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Samhain Rituals and Spells

by Raven and Crone

Samhain Ritual
Edain McCoy

For this ritual you will need to have on hand photos of your deceased loved ones or items of theirs if possible. Also and unlit candle, matches, and if you wish to do divinations or spirit contact after the ritual, you'll need those items on hand also.

When you are ready too begin you should cast your circle as usual and invite your deities. Say:
Blessed be the season of Samhain.
The time of the wise Crone Goddess.
The night of the death of the God.
The night to celebrate the nearness of the spirit world.

Spend a few moments standing quietly inside your circle allowing your thoughts to dwell on the meaning of this Sabbat. Move to the photos or items of your passed over loved ones and stand before them. Say:
Dearest loved ones, tonight the passing of our God makes a veil which
separates us thin. Come now to my circle side and join the celebration.

Light the remaining candle on your altar to light the way for the spirits. Spend a few moments sensing their presence. Now address each one individually. say things to them you wish to say, and then fall silent to try to feel their response.

When you feel the time is right, take up both the God and Goddess candles. Say:
Tonight the Goddess and God belong to separate worlds, divided by the
thin veil which separates the world of the living from the land of the dead.

Blow out the God candle to signify his death, and replace both candles on the altar as far apart as possible. Say:
Blessed be the Crone Goddess,
sorrowful in her mourning,
Blessed be the Aged God,
beloved of the Summerland.

Now you may do what ever other working you'd like. Close the circle however you wish

Solitary Samhain Ritual
Author: Erica Frank

Tools needed:
A knife (must be sharp)
Apples or Grapes (pref. room temperature or warm)
Pomegranate (pref. chilled)
God and Goddess Candles on the altar
Small serving dishes

Call elements, Cast your circle. Invoke deities by saying:
"Gaia, who nurtures all life, send your son Pan, Lord of the fields and flocks. May he join me in celebration and revelry."

Light the God Candle and say:
"Pan, master of beasts and rough, primal forces--enter this circle; share your wild abandon! Bring to us joys and lusts; bring the last kiss of summer before the cold of winter. Join me, Pan! IO EVOE!

Face Altar Saying:
"Ouranous, who rules the heavens, send your daughter Hecate, She who guards against the terrors of the night. May she join me in celebration and reflection."

Light Goddess candle and say:
"Hekate, queen of night and the restless spirits--enter this circle, share your peace and wisdom. Bring calm and endurance; bring guidance through the winter until the days grow warm. Join me, Hekate! IO EVOE!"

Cycling of the year:
Take the blade, and grapes [or apple]. Cut into fruit (apples or grapes); place on a plate, and offer it upwards & then hold it in front of you.

"I eat this last fruit of summer. May I be filled with the warmth that has ripened this fruit on the vine [or tree]. May I taste the sweetness of life in the sun."

Eat, and pause to think about the end of summer. Place knife on altar. Say:

"Summer ends. Winter begins. The fields lie fallow, and the beast sleep in their homes. The Lord passes the mantle of guidance to the Lady as the nights grow cold and long."

Take blade & pomegranate. Cut into it, place on plate; offer it upwards, then hold it in front of you.

"I eat this first fruit of winter. May I feel the chill that ripened this fruit in the rind. May I taste the richness of life hidden away."

Eat, and pause to think of what winter will bring.

Worship & prayers:

Say: "Hekate Apotropaios, averter of evil--control the wrath of the dead, whose spirits cry out for vengeance, and who may lash out at anyone they can reach. Protect the living from their rage. Hekate Chthonia, lady of the underworld--you have dominion over the hostile spirits who wander; guide them to their resting places, and seal the gates between the worlds. Hekate Phosphoros, light-bringer--bring us light and guidance as we stand in this doorway, this transition between peace and war. Let your torches show us the truths hidden in the shadows; lead us out of this darkness."

Remembrance & contemplation:

"I now remember and honor those who have died this past year."

Face altar, and mention someone who has passed in the last year that you will miss. This does not need to be someone you know personally. If you have incense, light a stick and wave it in a circle, or put another pinch on the charcoal for each person you mention. (Or light a candle.) If you have a token of the person (an item of theirs, or a photo), place it on the altar.Continue until you've had the chance to remember as many people as you care to. Pause. Simple Feast--cakes & wine, or whatever you want. Thank and release the Gods and Goddesses:

"Pan, lord of the fields in summer, thank you for your presence, for sharing your joy in life. Before you depart to your winter realms, I drink deep in your honor" [raise cup, drink, spill some in libation bowl, set it down & raise hands over head]... "Hail Pan! Hail & farewell!"

"Hekate, lady of night & magic, thank you for your presence, for extending your protection. Before you depart to take up your winter duties, I drink deep in your honor" [raise cup, drink, spill some in libation bowl, set it down & raise hands over head] "Hail Hekate! Hail & farewell!"

Open the circle, Dismiss the elements

Samhain Blessing
Ancestors hear my voice, know my heart,
I think of you at the season's start,
Descendant from your honorable tree,
I am a proud member of your human family,
Come to me from beyond the veil,
Share the wisdom that you entail,
Please bestow your gentle blessing,
And accept these humble offering.
© Cat High

Eve of Samhain Spell to Connect with the Spirit World

Get a white candle, matches, and a mirror for this spell. At dusk, go to a haunted area or a place you feel the spirits are especially powerful. Make contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam. Light your white candle, and stare into it saying:

Clear as midnight,
the spirits are bright.
Ghostly curiosity
brings you to me.
As a form takes shape,
I am not asleep.
Spirit awake,
take your shape.

Let the candle flicker. Glance into the mirror, and look past your shoulder. Do you see mists or lighted balls in the reflection? This is how ghosts typically appear. Return to the area on the next three nights. Take some pictures. At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors trap spirits. Some spirits will track you as you search for their reflections. If you want your ghost to leave, just say so. Follow this up by putting a broom over your transom and burning sage.

Spiritual Path Reaffirmation

During the Witches' New Year, or Samhain, take time to stop and evaluate your faith and beliefs. Make a sacred ritual or retreat out of this evaluation. Light white candles and burn sandalwood, myrrh, or frankincense. Brew a cup of herbal tea. Sit down and ask the God and Goddess to guide you on your path. Write down your beliefs in a journal or your Book of Shadows. Some questions you can meditate on are: What is life? How do I view the universe? Why am I here? What affirms my spirituality and what lessens it? How can I bring spirituality into my everyday life? After writing, you can create a statement of faith based on your answers to the questions. Recite what you write by candlelight for the universe to hear. Rediscover and rededicate yourself to your spirituality.

Samhain Prosperity Spell

Pass a skull (plastic or wax), some pumpkin spice and some dried pumpkin seed, a large white plate, a small bowl, a black bag, and a gold cord through incense smoke. Mix the seeds and spice in a bowl and stir counterclockwise to banish negativity, clockwise for the blessings of your ancestors. Place a list of your ancestors on the plate, and set the skull on top, sprinkling it with the seed and spice mixture. Hold your hands over the skull asking that your ancestors bring harmony and prosperity into your life, and cover the skull with the bag for seven days. On the seventh day, place the spice, seeds, and skull in the bag, and tie it all securely with the gold cord. Place it in the west part of your attic or basement.

Pumpkin Prosperity Spell
from "HALLOWEEN, spells, customs and recipes" by Silver Ravenwolf

If you need to harvest a little money this Samhain season, try this
spell. You will need:

    1 small (not miniature)-sized pumpkin
    The amount of money you need, written on a piece of plain white
    paper in green ink (if you don't know how much you need, give a rough
    figure, but don't make the request outrageous - the universe works
    to our needs, not necessarily on our wants)
    1 bag fresh dirt
    7 dimes
    7 pumpkin seeds from this pumpkin
    7 ounces of rain water or water from a steam (no tap or bottled water)
    Lodestone, Optional

Cut the top off the pumpkin in a scallop design (to aid the flow of money to you). Clean out the pumpkin.. (Save the seed for other magical work.) Remember to keep 7 seeds for this spell. Place the pumpkin in the refrigerator until Halloween Eve. One-half hour before Halloween Eve (not after), bring out the pumpkin, the piece of paper with the
dollar amount you need written on it, the dirt, dimes, seed, and the water. Place the paper in the bottom of the pumpkin. Pour in the dirt. With the end of the pencil, make seven holes in the dirt in a circular pattern (keep the
holes at least one inch apart). Hold the first dime in your hand and think about the amount of money you need. (Important, do not think negative thoughts about the money you need, no matter how desperate you are.)  Keep
the dime in your hand until it grows warm and you feel good inside. With the pencil, push the first dime in the hole that coincides with 12 o'clock. Follow the same procedure going clockwise, with the other six dimes. (if you happen to have a lodestone hanging around, bury it in the middle of the dirt.) Now,starting at the 12 o'clock and going clockwise, pour 1
ounce of water into each hole. When you are finished, hold your hands over the pumpkin and say:

   "One dime for beginnings
    One dime for drawing
    One dime for growth
    One dime for stability
    One dime for banishing negativity
    One dime for luck
    One dime to seal the spell.
    So mote it be!"

Bury the pumpkin on your property the following night one half hour before midnight (no later).

Halloween Charm Bag For Drawing Money
from "HALLOWEEN, spells, customs and recipes" by Silver Ravenwolf

You could make a bunch of these to use as Witchy Party favors at your Samhain party.... Write the instructions and ingredients to the charm but provide each guest with the orange bag. Okay here we go..... you will need (per charm):

7 pumpkin seeds
1/4 teaspoon dried, ground pumpkin rind
1/4 teaspoon dried mint
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 silver coin
1 small orange flannel bag with 17 in. red ribbon
black felt pen

On a new moon before Halloween, mix the herbal ingredients together

"East and west, and south and north
Prosperity, I bring thee forth."

Draw a dollar sign on each side of the pumpkin seeds.. Add the pumpkin seeds to the mixture. Pour into the orange bag. Hold the coin in your hands until it gets warm. Humming the same chant all through this. On the following Thursday, hold the bag in your hands and repeat the chant until the bag becomes warm. Add 7 knots to the ribbon around the bag - two are for money, three for abundance, four for stability, five for protection, six for luck, and the seventh know to seal the spell. Put away until Samhain.

On Samhain, hold the bag in your hands over the need fire until the bag warms in your hands. Repeat the chant as you do this. Keep on your person or in your purse etc. Good for one full year. You can rework the spell on a new moon to keep the bag at its peak This makes a very nice gift for the certain someone.

Healing Love Pumpkin Spell
from "HALLOWEEN, spells, customs and recipes" by Silver Ravenwolf

To send healing love to someone over Samhain, try this little spell.
You will need:

    1 small pumpkin
    1 small piece white parchment
    1 red pen
    3 red roses
    3 drops rose oil
    1 green candle
    1 green ribbon

Cut the top off the pumpkin. Hollow out the pumpkin and save the top. Write the person's name on the piece of paper with red pen. Roll up into a little tube. Place the tube in the bottom of the pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin with rose petals, and add the rose oil.
Hold the green candle in your hand and say:

    "Samhain night, holy night,
    Sending loving energy from the dawn of tomorrow
    To the sunset of forever.
    So mote it be."

Light the candle and wave it around the pumpkin in a clockwise direction seven times, repeating the charm. Set the candle behind the pumpkin. Hold your hands over the pumpkin and repeat until your hands tingle or grow warm and you feel good inside. Place the top on the pumpkin, then tie the green ribbon around the stem while sealing the spell. Leave candle to burn out. Or turn this spell into to a seven-day ritual, beginning on the full moon, lighting the candle everyday, for six days for seven minutes. Letting the candle burn out completely on the last night. Bury the pumpkin seven days after you perform the spell, or give the pumpkin as a get-well Halloween gift.

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