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Metaphysical Properties of Healing Crystals

by Raven and Crone

This list will grow as we add stones to it. If you would like more information and photos regarding these stones, look in our catalog for more detailed  crystal and stone properties






Agate, Blue Lace: calms, assists inner attunement, healing, clears throat chakra

Agate, Bostwana: inner knowledge

Agate, Fire: Is a stone of courage, protection, and strength. Mystical lore says that it relieves fears, halts gossip and even reflects any threat of harm back to the source. Fire agate can help with spiritual advancement and progression. It promotes and enhances energy, including meditation, ritual, and spiritual healing energies. It also balances masculine-active and feminine-receptive energies. It is also said that it can take the edge off the emotional charge of problems. Fire agate is often used in spells to increase skills in communication in writing and speaking. It can also heighten creative visualization. Metaphysical healing lore professes that fire agate enhances all healing energies, and assists with healing of the circulatory system, lymph system, intestines. Fire agate dispels fear from the very depths of our inner being and provides a protective shield which reflects any negative energy back to its source so they understand personally their act. Helps us to stay on our path towards enlightenment by dispelling desires that would steer us off track. It encourages us to be the 'best' possible Its energy provides the impetus to take action and stimulates both progression and advancement.Fire agate is associated primarily with the sacral and root chakras.

Agate, Moss: grounds, calms, centers

Agate, Tree: assist with introspection & self discovery, relives tension, gives a wider viewpoint of the world

Agate, Turitella : Overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, healing anger, fostering love, courage to start again, acceptance of ones self, emotional trauma, dissolves internal tension, accept love, self-confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, stabilizes the aura and negative energy transformation. Emotional, physical, and intellectual balance, helps through transitions, helps to rid unpleasant thoughts during these transitions, calming, soothing, grounding, reduce fatigue, spiritual growth and inner stability. Helps adjust to changes in life that has to do with combining the old aspects of life with the new ones. Like families that have step children or step parents in them, helps them run more smoothly. Healing lore properties are digestive process, gastritis, eyes, stomach, uterus, lymphatic system, pancreas, blood vessels and skin disorders. Associated with root Chakra and the Earth element.

Amazonite :  soothes heart & throat, brings clarity, truth & trust. dispels negativity, general health & well being

Amethyst:  opens crown chakra, promotes inner peace, love, insomnia, balance, healing, true love, cleansing, initiates wisdom & under standing, communicates directly with the inner soul. It is a gemstone of power, peace, protection, and spirituality. It helps balance the aura, controls evil thoughts, eases tension, sharpens the intellect, and brings contentment and sincerity into the lives of those who use it. Amethyst as an amulet brings exceptional good luck for all persons born in the month of February or under the astrological sign of Pisces. When held in the hand or placed over the Third Eye chakra, it aids spiritual and psychic development, and can be used as a powerful meditation stone. To guard against negativity, wear an amethyst pendant set in silver on a silver chain. 

Amethyst, Black: emotionally grounding, good crystal for healers who are burnt out to rejuvenate themselves. is a environmental clean up crystal With this in mind, it will need to be cleansed itself and Loves to be cleansed with water, used to remove radiation the body stores on the sides of the head, such as from computers, Place on the 3rd eye and visualize yourself breathing in the color for total mental emotional soothing, all round healer and also a brilliant meditation stone

Ametrine:  harmony, healing, stress relief, learning, meditation, negativity, psychic abilities, 3rd eye chakra

Angelite:  Brings serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm. Angelite is excellent to use when you need to calm down from feelings of stress and overwhelm. Angelite dispels fear, anger, and encourages forgiveness. Angelite is used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self, and guardian angels. It is excellent for enhancing telepathy, psychic awareness, astral travel, and spirit journeys. Angelite is a wonderful mineral that helps balance the subtle bodies and strengthens them against intrusion, as its energy constitutes a protective barrier around the location in which it is placed. It is used to aid the development and accuracy of telepathic communication and is useful in channeling due to the properties of protection and the enhancement of communication, both gross and subtle. Angelite can be used to aid expression and communication in group settings and in relationships. Angelite is used for infectious diseases, hemoglobin deficiencies, throat inflammations and infections, thymus, heart function and circulatory system.

Apache Tear:  aids in removal of limits,soothes grief, provides insight and acceptance at times of death

Apatite:  increase intellect, imagination, meditation or awareness tool, maintain focus, learn, think clearly, communicate, enhance energies of other crystals, inner peace, healing

Apophyllite:  charge objects,scrying, truth, calms,ground spirit,past lives,reiki healing,relax,healing,respiratory, rejunevates eyes, 3rd eye

Aqua Aura: used for power, healing, love, protection, soothe anger, cool feverishness, and release stress. It is strongly connected to the element of water, enhances access to the truth of emotions,  throat Chakra, communicate inner truth, soothing and relaxing effect on the emotional body.

Aquamarine:  courage, strength, aids in peace, protection and calming

Aragonite: Aragonite increases energy, in particular it increases the energy of prayers and magick charms. Aragonite can be used for centering oneself before healing or meditation, allowing for stimulation of communication on the higher planes. Diminishes stress and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most! Aragonite promotes reliability in people and discipline. Provides insight into problems. Aragonite increases self-worth and self-confidence. In business, Aragonite helps clear the mind and provide energy required to meet professional challenges. Thought to teach the art of deep thinking, Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open heart and mind. An earthly grounding stone, Aragonite shows one how to effectively give-and-take, by making one think before acting, and is believed to teach moderation in all things. Aragonite has also been used to help access past lives. Aragonite increases energy levels and the energy of prayers. Because of its positive influence on the brain, nervous system and heart it brings energy to chronic fatigue sufferers. Aragonite helps with hair loss and skin disorders, working on areas that need calcium, such as strengthening and mending broken bones and providing relief from spinal pain. It is said that placing Aragonite on the body when chilled from the flu or a cold will bring instant warmth to the body and rid the body of the chill. It is associated with the Throat, Heart, Third Eye chakra

Aventurine Green: heals heart and all physic healing. clears emotional stress

Aventurine Peach: heals heart and all physical healing, self acceptance, money, luck, clears emotional stress

Azurite: Has a soothing effect and enhances psychic abilities. Azurite is called the "stone of heaven." It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences. It is an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance prophesy and divination. Azurite is said to help control energy flow and bring just the right amount of energy to any situation. Azurite is helpful for healing in general, liver issues arthritis, joint problems and depression. It will also work to align all of the chakras. Azurite cuts through illusion, use on the third eye to release and transform old patterning and belief systems. Associated with All Chakras.

Azurite- Malachite: Natural mixture of minerals that helps the wearer to renew and remember their connection to the All. You get the combination of both mineral with this tumbled stone. It freshens the outlook and allows us to touch our core self without fear, letting us touch our child within and be "reborn into the light." Soothing to the soul, Azurite-Malachite releases stress and helps the wearer to make new beginnings. Azurite aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, and enhances intuition. It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance divination. Azurite is said to help control energy flow and bring just the right amount of energy to any situation. Azurite is helpful for healing in general and depression. It will also work to align all of the chakras. Azurite cuts through illusion, use on the third eye to release and transform old patterning and belief systems. Azurite has a soothing effect. Malachite is a stone of transformation and helps with change and spiritual evolution. It can clear and activate all chakras, as well as balance them. Malachite is a stone that bridges the energy of the heart and base chakras. It is particularly useful for balancing and clearing the heart chakra. It helps balance pure love, romance, and one's own well-being. Malachite is a stone of good fortune and prosperity - abundance. Malachite is also a very protective stone, being especially helpful for general protection, protection from evil, protection for children. It is also an excellent protection stone during flying and other travel. Using this stone, one can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies and help encourage true, pure love. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general.

Bloodstone:  Intense healing stone, courage, harmony, wealth, self confidence, business, purifies blood, soothes cuts and bruises, restores vitality, protection

Calcite, Honey: gently amplifies energy, assists with challenges associated with change. It can enhance psychic abilities, astral projection, higher consciousness, intellect and memory. It is an excellent massage stone. It is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Calcite, Mangano: Gentle but powerful energy, and is excellent for energy healing because of its excellent properties of energy magnification. It helps to clear, soothe and support the emotional body by acknowledging and releasing deeply held emotional patterns and beliefs such as anger or grief. It helps with emotional traumas by activating the heart chakra and connecting to the energy of Divine Love which brings a feeling of wholeness to one's being. It is a calming stone, that eases and heals the heart chakra. It fills the heart with universal love and self-love. It offers hope. It heals inner child hurts and past abuse by filling one with a sense of motherly love. It is also excellent for channeling and astral travel, and for studying and retaining information learned. Use it to release fear, open your heart and move towards that which you desire. Mangano Calcite helps us to experience feelings of absolute safety within our own heart and can give us strength to cope with emotional pain. Perfect for studying and to those who need a sharp memory. It can give you extra energy to get through your day, as it is an energy amplifier. Use to speed up your spiritual development. Mangano calcite creates stability and trust in ourselves. It helps us to overcome difficulties. It enhances memory and makes us more energetic, industrious and successful. Helps to alleviate fear. Mangano Calcite is a calcium carbonate and has a distinct "baby" pink color with white inclusions. The pink color is due to it's Manganese content.

Calcite, Orange: protecting, purifying, grounding and centering stone, inner peace, increases creativity, imagination, and prosperity. Calcite is also a stone of spirituality, wisdom,  reconciliation, open and balance the various chakras, healing, boost's psychic abilities & intuition, increases and amplifies energy, astral travel, channeling, increases intuition, lessening  fear and reduces stress.

Carnelian:  strength, courage, grounding, creativity, mental ability, past lives, digestive system, purification, abundance

Cats Eye: Believed to have magical properties, protects against Evil Eye and black magic, increases personal power, prosperity, confidence, initiate intuition, self pride, healing tool, amplifies other gems energies, deepens spirituality, increases generosity, promotes forgiveness, peace of mind, grounding, stimulates intuition, dispels negative energy from the aura, provides general protection, brings beauty, confidence, happiness, serenity, good luck. Cats Eye is a symbol of tolerance, goodness, pride and harmony. Often given to lovers to increase the positive effects on their relationship.Healing lore says beneficial for eye disorders, night vision, headaches, facial pain, adrenaline, cholesterol, chest and liver. Opens crown chakra and aligns to solar plexus. It is asociated with the wind and water elements.

Celestite:  mental activities, balance, angelic realms, astral travel, dream recall, cleanses, healing, eyes, hearing, mental dysfunction, elminates toxins, digestive disorders, clearing chakras, throat & crown chakras

Chalcedony: Soothing, calming, peace, joy, cleansing, healing, balancing, stimulates optimism and goodwill while relieving hostility, promote mental stability, nurtures and promotes brotherhood and good will, assist telepathy, comforting vibes during mediation or energy work, absorb negative energy and dissipate it, communication with other realms.  It harmonizes mind, body, and spirit, instills generosity. All Chalcedonies are thought to absorb negative energy, promote harmonious emotions, facilitate an exuberant vibe from a speaker to an audience.  Carry it when in need of relief from depression or an immune system boost. This stone feels nice to hold, Blue Chalcedony has a special connection with the Angelic Realm and has a nice translucency. Chalcedony occasionally contains Opal. Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras 

Charoite: Assists to bring a new and vibrant life. It brings in focused clarity and the awareness of what we create. Having a more profound acceptance of our roles as Co-Creators, through clarity and alignment with Divine Wills Intent. Assisting to step out of the old, fear based existence of emotions, thoughts and patterns. It lightens the way to the unlimited self. Carry Charoite to release of limiting beliefs and old patterns, so you can manifest your reality with Divine assistance, for your highest good and greatest joy. Charoite is called a "Stone of Transformation" and is a stone of power. In particular it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings. As part of the transformation process it allows release of those negative emotions. Charoite is also a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, and showing new possibilities even in old situations. This is a stone that allows us to see clearly which brings with it enhanced self-esteem and helps release one from victimization. Charoite can enhance or bring courage, inner strength, and appropriate assertiveness. In the psychic realm, charoite is used for entity release or rescue work, clairvoyance, and prophesy. Physically, charoite is helpful for speeding up healing of all kinds and alcohol detoxification.

Chiastolite: A polished stone also known as the Fairy Cross is a powerfully protective stone. Chiastolite Pronunciation kahy-as-tl-ahyt also known as the Cross-Stone.  It has the properties of transmuting dissension into harmony. It is a creative stone with the power to dispel negative thoughts and feelings. It transmutes conflict into harmony and aids problem-solving and change. It is a gateway into the mysteries, and is helpful for those making the transition beyond death. It calms fears, enabling you to face reality. It aids you in transition between one situation and another. It clears feelings of guilt and stabilizes the emotions. It maintains spirituality during illness or trauma, invoking protective forces. The X in this stone was used to deflect the evil eye. Chiastolite is a wonderful energy to have around. It helps you find your path, balances your emotions, dispels negativity and helps to transform all inharmonious vibrations into harmonious ones. Use as a bridge between worlds or in times of change as an accelerator to release old limiting beliefs. It promotes practicality, creativity, adaptation to change, problem-solving, strength, devotion, balance, memory and harmony. Provides protection and enhances spiritual awareness. Reduces fears, illusions and guilt. Assists with transition and change. The chakras for this stone are the Base and Sacral. The color is Brown-gray, rose, gray, reddish-brown, olive green.

Chrysocolla: Peace, harmony & balance stone. Will give comfort, heal and self confidence

Chrysoprase:  emotions, relief of anxiety & stress.Rituals for abundance, transformations, friendship, healing, charging other items & stones used in healing

Citrine, Yellow: comforting, energizing, meditation, protection, creativity, manifestation, builds up aura, cleansing, grounds negative energy, abundance

Copper: Wonderful healing tool, a mineral of energy, mental agility, quick wit, channel and ground higher vibrations, conducts and enhances stone energies, conduit of Heaven and Earth, enhances and transmits thoughts, carries the energies of thought and emotion, help you become more aware of inner thoughts that create our emotional experiences, aids in gaining wisdom regarding emotional experiences. Healing lore says treatment of arthritis, relieves pain of broken bones and low energy, supports the  formation of red blood cells, can assist the body in repairing tissues after an  accident, injury or surgery. Associated with the earth element and all chakras

Coral, Agatized: Wards off the evil eye, draw luck if used as an ornament in the home, support trauma therapy and work through emotional issues from dysfunctional families, assists in achieving excellence in your personal and professional life, inner peace, quiet nagging thoughts, past life memories, emotional cleansing, excellent protection stone for travel on or near water, shows the power love has to create change, strength to love other people, courage to greet life, ease irritability, help you feel better about other people. Healing lore says it enhances the bodys ability to absorb nutrients, aid digestion, promote long life, prevent snake bites, insect bites, relieve thirst, reduce fevers, body into harmony improving your general health, female reproductive system, womens health problems. Associated with the Base Chakra

Dolomite: Polished stone for relieving sorrow, and soothing hurt, loneliness and anxiety. It is a gentle stone that encourages charitable actions, generosity and giving of all kinds, as well as receiving. Helps us to see that everything happens for a reason. Provides stamina for those dealing with hyperactive individuals. Use to align your energy, rebalance and remove blocks.It also encourages energetic thinking, original thinking, spontaneity, creativity, and manifestation. It is also used to stop energy leaks from the chakras, and to balance and align the chakras. It stabilizes both human and mineral energies, and when placed strategically in a home with other minerals they balance the energetic atmosphere. Sometimes it is called the "herb" of rocks. In the physical realm it is also beneficial for strengthening bones, teeth, muscles, and the female reproductive system. It reduces the effects of PMS. Pink dolomite is also particularly good for insomnia.

Emerald:  helps domestic bliss, stimulates heart chakra, harmony, fidelity, joy, all healing

Fluorite:  centers the mind, connects to the soul realms,healing, great for computer & electromagnetic stress

Fluorite, Blue: Blue Fluorite is a rarer color of Fluorite and has a nice vibration. It is a protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.  When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite  increases intuitive abilities and develops connection to Spirit.  It can heighten mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information, and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation.   Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Aura and Chakra cleansing.  Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation. Fluorite should be cleared often. When used with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Fluorite brings spiritual awaking and clear communication between the physical and spiritual planes.  Used with the Throat Chakra, Blue Fluorite aids in orderly communication of intuitive insights.  The calm, serene energy of Blue Fluorite brings inner peace.

Garnet, Red: creativity, imagination, purifies, strength, courage, root chakra. Its also known as the "Passion Stone," the garnet is a balancer of the yin/yang energies. It increases psychic sensitivity. Garnet is an ideal gemstone to use during meditative rituals, and it can be worn as amuletic jewelry to attract sexual love and soul mates. When placed under a pillow or worn while sleeping, it wars off bad dreams and evil spirits of the night. It also protects the wearer from all dangers when traveling.

Hematite:  grounding, protection, legal situations, divination, restful sleep, calming, healing, physical strength, removes negativity

Herkimer Diamond:  attunement, balance, stress, healing

Howlite: decreases rudeness, an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress and pain. It increases tact. It helps bones, teeth, calcium levels and leg cramps. It also heightens creativity.

Infinite: It is often called the healers stone and miracle working stone. It is useful for healers, athletes, chronic pain sufferers and whoever has an ongoing need for healing energies. Infinite is a soothing and calming stone. It is used in crystal healing to draw pain out from affected areas. It does need to be cleansed regularly. Although both shades are equally valuable, some people prefer the lighter shades and others the darker shades to work with. It is said to be excellent for the treatment of joints, muscles, connective tissue and is excellent fpr pain relief. 

Iolite: Also known as Cordierite and "water sapphire" is usually a blue to violet colored gemstone. Metaphysical properties include: stimulation of the third eye, enhancement of your inner knowing, helps one to eliminate debt by accepting responsibility which leads to successful management of money, has been a stone worn by Shamans in the past to insure accuracy of visions. It also can aid the elimination of disharmony in relationships. Wear or carry Iolite Jewelry to aid financial situations.

Jade, Serpentine: protection, wisdom, shields, luck, love, purity, friendship

Jade: Health, Wealth, longevity, Promotes emotional balance, courage, wisdom, dreams, Protects from injury and accidents. Jade is a mystical gemstone sacred to the Chinese Goddess of healing mercy. It is the symbol of tranquillity and wisdom. It is said to possess yang (the vital masculine principal), and in China it was believed to impart immortality. When worn as amuletic jewelry, jade prevents nightmares and prolongs life. A jade statue placed in the house near a window or in the garden to avert lightning.

Jasper, Brecieated: relaxation, protection, eases stress, grounding

Jasper, Ocean: also known as Orbicular Jasper is very soothing polished stone and helps to love one's self as well as others. It heals the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. The circulars patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Jasper is the stone of selflessness; it is the mother of all stones bringing about Love of all mankind. Ocean Jasper helps with one's emotional life which relates to the solar plexus, said to be a storehouse for emotions. Holding the stone is like holding on to an anchor, a safe haven, while allowing deeply buried feelings to well up like a rising sea. It is said that the Jasper helps these feelings to be released in a way that allows one to process them calmly, without drowning in them. For those who don't need such emotional work, ocean jasper is said to offer a soothing, grounding effect helpful in dealing with change. Ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins,lessen body odour. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra. Ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs - "eyes" enhance this in regard to protection from the "evil eye."

Jasper, Picture: grounding, creativity, harmony, business, emotional healing

Jasper, Red: intensifier, strength, balancing, calming

Jasper, Yellow: protects during spiritual work, positive energy, development of memory, intellect

Jet :  aleviates grief, protection, negativity, base chakra, psychic experience, calm, fear, negative energy, healing

Kyanite, Blue: Protection, honesty, anger, all chakras, meditation, communication, fibromyalgia, healing, arguments, psychic, dreaming. Astral travel, never needs cleansing, doesn't hold negative energy

Labadorite:  transformation,clear-balance & protect aura, clarity into destiny, attract success, dream recall, stress, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, solar plexus & brow chakras

Lapis Lazuli: signifies deep power, wisdom, and inner strength, development and use of psychic abilities, higher insight, and decision making, opens your mind for creative use, expanding your viewpoint, getting in contact with your inner power, for seventh and ninth anniversary jewelry,  gemstones of friendship and truth, meditating on the color of the lapis lazuli they could touch the robes of God, stone of total awareness, activates throat, third eye and crown chakras, emotional balancing, PMS, protection, insomnia, dreaming, women's healing, depression, and infections.

Lepidolite :  Harmony, peace, calm, remove negatives, protects from nightmares

Lithium : Is a type of Quartz and is a super high energy healing and balancing stone. It is said to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. Lithium sends and receives energy as well as storing it. It is said to purify water. Lithium is excellent for meditation and prayer. It is a balancing and calming stone and is used in crystal healing as a natural anti-depressant. Emotionally and other ways it is said to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing relaxation and peace. It works in a gentle and slow but steady and powerful manner, not causing the discomfort of sudden change that some crystals might at times. It is used to heal repressed grief and anger, as well as emotional issues from past lives. Physically it is used in crystal healing for stress related disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, muscular tension, repetitive motion injuries. Lithium quartz is related to activating and balancing all chakras and is handy to work with any individual charka also.

Malachite:  clears mental blocks, heals the heart, brings true love

Mookaite: can help one balance the internal and external and acceptance of change. It is a stone of the here and now. It helps with living meditation. It is a very protective stone and is particulary good as an emotional protector. In the physical realm it stabilizes health and fortifies the immune system. Mookaite is associated with the lower chakras.

Moonstone, Rainbow: intuition, fertility, spirituality, magick, sleep, harmony, grounding, divination, love, peace, protecting, physic abilities

Moqui Balls: Know as Shaman Stones are believed to be among the most energetic on earth. The major propertiesclaimed for them are: cleansing, relaxation, and being able to provide great boost to meditation and astral journeying. Each stone is said to have a distinct energy which depends on its size and gender. The gender of the stone is linked to the motion of a pendulum when it is held directly above the stones. If it moves in a linear direction the stone is male while a circular motion indicates the stone is female. Small stones are believed to have faster, more vibrant energy while the larger ones have a slower, deeper energy. Use for a preventive shield against numerous forms of negative energy, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional plains, For grounding, centering and protecting oneself, Allowing for and understanding Earth healing.  Moqui Balls, Shaman Stones, Mochi Marbles, or Boji Stones, they can be found in two places in the western areas of the United States, although more commonly at the Navajo Sandstone Formations.

Mugglestone-Tiger Iron:  Is a combination of hematite, red jasper, and sometimes yellow jasper or golden tiger eye. It is a grounding stone that also brings protection, especially protection from danger. It is also a stone of clarity, particularly clarity of knowledge, enabling one to see the truth below the apparent surface of issues. Tiger Iron also helps with creative endeavors and all types of artistic abilities. It is used to bring strength, vitality, confidence, willpower, and balance. It is an excellent stone for people wishing to bring more motivation to their lives. In folklore and crystal healing lore, Tiger Iron is said to balance white and red blood cells, increase natural steroids, and improve muscular structure, and help with healing legs, sexual organs, liver, and the nervous system. Tiger Iron is related to the sacral and root chakras. 

Nebula:  memory,fear, letting go, grounding stone, vitality, meditation, healing, intuitive, enhance emotional stability,  remembrance of spiritual heritage

Obsidian, Rainbow: brings pleasure, joy, love, enhance clairvoyance, scrying stone, self development, protection, grounding, centering, root chakra

Obsidian, Snowflake: letting go, meditation, intuition

Onyx:  centers, aligns, wise decisions, happiness

Petrified Wood: business success, protection, stabilizing emotions, grounding, useful in calming survival based fears and helps a person be practical.   Petrified wood is also used for past life regressions because of its inherent link with the past

Pietersite: forceful stone, jolts us into personal change, indicates a need to make changes in your present life, place this stone on the solar plexus chakra where the flow of energy leads to assimilation and integration, dispel illusion, stimulates dignified power, loving guidance, promotes loyalty to the self, assists one in remaining open to experience, support human courage, tenacity,vibrates to number 9, Unconditional love and forgiveness. It can assist to stimulate the pituitary gland, provide proper regulation of the other endocrine glands, produce, in the proper quantity the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature. It aligns the energy centers of the body wile providing grounding, not to the Earth, but to the etheric body; this rarity in grounding ability has facilitated travel throughout the spheres of existence, culminating in access to the akashic records.

Pyrite:  Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help you tap your own latent mental talents and abilities. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding. Brings a positive outlook and releases ancient murk that has been held in the emotional body at the solar plexus. It strengthens the will and brings harmony with self and others. It is also a useful protector from radiation from computers.

Quartz, Clear: transmits energy, charges & intensifies, protection, balancing,healing,channels all the chakra colors, physic development, meditation

Quartz, Golden: Called the "Golden Healer" by Melody and other Crystal Masters. Great for Feng Shui cures, healing crystal work, scrying or as a distinctive addition for the collector. Golden Healer crystals are said to be helpful when used in any healing situation. Golden Healers also help keep contact with the spiritual worlds. It is said by some that Golden Healers access Christ consciousness as well as activating the solar plexus chakra to join our will with Divine will. Golden Healers also align all the chakras and balance yin-yang energies.They have a soft feel to them and do not have a high glossy shine but a soft and smooth finish 

Quartz, Phantom Crystal:  Can be used to connect to a spiritual guide, enhance meditation and recover repressed memories in order to put the past into perspective. They are stones of universal healing, crystals of grounding, dispelling negativity and energizing. They also aid intuition, open us up to universal love and acceptance while rejuvenating the user. Phantom Quartz crystals are wonderful awareness tools. Phantoms are considered excellent for past life work and meditation, and is valuable for the spiritual seeker. Physically, crystal healing and folk lore say that phantom crystals are excellent for initiating healing, bringing great energy to the healing process, and are especially helpful for emotional healing.

Quartz, Rose: opens heart chakra, develops love, healing, peace, happiness

Quartz, Rutilated: positive direction, strength, balancing, purification,self confidence

Quartz, Smokey : cleanses, grounds, protects

Quartz, Spirit: Increases physical and intellectual fertility, harmony, peace, healing, loss of a loved one, stimulate abundance,activate and cleanse other minerals, enhance and increase  energy of other minerals, elevate self-worth, relieve difficult memories from the past,energy, peace, transform negative energy into positive energy,  protective stone, auric shielding, astral projection, dream work, meditation, shamanic journeying, rebirthing, Emotionally removes fear, peace, happiness, familial abuse related stress disorders, align and balance all chakras. For dream recall, inter-stellar travel, combine with Herkimer Diamonds or Celestite. Overall, Spirit Quartz is just one of those crystals to have, hold and love in your life, a treasure to be enjoyed. These gifts from Mother Earth hold the consciousness of divine Love, Peace and Unity and when we choose to align our heart and soul with their vibrations, we are paving the way for all of humanity to make the shift into a higher state of consciousness.

Quartz, Tourmalated: promotes independence, responsibility, progression, helps remember dreams

Rhodochrosite:  balancing & love stone. use for harmonizing & cleansing

Rhodonite :  grounds energy, heals emotional shock, abuse & anger, helps w/ forgiveness, promotes calm, wound healer, alighns chakras

Rhyolite-Rainforest Jasper: Stone of protection, regeneration, and general healing.  It is a stone of resolution, bringing the unresolved to completion. It is said to help communication of all kinds, and helps one listen easily and without distorting the message one is hearing. It is also an excellent stone for meditaton with an emphasis on the highest truth.. Rainforest Jasper balances the Yin/Yang (masculine and feminine) energies. It can help one allow other people into their lives, even if one has been reclusive or solitary. It helps to strengthen body and mind to learn how to enjoy our potential!  Assists us in processing things from the past helping us move towards the future, encouraging awareness in each moment.It is related to and helpful with the solar plexus chakra primarily, and also the throat chakra.

Ruby:  integrity, devotion, happiness, prosperity, love, protects home, healing, shields, astral travel

Ruby Fuschite : brings together the energies of ruby and fuschite and creates properties of both that make it what it is. Ruby in Fuschite is known in the metaphysical as balancing stimulation with intuition, making it a great stone for psychic work in a very powerful way. It can also bring a great deal of awareness of problems of all kinds, whether emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health and use this awareness to find solutions. It is also said to help one understand Love at a Higher level. Physically in crystal healing lore it is said to be helpful with ailments where body functions are out of balance, carpal tunnel syndrome, blood and spleen issues, and virility. It is also said to be helpful when used in groups of multiple stones for crystal healing and to amplify the healing energies of the stones.

Ruby in Zoisite: powerful blend of two healers and it assists in balancing an over-reactive emotional nature and inspires confidence, integrity, optimism, and abundance. It is used for psychic ability and empowerment, as well as altered states of consciousness. Enhances recuperative abilities during any convalescence. It stimulates the crown chakra towards spiritual alignment and aids in developing a soul-level trust in the process of the Divine. Works with the root and heart chakras.

Sardonyx: stone of protection, strength, attracts friends and good fortune, It can bring happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships, alleviates depression, improves perception and the processing of information, supplements willpower, increases stamina, vigor and self-control, is most helpful in the healing of bones and lungs, strengthening the immune system and regulates fluids and cell metabolism. 

Selenite: promotes good business practices. It is a stone of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions. It is also for angelic guidance. With it you can access past lives. . It removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies. It also aligns the spine, is good for the skeleton, and decreases epilepsy and seizures. It also has the ability to clear other stones that are placed on or near it. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra.

Sodalite:  intuition, cleansing, health, mental balance, courage, endurance, meditation

Sugilite : Known as the healer's stone because of its ability to enhance healing, lessens effects of shock and disappointment and also well known for enhancing of crystal healing ability. It strengthens spirituality, psychic ability and channelling. Sugilite is a stone that helps spiritual love and open the heart chakra to unconditional love. It can help manifest one's natural gifts and protect against harsh realities. It lowers anger, hostility, jealousy, prejudice and gives a sense of freedom. Psychically, it is excellent for all kinds of psychic and spiritual protection. It has been used for headaches and to decrease all types of discomfort. Sugilite is associated with the brow, heart, third eye and crown chakras. 

Sunstone, Gold: Sunstone is a powerful stone for dispelling fears and phobias of all kinds. It is also a leadership stone, and brings leadership qualities to its wearer. In addition to dispelling fears and phobias, sunstone also decreases stress and lifts depression. Sunstone also brings good luck and abundance, and turns negative energies and psychic attacks into positive energies. This stone increases personal power and will, as well as life force energy. Sunstone is also said to be helpful in contacting animal or spirit guides. Sunstone has solar radiance and helps us align to our Divinity. Enabling us to feel self worth, to come from our true self in life. It is able to assist in black depression and the depths of despair, sending in its golden rays. It gives the will to rise up from the depths and be open to the breath of life. Use to clear and energize the chakras. Alleviates stress and increases vitality. Physically, sunstone is beneficial for general health, physical energy, sexual dysfunction, increasing sexual energy.

Tektite : used for wisdom, knowledge, and to help withstand mental or emotional stumbling. Psychically they are used for extraterrestrial communication, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. It is also used to strengthen your energy field.

Tiger's Eye, Gold: personal power, balances spiritual/physical, protection, courage, prosperity, luck, energy, eases depression, honesty

Tourmaline, Black: deflects negativity, calming, grounding, reduce anger, protection

Turquoise:  astral travel, opens communication, joins love/wisdom, headaches

Turquonite, Blue:  inner peace, helps mood swings, decreases stress-rudeness-pain

Unakite:  visions, love, creativity, calms


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The information in this section is from information given in a number of texts such as 'Love is in the Earth' by Melody, 'The Book of Stones' by Robert Simmons-Naisha Ahsians and 'The Crystal Bible' by Judy Hall, unless otherwise stated. We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!


This article was published on Friday 28 November, 2008.
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