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by Raven and Crone

Free Spells for prosperity, love, luck, protection and other positive spells. Use them in a loving and positive manner. the magick is within you

A NOTE ABOUT SPELLS: If you are looking for spells to bend the will of other people, for example make someone love you, harm someone, attain personal gain at someone elses expense, PLEASE DON'T. Spells are a way of directing energy to bring about change in YOUR life, not someone elses. Change can happen in our lives and may or may not be the way you expect. Pagans and Wiccans never perform spells or rituals to harm or bend the will of others, only to change their own lives in positive ways by using their own energies. Do not ask us for spells to control the will of others; we will not help you. There is no bad energy here. It takes many years of study and practice to channel your energy and it shouldn't be taken lightly. You are better off writing your own spells, putting your intention into writing the spell and using the free spells here as an example to help you write and perform your own magick.

Making Amends Spell 

There are times when we know we've hurt another person and need to make it right, but for some reason, we cannot do it in person. Before doing this spell, make sure that there is no possible way to heal the hurt directly with an in-person conversation. Find a yard of colored ribbon appropriate to the person or the issue, and a bowl in which you can burn something safely. In a meditative state, focus your energy and thoughts on the issue and the person. Say what you would if you could be together with that person. When you are finished, place the ribbon on your altar along with the burning bowl. Cast a circle and call in the deities and spirits as you are accustomed. Hold the ribbon in your projective hand and say, "I acknowledge that harm has been done" and, starting with air, cleanse the ribbon with each element.

By the power of air,
Clear hurt away,
By the power of fire,
Burn hurt away,
By the power of water,
Wash hurt away,
By the power of earth, Cleanse hurt away.

Place the ribbon in the bowl and burn it until it is ashes. Close your circle, thanking the spirits present. Put the ashes in running water so that the energy is dispersed. By Gail Wood

Anger Release Spell

Tools Needed:
Purple Balloon
Black Pen

Go and stand at the top of a hill, preferably on a windy day. Blow up the balloon and write on it the name of the person who has angered you.

Then repeat:

"I release my anger correctly,
So mote it be"

Pop the balloon, using the pin, and scream at the top of your voice. Imagine all your destructive energies leaving your system and you feeling totally satisfied. 

New Beginnings
Author: Unknown


A White Candle
2-4 Inch String
6 Inch Square of Green Fabric
A Key
Iris or Orris Root
Dried Chamomile Or Daisy
A White Ribbon
Write your name on the candle while saying:

"Fresh and clean, with flame so pure,
My old life is now obscure"

Visualize in vivid detail what you expect from your new life and see new opportunities unfolding. Cut the string in half, letting the pieces fall to the ground. Place them on the cloth while saying:

"Remove your boundaries, Terminus.
Liberate me, Libertus"

Place the key on the cloth while saying:

"Carna, come unlock your doors,
A new beginning, I implore"

Place the Iris or Orris in the cloth and say:

"Iris (or Orris), help me cross the bridge.
Janus, give me what I wish"

Place the daisy or chamomile in the cloth and say:

"Freya, make all fresh and new.
Do now what I ask of you"

Gather the edges of the cloth together and tie them with the ribbon to form a pouch. As you knot the ribbon say:

"A brand new life, I start today.
I seal my old life out - away.
I now embrace what come to me.
In growth and opportunity"

Let the candle burn down, then carry the pouch on your person or in your purse of pocket for as long as you feel you need it.

Binding Bottle Spell
Author Unknown 

Used to neutralize the power of those who intend to do you physical harm, or hurt your reputation, or in any way pose a threat to your security. You will need:  

4 TBL Frankincense or Myrrh
4 TBL Black powdered Iron
4 TBL Sea Salt
4 TBL Orris-root Powder (or oak moss)
1 white candle
1 glass bottle with a cork or lid
Mortar and pestle
Parchment Paper
Black Ink or black pen
Black thread  

Mix the sea salt, orris-root powder, and the iron in a bowl. Then cut a piece of parchment to fit inside your bottle and write on it with black ink:   

I neutralize the power of (name of adversary) to do me any harm.
I ask that this be correct and for the good of all.
So mote it be!

Lapis Lazuli Courage Spell

You will need a Lapis Lazuli loose or one that is set in a piece of jewelry. Hold the stone in your hand and repeat these words in a clear steady voice:

"Lapis Lazuli,
You calm my fears,
The power of mind is yours.
Let my courage appear,
Let my courage soar.
So Mote it be"

Keep the crystal with you during the task you are preforming. If you feel your courage waning, touch the crystal and renew it.By Pagan Magic

Court Charm
author unknown
High John
5 " square red cloth
purple ribbon

Burn a small amount of high john for 14 consecutive nights, mix the ashes with 1 tsp. of galangal. Place mixture in center of cloth and tie w/ ribbon to make a sack. Carry charm with you to court to gain the favor of the judge/jury.

Fairy Attraction Spell
In June the garden is an oasis of color and fragrance-I hope yours is too. Now is a good time to attract the fairy folk to your garden. First, mark off the area with a mixture of water and olive oil, sprinkling it here and there with your fingers, and say:
"Water, olive oil, bind and protect the soil I call mine."

Beneath ferns and foxgloves, and near rocks and the base of trees, sprinkle a few grains of clear glitter. Then say:
"I welcome you spirits of tree and vine."
Ground your energy when done. Perform this spell during a waxing Moon outdoors, at that breathless moment just before sunset. By James Kambos

Faerie Garden Blessing
Author: Unknown

Springtime is the perfect time to start your new garden. When you arrange your plants be sure to leave a small empty place in your arrangement. According to lore, the fae will come build their homes there and make your garden quite magical! As you plant, say these words to invite your faerie friends:

"Oh, my magic Faerie friends,
I leave this spot for you to tend,
May you live and laugh and play,
And bring some magic to my garden everyday!"

Egg Spell for Fertility
Author: Terri Paajanen

What You'll Need:
An egg
8 vanilla beans
A place to bury the egg
Using a natural food coloring, draw the letters "RIPE" on your egg. Bury the egg along with the vanilla beans in the yard. If you don't have access to any place for this, use a large flower pot. Every night, water the ground where you planted the egg, until you are pregnant. This spell is best performed during the waxing moon phase (when the moon is getting bigger in the sky), and preferably on a Monday.

Feud Spell
Here is a spell to help end the feud between two people. It helps to banish troubles and hurt feelings and will soothe any hard words that may have been spoken. Light an orange candle for Mercury and for extra energy to help in our task. Then repeat the charm:

By the speed of Mercury, all troubles will pass,
Now let the squabbling end and our friendship last.
I send my apologies to you with my sincerity,
Lets put this all behind us, with the power of three times three.

Now give your friend a call, and start a positive dialogue. Clear the air and apologize. Also be sure to accept their apology with compassion and grace. By: Ellen Dugan

Forgiveness Spell

Forgiving someone who has hurt you is not something you do for the person who did you wrong. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, and for yourself alone. This is why forgiving someone who wronged you is so difficult. A spell that will help this process is to take a daisy on a windy day, and to pluck each petal while saying:

While what you've done
Is not forgot,
I've let you go,
I hate you not.
Should your shadow
Cross my door,
Your presence won't
Touch me anymore.
I am free from all my anger,
And I treat you as a stranger.
In this time and in this hour,
I forgive you, and now
You have no power.

Watch the petals float away, taking your pain along with them. By Diana Rajchel

Moving On Spell

Gather together things that represented you in the past. These could be old photos, favorite outdated clothes, etc. In an old trunk, place the items in one by one. Thank them for being part of you when needed, thank the person in the photo for being strong for the time. But now it is time for new beginnings. Close the trunk and say:

For the past is behind me
And the new way
In front of me.

Time to evolve,
Time to move on.
I thank the person I was
And I welcome the person
I am yet to be.

Store the trunk, but do not open it for at least one year. Then open it and have a remembrance evening, going through your old things. At this point you may wish to discard some, or add other things to the trunk. Remember that this trunk represents you, and respect it as you respect yourself. By Nancy Bennett

Spell to Own the Home You Want
From Dorothy Morrisons Everyday Magic

white candle
red candle
a taglock each from the inside and outside property of the house
vegetable oil 
personal taglock, such as a bit of your hair or a fingernail
Wishing incense (wishing incense: bay leave cinnamon, ginger, grind all 3 together in a mortar & pestle. The more time and intention you put into this the better the spell)
1 penny
rosemary (if you are female)   St. John's wort (if you are male)
small white box

First, find the home you want to own. Obtain a taglock from the inside perimeter. Nearly anything will work-a bit of carpet fiber, a paint chip, a shred of wallpaper, dust from the floor-as long as it comes from inside the house. Obtain a taglock from the out­side property, too. A blade of grass, a small stone, or a twig is fine.Take the items home and gather the materials. Light the white candle and summon good spirits and positive influences by chanting something like:

Good spirits arise! Be present, please; Lend this spell your expertise.

Anoint the red candle with vegetable oil, then roll it in a bit of Wishing incense. This candle represents the heart of the home you want. Light it and chant:

Heart of home, I bond with you.
We are one-no longer two.
I am yours and you are mine.
Come to me and waste no time.

Light the incense. Write your name on all four sides of the box; then open it, and hold it in your hands. Swish it through the incense smoke, and pass it over the flame of the white candle. Place a few drops of water and a pinch of salt inside. Say the following:

By fin and feather, scale and fur,
Dwelling changes now occur.
Bring me the home I want to own,
Let no related problems roam.

Place the house taglocks inside the box and say:

I offer you this bit of home And property to make my own.

Place your personal taglock inside and say:

I offer, too, a bit of me So that a bond between us be.

Place the penny inside and say:

Money problems shall not come Between us now. So be it done!

Sprinkle the inside of the box with the herb appro­priate to your gender. Close the box and seal all seams and edges with wax dripped from the red can­dle. When completely sealed, set the box between the candles and say:

Bring this home into my possession Quickly, now, and without question.
It is mine, so bring it soon. I claim this space by Sun and Moon.

Let the candles burn completely.
When the house becomes yours, bury the box as near to the front door as possible.

Power Oil:

Equal parts of Patchouli oil, Cinnamon oil, and Vanilla oil . Touch to pulse points (especially at wrists and temples) prior to going into a situation you need to have power over.

Leadership Spell

To enhance your leadership ability, gather together three or more of the following herbs in powder form: basil, garlic, orris root, poppy, and sunflower. Mix them together as you envision others following your effective lead. Visualize your leadership in the most positive terms. Place the powder on your altar and light patchouli incense and a red candle. Wave the powder through the incense and the candle, envisioning your responsibilities and rewards growing in strength. When you are done, sprinkle the powder in the shoes you will wear as you step into leadership and say, "Let others see in every deed, I have the power to lead." Extinguish the candle, thank the spirit, and go out and do a fabulous job! By Gail Wood

Feeling Overwhelmed Spell
If you are feeling overwhelmed right about now, here are some tips to help you fell better:

1. Turn off the telephone, TV, radio, and any other distraction.

2. Sit in a comfortable chair, with your eyes closed.

3. Breathe in as slowly as you can and then exhale quickly. Do this four times to get centered.

4. Say the following mantra at least thirteen times:
So much time, so few things to do. It doesn't matter that you know there's too much to do right now, just repeat the mantra and breathe in as slowly as you can.

5. If you can, sit for a few minutes more and let your thoughts drift past your mind. Do not actively attempt to do any problem solving. Many times, solutions will appear. By Therese Francis

Self Esteem Spell
(Author Unknown)

Tools Needed:

A Bath
7 Green Oak Leaves (Or Bay leaves if these are out of season)
Lavender Oil
A Purple Candle
A Yellow Candle
Jasmine Oil
Purple Thread

Instructions : Run the bath to a depth and temperature of your liking. Put the lavender oil and oak leaves into it, swish it around, then light the candles and climb into the bath. Close your eyes (but don't fall asleep). Begin to breathe, breathe in a warming Orange light of confidence, and breathe out murky coloured self-doubts. Imagine a yellow light above your head, which slides down your body, touching every bit of you from top to the tips of your toes. Continue to breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.

Say out loud:

"I am gorgeous,
I am beautiful,
I am Goddess"

Repeat this six times in total. When you leave the bath, snuff out the candles and thread the oak leaves on the purple thread. Then, whenever your self-esteem fails you, heat jasmine oil in an oil burner, light the candles, hold up the oak leaves and repeat the chant. When the leaves eventually run out, begin again with new oak leaves and new candles. The oak leaves may be carried with you (in a small box or envelope) in your handbag / bag on (all sorts) of important dates. When touching up your make - up, or getting ready just get out the oak leaves and repeat the mantra to spur you to greater things.

No More Jail Time
author unknown

Imbolc incense
White candle
Amber oil or basil oil
Lock of persons hair or piece of his clothing

Carve word protection on one side of candle and name on the other side of person your protecting. Dress candle with oil. Tie around candle persons hair or if short sprinkle some onto the oiled candle or a piece of his clothing they have worn. Burn candle for 10 minutes each day until burned completely. Burn 1st day within circle that you cast then it's ok after that to burn out of circle for the following days.

Dream of Blue Almonds Spell 
For this success and divination spell, carry an almond with you for one full day before proceeding. Light a dark blue candle and sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon over the flame, visualizing the success you seek. See yourself waking up each day with new ideas and spirit guidance. Feel creativity flowing through you. Holding the almond with tweezers or
tongs, warm it in the flame, chanting three times:

As I lay me down to sleep,
Spirit guidance I do seek.
Success and vision, come to me-
Bless me with creativity.

Place the almond under your side of the bed. Each night as you lie down to sleep, hold the intent to remember dreams that will show you the answers you need for success. By Kristin Madden

We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!

This article was published on Friday 13 June, 2008.
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