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  • Chrysanthemum Boulder Tumbled Stone LG [RACCHRYSTH-LG]


    Chrysanthemum Stone supports new beginnings, new babies and new home. Chrysanthemum stone encourages the spiritual growth, supporting change which occurs in a harmonious way. It brings an energizing and inspiring endeavor to fruition. Chrysanthemum is a stone of self development, it works to assist one to awaken their child-like awe and wonder while on the spiritual path. By having chrysanthemum stone in your environment and frequently engaging it with your aura it will help to allow you to enjoy each moment and blossom towards your perfect path.

    Chrysanthemum stone assists one with remaining centered in the present while encouraging one to bloom. In times of change when we need to let go, we sometimes hold on too long, causing our own suffering. This stone allows smooth transition in times of change and reminds us that we are reborn again, we will grow, blossom and transform ourselves continually. We are like the art work you see in the chrysanthemum stone, we come out of the darkness, unique and by divine design! As we can admire this stone, others will admire us for our Divinity. It is a beautiful stone that reminds us of our divinity, perfection, beauty and helps us to accept the process of change and our journey knowing that we will be reborn with each passing change. Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, dependability, and the wishes for a long duration of anything wonderful: success, marriage, career, etc.  The chrysanthemum symbolizes harmony and peace.Some of chrysanthemum stone attributes to healing are to eliminate jealousy, animosity, and resentment of ones character. It provides us with confidence, inherent strength of character and support in seeing the bigger picture in life. Physically chrysanthemum stone helps with the treatment of disorders of the skin, skeletal system and eliminating toxins. Associated with all Chakras

    You will receive one stone, size 1 to 1.25 inch, these are a round ball shaped stone

    White patterns vary

    Quantity on hand : 20

    Average Review Rating : 4.83

    Current Reviews: 6

    Chrysanthemum Boulder Tumbled Stone LG

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 15 October, 2011.


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