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Zebradorite Gemstone Egg 5 inch [RACZEBDOR-EGG-5]


This Zebradorite gemstone egg is polished to perfection. It has been used as a problem solver crystal. Zebradorite sparks the imagination and helps with boosting will power and self-evaluation. It has a calm strength and has a swift powerful energy. Zebradorite abilities work on emotional trauma that occurs when a negative event effects us on a spiritual level. This stone helps with soothing the heart and calming the spirit. It offers a sense of peace in a time of turmoil. Zebradorite is a grounding stone and is used during meditation. Zebradorite can help you reach bigger goals and aspirations rather rather than living with old regrets. This stone allows us to look within while finding strength without limits. It allows us to manifest with our higher self-consciousness through past-life awareness. Zebradorite can help achieve your dreams and find happiness. This crystal is perfect for spiritual quests, calming the home, and grounding your mind.

Zebradorite is a graphic quartz discovered by rural miners in Madagascar from the Norcross-Madagascar Zebradorite quarry. They called this stone Feldspath. Zebradorite is a rare and beautiful stone that resembles the stripes of a zebra, interlaced with sunny feldspar and smoky quartz.

Zebradorite is associated with the root chakra. It opens the Third Eye Chakra for creative, innovative thinking.It also attunes with the Solar Plexus. Zebradorite is believed to work with all of the Chakra energies

Approx size 5 x 3.5 inch

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