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Garnierite Polished Crystal Pebble 2.75 inch [RACGARNIE-PEBBLE-2.75]

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Garnierite polished crystal pebble is a stone for attraction and prosperity. If you want to manifest emotional, spiritual, or material in your life then working with Garnierite can help you to achieve this. Garnierite gemstone promotes friendship and love and helps us to not only see these qualities in others, but to be a better friend. Garnierite helps us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. At times they may be hard to achieve and this is when we need Garnierite as it gives us that extra push towards success. Garnierite is also said to bring us luck in games of chance and to increase our chances of winning.

Garnierite gemstone has a light, positive energy that just radiates and supports. Feeling overwhelmed or need to recharge the use Garnierite. If you need an energetic boost to reach a goal the use this stone.

Garnierite is a great crystal for diet and healthy eating because it prompts us to think more about what we eat. Specifically, it helps us to eat more natural food and food that is better for us. Use Garnierite for the great healing energy.

Garnierite is a great meditation stone when working on the heart chakra and issues of self love. It helps us to find the divine within ourselves and to encompass love for others, love for ourselves, love for our surroundings and love for the planet. Garnierite aligns you with your high heart in a bigger way to bring enlightenment. It is peace and acceptance crystal. It helps us honor our divine selves with a compassionate heart.

Garnierite has long been known about by mine-owners but is a relative new comer to the metaphysical world. These green and gray crystal stone pebbles are green because of a high Nickel content. Garnierite forms when rocks such as Serpentine or Peridot weather and degrade and then remineralise along with Nickel. Garnierite is a nickle-magnesium silicate with a hardness of 3-4. It's available in hues of blue, green, and gray and is found throughout the world.

Garnierite is associated with the heart chakra. Garnierite stimulates and heals the Heart Chakra, as this results in love for self which radiates outwards to others.

You will receive one stone, approx size 2.75 inch long x 2 wide x 1.25 inch thick

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