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Animal Correspondences for Spells and Rituals

by Raven and Crone

Ant: industry, community, craftsmanship

Beaver: power, cycles, guardian energy, sacred to Odin and Artemis

Bees: messages, communication, luck, sacred to Venus

Blue Jay: communication, magickal mimicry, guardian energy

Butterfly: transformation, enlightenment, reincarnation

Cat: playfulness, equilibrium, grace, sacred to Bast

Chicken: divination, fertility, health

Cow: The Goddess Aspect, prosperity, sacred to Hathor

Cricket: luck, happiness, abundance, blessings

Deer: spiritual education, security, gentility, sacred to Artemis, Aphrodite and Diana

Dog: service, trust, devotion

Dolphin: oracles, divine messages, the breath of life, sacred to Apollo

Fish: fertility, perseverance, providence

Fox: invisibility, half-truths, quick action, shape-shifting, sacred to Bacchus

Frog: fertility, health, honesty

Hare: The Moon, fecundity, sacred to Aphrodite and Eros

Horse: movement, fertility, divination, sacred to Mars

Lark: cheerfulness, solar magick

Mole: revealing secret matters

Mouse: economy, getting around barriers, sacred to Apollo

Nightingale: love, lightening burdens, sacred to Adonis and Attis

Owl: self-truth, wisdom, vision, sacred to Athena

Pig: renewal

Raven: prophesy, sacred to Hellios

Robin: harbinger of spring, the fire element, sacred to Thor

Snail: birth, luck, divination

Snake: transformation, health, sacred to Hermes and Ra

Spider: fate, destiny, networks, sacred to the Fates

Squirrel: in-gathering, storage

Turkey: charity, self sacrifice

Turtle: the earth, creativity, regeneration

Whale: the water element, rejuvenation, initiation

This article was published on Friday 01 June, 2012.
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