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Charms, Amulets and Pouches

by Raven and Crone

Acorn: An acorn anointed with musk oil and carried in your purse, pocket, or charm bag will help to attract the opposite sex to you. The increase your income, anoint an acorn with 3 drops of pine oil when the Moon is waxing, and then bury it in your yard as close as possible to the front door of your house. For Witches and Pagans who follow a Druid or Celtic tradition, 3 acorns placed on a Yule Sabbat altar will help increase magickal or divinatory powers and also bring peace and protection to a Druid circle.

Adam and Eve Root: Carry a musk or rose oil-anointed Adam and Eve root in your pocket, purse, or charm bag to make any form of love magick more potent.

Amber: is a good-luck gemstone that strengthens the aura, and harmonizes and balances the yin/yang energies. It attracts compassion and can be worn as amulet jewelry to protect against evil influences and accidental injuries.

Ankh: The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol resembling a cross with a loop at the top. It symbolizes the power of life and cosmic knowledge, and is the oldest and most popular amulet/religious symbol used by the Egyptians. When worn or carried, the ankh brings good health, promotes fertility, and strengthens the psychic powers.

Arrowhead: Carry an arrowhead for protection against enemies, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits, and all negative forces. Place an arrowhead over your front door (or under the mat) to prevent burglars from breaking into your home, and keep one in your car to help guard against accidents and theft.

Eye of Horus: Also known as the "Udjat" or "All-Seeing Eye'" the Eye of Horus is an ancient symbol used in modern Witchcraft as an amulet for wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection, good health, the increasing of clairvoyant powers and protection against thieves.

Fairy Amulet: Wear any type of fairy-shaped jewelry as an amulet to increase magickal powers, enhance all enchantments, attract fairy-folk and put your spirit in harmony with Mother Nature.

Pyramid Amulet: Wear a pyramid amulet to improve work habits, increase or re-energize your psychic powers, or to attract good luck into your life. Crystals shaped like pyramids posses the power to balance emotional qualities and are said to bring wisdom. The power of the pyramid is also believed by many to enhance meditations and past life regressions, break unhealthy addictions and even revive ailing house plants.

Sun Symbol: Carry a gold charm shaped like the Sun in a gold or yellow colored velvet charm bag if you wish to acquire wealth, good health, success and/or fame. This is also an effective amulet to use if you feel that others have been causing you trouble. The symbol of the Sun is sacred to all solar deities, and is especially powerful for people born under the astrological sign of Leo.

Agate: Good luck, meditation, protection, health, purification.

Moon: Amulet worn in ancient and modern times to bring success in love and good fortune in travil. To assure good foftune it should be worn as a waxing, not a waning moon. That is, with the points to the left. 

Pentagram: A five pointed star representing the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Also represents the figure of a human being. It is thought to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil spirits. Can also be used by magicians to control spirits. Should be worn with one point up.

Rings: Worn as amulets to treat illness, dispel forces of evil, keep lovers together, and prevent flight of the soul from the body.

Star: Ward off evil or encourage good fortune.

Sun: Said to bestow prosperity and friendship. Probably of Egyptian origin.

Car Protection Sachet

2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Juniper
1 part Mugwort
1 part Comfrey
1 part Caraway
1 small Quartz Crystal

Tie up in a red cloth and place in your car for protection.

Friendship Blessing Bottle:

Any decorative or uniquely shaped bottle ~ add in rows (amounts will vary depending on the size of the bottle you choose):

Catnip for lasting friendship
Cloves to protect from gossip
Coltsfoot for peace and tranquility
Marigolds for respect and admiration
Rose Petals for love
Chamomile to help wishes come true
Marjoram for joy and happiness

Seal with candle wax, tie a satin bow around neck, and add card with ingredients and what they represent (as above). Make enough for all of your closest friends!

Make a Putsi or Gypsy Pouch
by Raymond Buckland

The Putsi, or pouch is a fun and interesting gift to bring health, wealth, good luck and protection into the life of the recipient. Take a small red silk or chamois pouch and fill it with rose petals, acorns, a piece of amber, cinnamon, two cloves, a bean, a piece of orris root, and a silver or gold coin. Some Gypsies also include such items as a feather, a piece of lemon peel, lavender, a wedding ring (perhaps the mother's or grandmothers), and a small piece of coal.

Love Charm source unknown
A pink, red, or white pouch or cloth
Rose quartz (stone and chips)
Malachite( chips)
Rose oil
Ylang Ylang oil
5 small rosebuds
sea salt
Pink, red, or white string
Put several drops of rose oil on the cloth. Anoint the stones with both oils, empower them and put them in the cloth or pouch. Anoint the rosebuds. Add only 4 of them with the lavender to the cloth. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt over everything to purify. Gather the 4 corners of the cloth together and tie with ribbon or string. Tie 2 knots while visualizing or chanting a spell. Example:
"By the spell i cast today
May the magick I weave bring love my way."
Place the fifth rosebud where the knots are being tied. Place it there and tie the remaining five knots over the rosebud to hold it in place. End the spell by saying:
" For the good of all
and with harm to none
this is my will and it is done".

Prosperity Pouch source unknown
Green or gold cloth and bag
Money oil, cinnamon oil, or heliotrope oil
1 small cinnamon stick
1 Gold Candle
1 Green candle
Prosperity incense
Empower all objects. Carve a prosperity rune or symbol on the candles and dress them with any of the above oils. Visualize your goal as you dress them. Add a chant if you like.
"Wealth and money, come to me
I deserve prosperity."
Light the candles on your altar or place of magick. Place the empowered herbs in the bag and ask for the blessings of the earth. Wave the bag through the incense smoke and ask for the blessings of air. Pass the bag through the flame of each candle and ask for the blessings of fire. Anoint the bag with any of the money drawing oils and ask for the blessings of water. Hold the stones and tell them what they are to do. Explain their magickal purpose. Add them to your pouch. Take the cinnamon stick and drip some green wax on one end and gold wax on the other. These are 2 traditional money drawing colors but can also be viewed as colors for the Goddess (Green) and the God (Gold). Ask for their blessing on your spell. Say:
"For the good of all
and with harm to none
this is my will
And it is done!"

Inner Power Pouch  source unknown
Purple bag or cloth
Dragon's blood resin
Galangal or ginger root
High John oil, personal power oil or Dragon's blood oil
A Clear quartz crystal
A personal talisman
Purple Candle
It is suggested making up your own directions and spell for this one because it is a very personal pouch. Add ingredients or objects that have meaning to YOU. One suggestion: Try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or a stitched personal symbol.


We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!

This article was published on Tuesday 03 March, 2009.
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