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May Full Moon

by Raven and Crone

The full moon for May is the Hare Moon also called the Flower Moon. The colors are red, orange or yellow . This is a time to grow and thrive. This is a good time to finish projects and re-affirm your goals. Use green and yellow candles for ritual. Burn strawberry, peach or coconut incense. This is a good time to work on magic related to careers and jobs. May is the time to get the gardens planted, we begin to sow our crops and put your hands into the soil. Do some fire divination this month to help guide you on your way. Have your circle outside if the weather permits it. Plan a ritual to reaffirm your goals. The gemstones for the month of May are Emerald and Carnelian.


    Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow
    Gemstones: Amber, Apache tear, Garnet, Ruby
    Trees: Hawthorn, Rowan
    Gods:  Cernunnos, Flora, Kali
    Herbs: Cinnamon, Mint
    Element: Fire

This article was published on Monday 22 February, 2016.
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