within you.
Using your projective hand, direct this energy out from you into a small magic circle.
The hand acts as the energy director.
Alternately, send out the energy in a clockwise circle around you without moving your hand.
Feel the circle shimmering and pulsing.
If desired and possible, sprinkle salt and or water around you to bless the area before creating the circle.

We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!

This article was published on Tuesday 03 March, 2009.
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