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How to Use Crystals and Tumbled Stones

by Raven and Crone

How to use Crystals, What can Crystals Do

Many people collect tumbled stones, crystals and gems because of their metaphysical properties and the multiple ways they can be used. Some simply place their stones around the house, use as energy tools, always working to benefit themselves and others through stone energy.

When using tumbled stones and crystals in your environment, the easiest thing is to pick some stones that you feel drawn to and place them around your home and work area. By doing this you can create a positive, healing vibration in your space. You can add any other stones to enhance the environmental energies further, depending on your needs and desires. Some individuals place protection stones at the openings of their homes, while others concentrate their collections in a meditation room or personal altar. People in difficult work environments often place a stone on their desks which can transform negative energies. Outdoors, you can place stones at the property boundaries or in a grid pattern around the house, garden or meditation area. All these ways can benefit and affect a persons day-to-day experience, and also those who enter your space.

When holding and carrying tumbled stones and crystals most people have a selection of stones that they can select from, according to the needs of the day. One of the best ways to choose a stone is to pick it up and hold it for a few moments, paying attention to the changes in your energies and feelings while doing so. At other times, you may choose to simply hold a particular stone for a few moments, or however long it takes to receive what you need energetically. Both holding and carrying stones has the effect of bringing their vibrations into your auric field, allowing you to feel and benefit from the modified energies.

Wearing stones in pouches or in a form or jewelry is another way of holding and carrying stones. You can wear them in medicine pouches or incorporate them into jewelry pieces. Both of these ways have been used for many centuries. One advantage of pouches and jewelry pieces is that they allow you to incorporate combinations of stones which work together to produce the desired effects. One of the most popular jewelry designs is a chakra pendant, which consists of vertically aligned array of seven stones, corresponding to the seven chakras, or energy centers, running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This can help keep you balanced, focused and energized through long hours that entail many interactions with different people. Other jewelry or pouch combinations might include success stones, protection stones, healing stones, love energy stones, prosperity stones and so on. In many cases it seems not to matter whether you work with a pouch or a jewelry piece. Wondering if a ring would work as well as a pendant, in most cases it does. The important thing is for the stone or stones to be in your auric field. For example when a person is using stones to heal or open the heart, the proximity of the stones to the area of focus can be beneficial. By the same token, healers may find certain gemstone rings to be particularly helpful when they are channeling energies through their hands.

Meditating with stones might be the single best way to learn and to feel crystal energies. Hold a stone or several stones during meditation. In meditation, you will work to gently clear the mind of thought and enter a state of positive receptive energy. Many of the serenity-inducing stones, such as Angelite, Celestite, Lithium , Jade and Lepidolite can help one achieve this state. Other stones which you may choose for purposes of shifting consciousness, healing, or activating specific energy centers in the body or aura will have their strongest effects during meditation. This is because meditation quiets the mind and allows new influences to enter our consciousness. During meditation the stones will feel stronger, not only because one is able to pay closer attention to the subtle changes, but also because the state of openness allows for more pronounced effects. You are encouraged to explore the higher worlds through whatever minerals call out to you. Such stones as Calcite, Celestite, Herkimer and others are powerful tools for making it easier for a visionary experience, out of body travel and other openings to the higher dimensions.

Dreaming is another way we all move into other realms of consciousness. Because dreams have the ability to alter the pattern of your energy field, many crystals and minerals can powerfully affect your dream state-bringing more frequent and vivid dreams, containing spiritual guidance, dreams of visitations from departed loved ones, lucid dreams, astral travel and other types of out-of-body experiences. Angel Quartz, Apatite, Herkimer, Green Jade and Picture Jasper, Rhondonite, Smoky Quartz, Stilbite, Sugilite for example can be taped to the forehead or tucked into the pillowcase, they will almost always facilitate-extremely vivid dreams of high spiritual content, even for people who insist they never dream. Herkimer Diamonds increase the visionary quality of dreams and can make people dream in color. Angelite, Celestite and Opal can uplift your dream scenes to the angelic realms. Just slip the appropriate stone into your pillowcase and see where you go. Be sure to keep a dream journal.

Body Layout is the art of laying stones on the body for healing and is said to be an ancient practice. Modern healers have a much wider array of stones available to them than at any other time in recorded history. Typically, body layouts involve one person lying on a massage table or bed while a friend or practitioner places stones upon the body, often at the chakra points, meridian lines, or near the organs you may wish to affect. Sometimes a body layout can be as simple as a chakra-attunement array, consisting of one or more stones at each of the seven chakra points, with each stone chosen because of its affinity with that particular chakra. However, body layouts offer perhaps the greatest opportunity to experience the complex interplay of multiple stone energies and they are limited only by your imagination and inner guidance. Stone arrays can be created to focus on physical or emotional healing, energy purification and cleansing, psychic protection, spirituality, astral travel or any number of other purposes. The practitioner or friend may simply lay the stones on the body and leave while they do their work, or she may help bring about the movement of energies through other methods.

Grids are patterns of various crystals and stones laid out for mutual enhancement of their energies and the energies of the surrounded space. Laying crystals around your body for healing, around your bed or to protect your house. Most often, they are laid out in symmetrical geometric patterns, the most popular one being hexagonal, because it mirrors the structure of Quartz and many other minerals. A small grid only a few inches in diameter, perhaps surrounding a picture of yourself or of someone you wish to help, can be constructed on an altar or tabletop. A grid for sitting or reclining meditation can be arranged on the floor of a room in your home. Bigger grids can be built which encompass your house, yard or even a large area of land. The most frequently used grids are those made for one person to sit or lie within for meditation and-or healing. Combining one of these grids with a stone body layout can provide a powerful energy environment.

Energy tools are created when one or more stones are attached to one another for the purpose of blending and or magnifying their energies. Tools of this type may or may not involve other materials or devices such as copper wire, glass tubing, magnets etc. A simple energy tool could be a large Quartz Generator crystal which someone has glued a smaller stone; the Quartz Generator will amplify the vibrations of the smaller stone. Selenite is another focuser and magnifier of other stones that are attached to it. Follow your own inspirations and create a new tool to serve your awakening.

You can make your own infused oils and essences. Stone energies can be blended with essential oils or infused in water solutions to make essences. In both cases, the vibrational energies of the stones are taken on by the oil or water. If this interests you please seek out information, and be sure not to utilize any toxic stones or substances.

Most of the information for this article is referenced from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons


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This article was published on Wednesday 12 January, 2011.
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